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  1. Besides the outer thicker fairing/conduit on one side and not on the other. The ends of the fairings on the real thing are rounded, while KH's resin are flat ended.
  2. Actually they have their own website and store. http://www.amigomodels.ru/product/hibinyi-m-48150/ I have bought directly from them although they're a bit slow to process and ship orders.
  3. The Dude mention he used Akan set 47325, which is the set for Su-27SM prior to 2013. The set they indicate for the current scheme on Su-27SM, Su-30SM, Su-35S and Yak-130 is 47332.
  4. I've seen the Su-17 correction as well as both su-34 ones. The resin casting isn't a problem, it's really good. I think it stems from the masters not being as refined, both su-34 sets are based on the kit parts, the clean up is good but some of the modifications, rescribing and riveting are not consistent.
  5. It is pointing out the size of the tubes are tiny in the KH sample. In the baidu thread there's a conparison photo where you see the diameter of the tubes of the real pod.
  6. The thing is there are at least two or maybe three versions of the dual ejectors. I've seen the ones on the Su-33 which don't have the central beam and hung from two stub pylons. Like this ones Then there's another one for the Su-34/35 Advanced Modeling already has a resin one, and the center portion is a single piece pylon. As seen on the resin and photos real one from their site. http://www.amigomodels.ru/product/balka48005/ And the one on your pic has a straight rear end which looks like the ones on the Su-33, but with t
  7. The bottom test print seems to be average for that kind of stuff at 7", the second one is big at 8". And the last one is monstrous, just too big in girth and length. Oh wait, you telling me this wasn't some NSFW forum I entered by mistake? ;)
  8. Having built the Zvezda Yak-130 and how nicely engineered it is, albeit a little bit over-engineered for a 1/72, I can see it upscaled for 1/48 with some additional details like positionable flaps and slats and easily beat anything Sh!tty Hawk can come up with.
  9. As seen from the pictures available on the web and begemot's decal instructions and even Akan's paint set for 902 it's clear there are two tones of 'medium gray' between upper and lower fuselage, the lighter tone one on the lower. KH incorrectly assumes it's one single medium gray all around, and also assumes the 'dark gray' is a 'dark blue' due to the color/white balance of most 902 pictures.
  10. They don't know better or they don't care? Because from a lot of their mistakes and I'll put their A-6 kit as an example I think it's more like they don't give an F. There's "OHN F. KENNEDY" on the decal sheet, and comically the decal placement instructions for that same option say something something on the John F. Kennedy Carrier in text and right next below there's the picture profile with the same "OHN F. KENNEDY" plastered on its side.
  11. Well here is a photo of selected bottles of Akan I've bought over the years and you can see the size change. From left to right 73069 from the Su-27 set from Armory from Ukraine in 2010 73165 and 73170 from I-modelist from Russian late 2016- early 2017 73170 from I-modelist mid 2017 73166 from I-modelist nov 2017. As you can see from their numbers they're acrylic ones. Second photo same order and you can see on the lower right corner of the label for the 3 bigger ones 15mL and the two on the right 10mL
  12. I buy Akan acrylics directly from Russia and they've reduced their bottle sizes down to 10mL since early last year. Even on their own site the photos of their newest sets and colors show them in 10mL bottles now. I think LindenHill in the USA as distributor still get the 15mL ones.
  13. Don't know if they'll make a new set for the Su-35 in the future, but I just recently bought their old Su-27 set 47301 and now they've added that's also for the Su-35 on the card. edit: And looking back it was already there on another set I bought for someone in august. Maybe they even did it since KH's Su-35 release?
  14. For small packets the three dimensions added must not exceed 90cms (largest dimension must not exceed 60cm) and weight less than 2kg. Kinetic's Su-33 measures 47x30x8.6cm. That adds up to 85.6 cm for only the kit box and adding a packing box barely enough to contain it might just be under or exceed that 90cm limit. We have to see the size of GWH's box size to judge which shipping charges are correct.
  15. Dunno after looking at his post count most of which have been about the tinted canopy and reminding the world he's been a victim of "Gabor's vicious comments", can we consider him a troll?
  16. The internet is like this today. Full of white knighting, people getting offended for the smallest of things, or getting offended on other people's behalf. Parents letting their children throw tantrums for petty things and catering to their every whim, because they have to be protected from the cruel world outside. Sorry but I'm not sorry when I hear people say they won't buy something or it's unbuildable because they didn't include one single detail, like a second tinted canopy or a pilot figure or a second set of wings, etc. What's next? mods getting offen
  17. I think the original goal was to provide a comprehensive decal sheet without the need for the modeler to invest in an aftermarket one. If you want an aftermarket decal sheet, there's already the very nice begemot offering.
  18. You don't mention scale. The Hasegawa F/A-18F kit includes 4 fuel tanks already in both 1/48 and 1/72. As for the refueling pod, wolfpack designs makes a resin one, although their page shows the 1/48 as sold out you may try your luck finding it in some hobby store or ebay. http://wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp48132.html http://wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp72069.html
  19. Or if you doubt a little bit of prior knowledge and commons sense and you need a "real" official source, then if you can read japanese or run it through goggle translate, the page of that release states that the plastic parts are from ICM. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/07462/
  20. I think it'd be really helpful if you indicated which brand is your phantom. And also assuming the left one is quickboost and the right one is the kit one, but not everyone would be able to guess which brand is the middle one, so yes, please indicate which brand of aftermarket it is.
  21. I'm late to the party. But that looks like the Ace Combat's Yellow 13. You didn't need to had custom masks made. Hasegawa provides a PDF for download on their site. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/sp312/ near the bottom look for "PDF" Print, apply spray glue, the ones that say repositionable on the can, they're low tack. Cut, apply. And just take the tip if you need to do something similar for future projects.
  22. GWH booth at the all Japan Model Hobby Show @ 18:52 if the link doesn't start at the exact time. There's a peek of the sprues, too bad it's very short. So it's not a hoax.
  23. 1219.2 mm = 4 feet = 48 inches and in 1/48 scale = 1 inch/25.4mm It might just be a coincidence. ;) fixed that for you.
  24. A few things have been pointed out on facebook and modelcollect has commented they'll fix it. Hope they fix all of them, because the pics from the previous page and on facebook their test shots it has got stuff that looks off. First the windscree looks very narrow/shallow, it should widen a lot towards the front, also the upper edge slopes up a bit, while the lower one has a slight kink where the side pillars are, it's visible on side views but hardly visible on others. A few images showing different angles of the windscreen. http://imgur.com/a/NvJE0 The ejector se
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