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  1. Who would have thought they'd send an Intuder to intercept a Soviet bomber? :D
  2. Napalm is on the way. Thanks for the sidewinders. ;)
  3. I,ve got a pair if you still need them. Do you need pylons for them too? Shoot me a PM with your address. By the way I'm looking for 2 Aim-9m and a ACMI pod in 1:48 for my F-5, if you have any I'd like to trade you for them.
  4. Thanks a lot Fuji. You too Omar. I'm basicly going to build the Revell kit out of the box. Mostly because I like the way the looks with the bullet nose and short LEX's, but also because I'm cheap. If I get my camera back this weekend, I'll post some in-progress pics.
  5. Nice shots Ken. The Eagles leaving feels like losing an old friend. I moved to the cape in early 1987 when i was just 3 and a half years old. I can remember all those days and nights going to the landing strip on Rt 130 in Mashpee with my dad. We would park off the road and hike up the hill where the landing lights are and watch the F-15's fly right over us on aproach. It was like a free airshow anytime we wanted. Some of my favorite memories were those jets and their awesome sound. I think it's easy to say that without the 102 FW, I wouldn't be the same person.
  6. Just got TwoBobs F-5e VFC-111 Bad Boy Sundowners sheet delivered today. Looks like Christmas came early this year (or is it late? ;) ). It's the first time I've bought one of their sheets, and it looks great! Plus it came in only a week. Needless to say, but they've made a new friend. :D Here's to the Bobs. :) - Chris
  7. Fuji, you seem to be the resident Sundowner expert. I was wondering if you had any pics or info of this bird. I'd like to know the names on the canopy and the build number, if possible. I'm pretty sure the Twobobs sheet should cover all the minor detail stuff. Thanks, -Chris
  8. In celebration of the Boston Red Sox going to the World Series, I think a F-15C in Red Sox colors is in order. The "Red Sox Nation Air Force" if you will. :(
  9. Hi Paul, I built this kit about 10 years ago. It is the same mold as the other F/A-18s they made then, but it is molded in DARK BLUE. If that isn't a problem, I remember it bieng a decent kit. The weapons are 2 Aim-9, 2 Aim-7(but I might have taken them from a Tomcat), and 4 Mk-82(I think they're 82s). The Sidewinders mount to the wingtips, and the bombs on 4 underwing pylons. Hope this helps you out. -Chris
  10. A Sundowner F-5 was at the Cape Cod air show near where I live. Here's a couple of pics. Sharp and pointy teeth. Now for the tail markings. Andrew D. got his wish. P.S. Sorry for posting in an old thread, but I figured I'd do a favor for the guys who asked about this scheme before.
  11. Sorry it took so long to put these up, busy weekend. F-5 nose. Gotta love the jaws! F-5 tail. There were too many people around to take a pic of the whole bird. B-2 flyby. Wish i was closer to the front when it showed up. Made two passes then left. A-10 ladder door. Just plain funny. From Mass. ANG. B-25 nose art. A great play on words. F/A-18E tail art. Was talking to the pilot, "Pitch", and the Gunslingers lost the MUTHA trophy the week before to the Jolly Rogers. The Hornets were getting repainted when they returned from Otis. Mutha is now being displayed on the Jolly Roge
  12. Great work Ken. I live on the Cape and went to the Saturday show. I have some pictures i took there including the VFC-111 F-5 and the B-2 flyby. I'll post them on here friday if you dont mind.
  13. Hi Everyone. First post here. Im currently working on a F-8E Crusader that has the colors of VF-84 Jolly Jogers. The scheme is similar to what the squadron flew with on the F-4B. (see link) http://www.almansur.com/jollyrogers/vf84f4bearly.jpg Ill be using a little artistic license and change the fuselage band from yellow to black. For those who don't know, in 1960 VF-84 became known as the "Jolly Rogers" but the Crusaders were never repainted from the colors of the "Vagabonds". You can read the whole story here: http://www.almansur.com/jollyrogers/vagabondshijacked.htm Some other cool
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