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I thought to make this more fun we could have a friendly competition.  I hope this will spark some interest and help everyone complete their builds 


First the rules: 


1.  You must post a WIP in the group build showing your progress.


2.  Kits must be completed by the end of the Group Build (Sept 22 2021)


3.  Voting will begin September 23 and end on September 29


4.  There will be no categories or anything like that, the vote will be just what finished model everyone likes the best. 


5.  Depending on the participation for voting, I may enlist the help outside the group build, i.e. the main ARC Forum Page, Facebook etc...


6.  I will put together a prize package and such, if anyone has anything (preferably Tomcat related) that they would like to donate, please       contact me 


7.   Please post a brief summary and post just 1 or 2 of your photos of your completed model in this section, separate from the finished           section.  


8.  Please do not comment in this section, I would like to keep it to the photos of the models.   We have a section for completed builds and  comments already.  


Have Fun and Enjoy!  

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On 2/20/2021 at 12:19 PM, Geoff M said:

Here is my latest addition to the group build.











Geoff - your builds look amazing.

But, I must confess - I do find the level of cleanliness and order of  your workbench to be rather alarming.

(LOL tongue in cheek.)






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1 hour ago, stu_fishing said:



Entry 2

Revell 1/144

Decals: Fightertown

AM: Resin + PE Cockpit, Resin Landing gear doors, 3D printed FLG & Ejection seats, Tie-down chains, Resin Figures, 3 D printed bomb cart, Bombcat equipment & weaponry from several sources




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Tamiya Tomcat is a really great model. I used the Eduard BRASIN cockpit, and fantastic decals from Fightertown. The wheel bay is wiringless so I added a few wires that simulate hydraulics.













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Are we allowed a repost? If not, I'll take it down. A 1/72 pair HB F-14A, from beginning of the service, 1977 VF-142, and an VF-103 Bravo from 2001. So kind of two done to death schemes.







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