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  1. Hi Diego


    what colors are the Iranian MIG 29 painted in?




  2. Decals are ready and waiting for the instructions - these should be printed during the next week. Sorry for all those delays and thank you for your patience.😔 Greetings Diego
  3. ...and here the first scann of the main decal sheet: ...the decals are already on stock, we are just finishing the instruction sheets. Please stay tuned - More very soon
  4. Dear ARCers, Finally, here are the preeliminary, low-res. image of the upcoming HDL's Egyptian AF F-4E Phantom sheet in 1/48th and 1/72nd scales: This is the very first sheet covering the Egyptian F-4E markings. It took a long time to complete the necessary data as these birds are one of the most secretive phantoms worldwide. Anyway, the sheet covers all four schemes used by the Rhino in Egyptian service, one of the most colorful birds being 7827, one of the very few Phantoms to fly in the "modified S.E.A. scheme" with the orange/black quick id. panels applied. HD
  5. As we were able to finalize the research work on the "Pharaos' Ghosts" sheet, we will release it as first one in 2020, followed by the ANG Phantoms and Hawker Hunter sheets. The project will go to the printer in February. Here are the final contents: HD48033 & HD72063 : F-4E Phantom II "Pharaoh's ghosts" - "7813" in disruptive "Compass Ghost Grey" camouflage, 1980, - "7827" in "modified South East Asia" camouflage with orange & black quick ID panels, 1983, - "7817" in "Egypt One" scheme, with orange & black quick ID panels, 1985 - a former USAF M
  6. Dear ARCers, We are proud to announce our next release: Our long awaited sheet, covering several short nose F-4C/D Phantoms serving with Air National Guard units and wearing the early Hill One and late Hill Two schemes, as well as an experimental F-4C in an attractive splinter camouflage, is now scheduled for release in January 2020. A very long research time period was unfortunately necessary to complete the required data, but now we are finally able to propose you a collection of unique Phantoms, never previously covered in decal form: HD48030 & HD7206
  7. Well, indeed, the date should be "1973"...sorry! I based the artwork on some shots from private collections supplied to me some years ago...then, these were the only detailed photos of the 193 available. Only years later, a photo of the Mascot wearing with a standardized code 193 was published. Interestingly, you will find a profile, I assume based on the same shots I used, in the book "Flugzeuge der DDR" (Tomes I & IV). Anyway, as far as the LSK/NVA codes are concerned, there were some interesting "exceptions from the rule", the best known being - MiG-19PM "red 335
  8. Well , this may be only guesswork, but, as the Bobcat kit has the nacelles as separate sprue, maybe there will be a future R with thicker nacelles and tip tanks released...hopefully, as resin nacelles could be a big expensive. Also , Bobcat's solution with the separate belly radome would allow to make a separate forward fuselage for the Il-28U Mascot without the need of a major surgery to delete the radome, but also to build some of the Elint versions that hadn't this device installed. Anyway, a new "Mascot" plug-in forward fuselage would need less resin material than the nacelles,
  9. Our new T-33 sheets in 1/72 and 1/48 scales are now available from our distributors in Europe and Hong Kong, and will be available in the U.S. in few days... ...and they are already becoming real hot sellers - many thanks! color notes: - T-33A "2-161", IIAF - international orange upper surfaces with NMF underside; - T-33A "2-8002", IRIAF - very pale grey upper surfaces with light grey underside; - T-33A "2-8005", IRIAF - light blue and dark blue upper surfaces with light grey underside; - T-33A "UB-531",UBAF - NMF , nose and entire rear fuselage & t
  10. The new HDL Il-28 decal sheets are already available in Europe and Hong Kong, and will be also available in the U.S. in few days. As far as the target tug equipment is concerned, as the beautiful Bobcat kit finally arrived to Europe, I think we will shortly see a plethora of components coming from CMK, Eduard and others resin / metal aftermarket specialists :) greetings Diego
  11. The Terminator sheet is another, separate project. The 3 EAF birds will cover a full sheet, including the black stripes for the hi-viz panels.
  12. FS 36375 Light Compass Ghost Grey overall FS 36320 Dark Compass Ghost Grey disruptive camo pattern with FS 37038 Black radome nose tip and gun muzzle each EAF F-4E in this scheme having an individual pattern BTW - as the T-33A decals are now released, the EAF F-4E sheets will be released as next (September-October) and will include a.o. the stencilling specific for EAF F-4Es in Hill One scheme.
  13. Indeed - thank you! The contents have been updated with the color descriptions
  14. Dear ARCers, Our newest decals HD48032 and HD72062, with markings for 5 colorful T-33s never before covered in decal form, are ready and will be available in few days. Greetings Diego
  15. Hi Janne, Cool Can't wait to see the results...make it heavily weatered, pleease greetings Diego
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