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  1. Weren't they the only kits in 1/48 that got the air intakes right until the release of the ZM kits?
  2. You can do it! I struggled with this kit a few years ago, finally just went for it and didn't worry about panel lines and stuff like that, bashed it into an F-104S for a little Tiger Meet our club had. She still sits proudly in my collection!
  3. This was my 106 after she came out of the primer booth, with the exception of the 737, the rest of the planes were the same scale!
  4. I can check with the MWR office here at Al Udeid to see if they have anything like that going on. I remember Balad AB in Iraq had an avid model group for a while, of course that is long gone now.
  5. The parts fit is almost exceptional, I will add a couple more of these kits to my stash in case I need a confidence build down the road, or to be an easy GB subject
  6. It's all the kit for speed of assembly, low parts count with excellent fit, not spending any time fitting pieces. The Tamiya Basic Putty is easy to apply and wet sands nicely, I've tried all the rest and still prefer it.
  7. General airframe assembly complete, the fit was good as any Japanese kit I've assembled.
  8. Packed the nose with a little weighted putty to keep her from being a tail sitter.
  9. Airfix used to have a game for the PC that allowed you to do that back in the day.
  10. A little more work done in the cockpit with the help of some colored pencils and yellow paint.
  11. I mod'd the last Phantom GB, would be up to co-mod another one as well, Kurt has also put his name in the hat for this as well, just don't have the time to solo mod.
  12. A quick test fit of the cockpit tub to ensure no adjustments are needed before final finishing of details.
  13. I started one of these at home before I came back to the Middle East for work, hopefully I'll be able to finish it next year.
  14. Getting busy with the cockpit, I always use Tire Black on instrument panels and coamings, seems to be the right hue for sun bleached flat black..
  15. Ah, my big White Elephant, I have yet to finish one of these beauties! I usually run out of steam around the engine nacelle stage...lol!
  16. The kit offers a couple of air scoop options, the fit is about 98%, I can live with that.
  17. To the paint shop for the cockpit parts, instructions called for Dark Gull Gray, but I think the Dark Ghost Grey will suffice.
  18. Attending to a couple sink marks in the tailpipe area, this is all I've found so far that required any pre-construction putty.
  19. Just love this kit, you get a lot of aircraft for the money!
  20. So far I'm really liking it! Cannot believe I waited this long to build one of these.
  21. The only tricky area in the assembly process is attaching the instrument panel to the cockpit tub, I used the trusty Blu-Tac third hand technique to hold it in place so I could adjust it accordingly with the tub temporarily installed in the fuselage.
  22. General preassembly done, trying to stay as far from AMSing as possible, can now focus on assembly cleanup and primer. The plastic in the kit works very well with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. Had to drill out the holes for mounting wing tanks before assembling the wing.
  23. Great video Kurt! I've wanted to build this kit since I first saw it back in the day, looks really cool in SEA camo with those large fuel tanks.
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