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An-225 Destroyed?

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There are unconfirmed reports that the An-225 was destroyed in a hangar fire at Hostomel airport (aka Antonov airport) in Ukraine when the airport was under helicopter attack.


(please keep this thread non-political)



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Just found these from the 24th, however today is no longer the 24th.


"Antonov Design Bureau's chief pilot, Dmitry Antonov, has confirmed that the Antonov An-225, the world's largest cargo aircraft, has not been destroyed:"







Antonov has given an update on its AN-225. It sounds like the plane is still intact, at least as of yesterday, although fighting is still going on around it. This also offers a final confirmation that it is indeed at the airport.

We don’t have accurate information about #AN225 Mriya. Now in Gostomel (it is the region where airfield base @AntonovAirlines) still fighting continues.


according to the latest information (24.02.2022) the plane was intact

— ANTONOV Company 🇺🇦 (@AntonovCompany) February 25, 2022



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There has been fierce fighting going on, including helicopter assaults and rocket attacks, at the airport. I find it hard to believe an aircraft of that size would remain unharmed.


Why wasn't it flown out before hostilities started? Four Ukrainian An-26/32 aircraft along with four IL-76 freighters and three Super Puma helicopters flew to Poland last friday.

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Wikipedia page has been updated:


The An-225 was located at Hostomel Airportwhen Russian forces launched an attack on the airport on 24 February 2022, as part of the invasion of Ukraine. On 27 February, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced that the aircraft had been destroyed in the fighting. Satellite imagery later confirmed reports that the An-225 was destroyed.

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In 1990 the An-225 accompanied two Su-27s to an airshow at Oklahoma City. I was there with fellow photographers Jay Miller and Katsuhiko Tukonaga to photograph the aircraft. I got to go on board the An-225 and into the cockpit. Katsu flew on the -225 and shot an air to air session with the Su-27s. His photos ended up in a later issue of Koku Fan. Mine only made their way onto a local website. Links below:




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3 hours ago, Gwen Phoenix said:

So sad news! Such a step backwards for mankind. The Ukranians will surely rebuild this aircraft once again.

Cheers y'all.



I think mankind has more pressing concerns. Kharkov was cluster bombed today, with very heavy civilian casualties. Against crap like this, the loss of a semi-derelict cargo plane pales into insignificance.   

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Aw man, sad about the 225 being destroyed. 

Just came across this article which mentions spare parts supplies for the smaller 124s




The loss of An-124 capacity would be a blow to industries that move large payloads, like the wind energy sector, according to Ryan Peterson, CEO of the logistics company Flexport.


Article also features a Ukraine tweet about building another 225.


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1 minute ago, Helmsman said:

Site is asking for paid subscription to read the full article.

Sorry, I can't tell you why it is treating you differently than it is me. 

I dunno.

With my Social Security disability being right at the US Dept of H&HS poverty level for a household of 1 there isn't enough in my budget to pay any subscriptions to any websites, after paying to have the internet, so I don't.

And yet I'm looking at it just fine.

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.

I'm am light years away from being enough of a computer geek to figure out what is making the difference.

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It is curious indeed. I'm sure site cannot distingush poverty levels. I do have ad blocker but disabling it as well as using couple of other browsers didn't help. 

However, I was finally able to read it from my phone.

Actually I remember reading some Russian sources quite a while ago stating that Ruslans were serviced in Russia as Ukraine refused but I might need to recheck my sources.

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4 hours ago, WymanV said:

But this isn't a conversation about heavy civilian casualties. Those are ongoing all over the web and can be easily found by anyone looking for one. This conversation is about an airplane.

And so it should be.  It was just the "loss for mankind" statement that just seemed so very over the top.


Carry on with the discussion about the airplane. 

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