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  1. I'm somehow having big problems locating those juicy zip lock bags of yours, even Amazon and Ebay are a whole jungle of ifs, the company whom once made them seems to be out of business or decided to drop the 15cm x 24cm ~line. I don't need an industrial amount of them, around 100/150 (good quality not chinese clones) will probably be enough for me so I'm searching for a shop whom stocks and ships them to Italy. Luigi
  2. the same thing that happened to Hasegawa and Fujimi 1/72 Phantoms: In the hands of Limited Edition gods or forgotten due domestic market attention to the EJ/Kai and not a C/D or G or E/F and so on Luigi
  3. Italeri has one Esci kit bundled with their Tomcat, I think it's the basic version with no drop tanks and weapons as the past Aggressor boxing From time to time a Ebay seller from UK was dumping its A-4G collection at lower prices and the A-4G comes with weapon and drop tank sprues Trade groups I'm not sure, on Facebook I'm kinda in all italian trading groups but I barely spot Esci kits being sold, foreign groups for me seems to be a get out of here stalker Luigi
  4. It has the later block 15? stabs, be aware while fumbling with that x shaped piece of crap inside engine nozzles as AMT plastic is so soft that cutting it down without harmful intentions will possibly damage the feathers. Esci kits #9026 #9028 #9041 had earlier stabs, there is a chance that some boxes made during ERTL merge receive late stabs, otherwise by using Scalemates timeline https://www.scalemates.com/kits/esci-9026-f-16a-fighting-falcon--130386 Middle line and bottom line all come with late stabs,GBU extra Sidewinder pylons and so on 😄 Luigi
  5. Sarcasm on They will finally announce that they are working to release the complete F-16 family on both scales? They will announce their very special 1/72 F-14D Tomcat and completely skip A early, A late and B variants just to make 1/72 people sad like they did for the F-16 and the 1/48 crowd? Another BF-109? A freaking 1/32/5/whatever Tiger to resurrect Aeris? Tamiya is the Baghdad Bob of the scale modelling industry Luigi
  6. Thanks Chris, drop me a PM then ^^ Luigi
  7. Humanly priced either box 04352 or 04264 as long decals are fine as I'm more after its decals than the kit itself Luigi
  8. 3 years of research, can't find any better shots than this, by any chance do you guys have found anything to shut my curiosity down? and yes, I'm talking about wing pylons with Sidewinder rails as I can't understand if in the middle there is a spacer/adapter or not https://i.imgur.com/8uFI5p1.png Luigi
  9. that's why I was asking, domain was renewed (sorta) and it seems to be expiring soon, Facebook page it's not updated and their Twitter seems dead too Luigi
  10. hope they will not pull a Tamiya and completely ignore the other 2(+2+1) variants Luigi
  11. Right now I wish that Namco could or would have been more creative with their Su-57 schemes Luigi
  12. Hasegawa F-4E/EJ have two pods Hasegawa A-10 comes with a pod made out from a napalm canister Academy OA-37 do also have something similar Modern Hobbies I think it had one but it appears their website it's kinda goner and this pisses me off as I wanted to order a couple of Pave Tack pods and Maverick launchers 😕 Experts Choice committed a error cause their 1/72 instruction pamphlet is the same for both scale and tells you to pick a 1/48 traveling pod from an F-16, on 1/72 you have to go after Hasegawa A-10 or who has an
  13. Hasegawa 1/72 F-16s do not have a travel pod, only kit that comes with a travel pod on every box is the A-10 Luigi
  14. Please consider doing stencils sets for certain aircrafts that are getting the "we ignore 1/72 scale" treatment from other companies or like Revell and Hasegawa which got their marketing department replaced by apes Luigi
  15. At first I was like: Why they painted the tail with a streetball player doing a Leo Strut? Then I freaking noticed the rifle Luigi
  16. What if the tail shape it's a spot on and can be mated to AZ Mig-17 fuselage ? Luigi
  17. I think rocket pods with Aphids can be a certain option, not sure about giving up on them for a R23 and rocket pods on the belly, I scavenged the web for Russian book and magazine scans and the reference material I found it's kinda dull. Military Photos had a great archive from that era but sadly everything it's gone, I think there is no Floggerman to be found anywhere nor I have Linden Hill decal sheet 😕 Luigi
  18. I think is a yes https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/73767-hph-conversion-set-132-mig-23bn-is-officially-out/page/4/ I didn't check the discussion, I don't know how good Trumpeter 1/32 Mig is nor what you get inside, be warned that Mig-23 and 27 (and many others) are kinda particular as rail and pylon adapters do not follow standard rules so you can have for example X missile or bomb Fuselage adapter and rack for X missile or bomb X2 missile or bomb Fuselage adapter for X missile or bomb but Y rack for X2 missile or bomb but also
  19. You mean this whole bunch? http://mig.mariwoj.pl/ Luigi
  20. I'm still wondering if the F-15 receive the F-4 treatment in terms of small panel changes or not, I'll try to raid flickr one of those days cause google search algorithm hit a newer low as in the past writing a bu/no with aircraft's name was enough to score a couple of pictures but right now thanks to those stupid marketeers in charge everything got screwed up. Luigi
  21. I meant the instruction sheet shows you the differences between the wingtips ala "here's the thing you have to modify bro, good luck with that". The kit itself was reboxed by Matchbox or is the Matchbox reboxed, later Revell/Monogram parted ways with that thing and made their own version or two of it as I have spare parts from Monogram boxes which are not identical despite being the same Luigi
  22. I was searching for Revell H-264 boxing camouflage and found wing tips layout in a instruction sheet taken from ebay, sadly I was in sandbox mode and I can't track it down. So far mixing everything up and possibly making errors my findings of "find the difference challenge between production F-15A vs pre MSIP F-15C" are: Cockpit area: Red or orange sealing Instruments panel Ejection seat No ECM so different trunk layout Metallic blue/green/whatever bay Airbrake area: Different shaped plates where the fuselage mets the airbrake Engine are
  23. Was talking about them ^_^ I remember a discussion about those pylons/adapters on the pic here on these forums, unfortunately I can't track it down and I was recently searching for their indicative names so I could scrounge better picks from the net as I no longer have any Tomcat book left on my stash cept for a 2015 international magazine. Anyway many thanks again for your help Luigi
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