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  1. Armando, you and your family are in my thoughts.
  2. I agree. Italeri's kit has recessed panel lines for one thing. Once upon a time several of Italeri's WWII Italian aircraft were in fact Supermodel re-pops among them the Re-2000, 2001 and 2002. Italeri did recently release new mold Re-2000 and 2002 kits though.
  3. I believe that is a re-boxing of the old Airfix kit being boxed during the Heller/Airfix marriage. Heller's own molds weren't all nearly as bad. That said, the old Heller (not Airfix re-boxed) Bf-109B/C kit isn't actually all that bad and builds up decent as does their Me-109K4. I've had fairly decent luck with a few of the original Heller molds over the years. The F-94B, Bf-109B/C, Su-27B, F-8E, and Ouragan were decent builds, they require a little work and have pretty basic interior detail and landing gear but on the whole aren't that bad considering the age of many of the molds. Heller's F
  4. I take it you used/took the props, engines and guns?
  5. I voted for the Canadian Rafale, but they all sound pretty cool and I have to admit they have made it onto my list of whiffs to do some day. :) I'll give you proper credit if they ever get built of course.
  6. Shawn, which airframe parts does the B-29 have? I'm actually looking for a few parts for a grand idea I had. I might be interested in them if you have the right parts.
  7. Roger that Shawn. By the way I have your new address on file for whenever you get back in.Sebastian I have added you to the list.
  8. I don't have any pictures, but if I get my digital camera working again I'll try to snap some. I didn't build any custom stands. One of the older Tie fighters came with a stand. The X-Wing has landing gear and the Y-Wing sits on a skid of sorts. The Executor is still like $400. It's a bit rich for my blood. I'll probably kick myself for not buying when it ends up being like $1000, but with my girlfriend out of work I'd have to be nuts to spend $400 on Lego's right now. She'd probably kill me anyhow. :)
  9. Been a Lego fan since I was a kid. I have just about all of the Lego Architecture sets on display. I also have several of the Star Wars ships Tie Fighter, X-Wing etc. I've always wanted the massive 3100 piece Star Destroyer but could never bring myself to pay that much for it. I've seen it recently on Amazon for about $1800.
  10. I was only trying to illustrate that there were several carriers and more importantly battleships that were in fact sunk by torpedoes. The battleships were even harder to sink, but yet several of them were put on the bottom by torpedoes.One of the things that seems to be getting overlooked in the discussion of modern torpedoes against modern super carriers is the fact that there are also nuclear torpedoes. A pair of nuke torps under the keel of a Nimitz may be enough to sink it, even if it isn't that is enough to put the carrier out of action for quite some time. Even a spread of three or four
  11. Happens every year now. It's all good though, everybody has their own opinions and reasons for them and they're entitled to it.Sometimes though, I do wonder why people take this sports stuff so seriously.
  12. Originally posted here: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=259099&st=25
  13. That's only the tip of it though.You could really blame the Patriots secondary as well. Oh, and Wes Welker for dropping balls again. The team as a whole really under performed.
  14. Which is sad really. I'm a fan of the old school types like Bradshaw , Elway and Montana. Guys who made their living throwing the ball. QB's like Kaepernick and RG3 just don't stack up in my opinion. Running backs who throw the ball occasionally. Great.Pulling for the Ravens.
  15. Thanks John Madden..... :D
  16. So, which of the Harbaugh brother's will coach their team to the title and why?
  17. Not necessarily a fan of either team left. That said, I'm going with Baltimore to win the Superbowl. They've rallied around Ray Lewis and I think they have displayed more heart in this post season than any other team. They're playing for Lewis to give him one last title. Say what you will about Lewis as a person, but he has a ton of heart and desire for the game. I don't particularly care for him as a person, but he is the leader on the team and he knows how to motivate his team and rally them around him. I don't see the same level of intensity from San Fran. I think Baltimore has already deve
  18. I'll make the argument that this was more a result of their poor use of their submarine fleet than anything else. The Japanese made more use of surface ship delivered and aircraft delivered torpedoes during the war. This alone was probably a big part of the problem.Also, I'll mention that the bulk of the Italian battleship fleet was put on the bottom of Taranto Harbor by a bunch of British Swordfish torpedo bombers. The only reason those ships weren't total losses is they were in shallow water. Same applies to the US Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor. I think this demonstrates pretty well the capa
  19. This is not correct. The Argentine General Belgrano (a 12000 ton WWII Brooklyn class light cruiser) was put on the bottom by the HMS Conqueror firing three (only two hit) 21 inch Mk 8 mod 4 torpedoes during the Falklands War. The first torpedo struck forward a little aft of the bow, outside the area protected by the torpedo bulge. It basically blew the bow off of the ship. That said, it was not a crippling blow as the internal water tight bulkheads held. The second torpedo struck about three-quarters of the way back along the ship just a bit outside the rear limit of the side armor plating. Th
  20. Same here. Never heard the term until this movie stuff started.
  21. Tour de France is full of doping, just like Major League Baseball was full of HGH during the steroids era. Most of the big names did it in MLB and most of the big names are doing it in Tour de France. Anybody who thinks it was just the ugly American who was winning all the time is fooling themselves. They all were doing it. Armstrong's major mistake was getting caught, just like Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens etc. The biggest disappointment in this whole Armstrong fiasco is not the fact he doped, but the fact he presented himself the way he did and then lied and gave hope to million
  22. Sure Dave. I'm just getting the roster together.
  23. Confirmed In- 2qwik4u William G Postman623 Ro-Gar Hobbies JasonW Sebastian Haff wh1skea Confirmed Out- Bigasshammm Shawn M Model-Junkie warthoglvr HeavyArty No response for this round yet- pastafarian
  24. Jeremy, please PM your address to me and I'll add you to the rotation.Thanks.
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