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  1. I really dislike this area of modern Russian fighters, hopefully some day a decal set will be available to ease this task, or at least a mask.
  2. I think I may have captured that on video, was a wet day if I remember correctly.
  3. I ordered an F-16 MLU nose from Australia, it took every bit of 6 weeks to get here.
  4. I guess you're right, any except the EF-111 will work. Not sure about the F-111E though, heard that kit had issues.
  5. Have a bunch of F-111 resin that needs to be put to use. Sold the kit it was for some years ago, but not the AM stuff.
  6. I'll be using different decals, wings, wheels, intakes, afterburners, and cockpit than what the kit comes with. -Ron
  7. Would like to buy or trade for an unstarted Academy 1/48 F-111, boxing not important. Let me know what you got or trade dersires. - Ron
  8. Iwata Neo is a great beginner airbrush, don't go too cheap, nothing ruins your airbrush learning more than a sloppy POS (cheap) airbrush. I buy good airbrushes and cheap compressors, as long as it has a pressure gauge and moisture trap on it all is good.
  9. There are Vietnam related pages on FB, you can try to join one of them. My dad is a USAF Vietnam veteran, I was able to join the Phan Rang group that he belongs to, they have a lot of cool pics that members uploaded from their time there.
  10. I use automotive Spot and Glazing compound for my final putty options, it doesn't shrink like other puttys and it sands much easier, plus you get a large tube of it for a reasonable cost. For large gaps, I try to fill them with thin card strips and sand to fit before final assembly of part, makes it a lot easier to trim and sand in areas that would by difficult once assembled.
  11. Would love to go, there just isn't anywhere to stay within an hour and a half drive from the event!
  12. When the USAF sent a couple B-1's out on a mission to Syria from base "X" a few years ago, they used USMC EA-6B's to fly EW for them. I'm sure when the mission dictates EW threats, the USAF would go about it the same way again, but this time with USN EA-18G's I assume.
  13. My F-101 A/C certainly was, ontop of a short shot forward fuselage. But I'm sure they didn't get the nickname "Puttyhawk" from just one poor fitting kit.
  14. Just received my order from Cold War Studio's, they tossed a cool Mig-21 patch in the box for free! https://imgur.com/ZxWJxRW
  15. If they include a tube of putty with every kit I may be inclined to buy some of them.
  16. The F-111C kit does include 2 different air intake sets, the kit has you use the Triple-Plough III Intake option. The other intake has blow-in doors on the side of it, not sure which version that is.
  17. I'll check the kit out, I believe I used aftermarket seamless intakes on it.
  18. Dang, I had Covid last year when everyone was sure it was a death sentence if you contracted it and my symptoms weren't as bad as your vaccine side effects!
  19. So, what do you all think about this Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier saying that all covid vaccinated people will die in 2 years, apparently he is the worlds leading Virologists. Says people will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement, whatever that means.
  20. I've got a set of the Spectre RC-135 Cheeks, probably bought them 9 or 10 years ago.
  21. This does suck, went through this debacle when Photobucket went south, switched to imgur after that, not doing it again.
  22. Also, I have the Academy F-111C kit, no GBU-28's came with it.
  23. I too made the long search for these, found this company that made them, not sure if they are still in business, bought this one about 8 years ago or so. https://imgur.com/a/NeolE7f
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