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  1. the_baphomet_00

    High Drag MK82 in Vietnam

    Whoa! Thanks for sharing, I wonder if the slick bomb on the TER´s outer attachment point is a Mk.83? It looks somehow bigger than those Snake Eyes on both inner and lower attachment points... TIA,
  2. the_baphomet_00

    SCRATCHBUILT DEWOITINE D510 in 1:48 scale

    Nice work! Keeping an eye on it...! Regards.-
  3. the_baphomet_00

    Tons of Russian aircraft (and military) pics

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  4. the_baphomet_00

    Classic F-86 video

    Niiice! Thanks for sharing!
  5. the_baphomet_00

    AC-145B "Mini Spectre" in 1:72 by Aeroplast

    Thank you Hajo! Keep the pics coming... Regards.-
  6. the_baphomet_00

    AC-145B "Mini Spectre" in 1:72 by Aeroplast

    Hey, nice conversion! Didn´t know about an injected M-28 kit in 72nd... It looks a very tiny kit... Is It available online at any shop? TIA and good modeling !
  7. the_baphomet_00

    Old Bombs

    Interesting... More info... http://www.andersen.af.mil/News/Photos.aspx?igphoto=2000127574
  8. the_baphomet_00

    GBU-8 HOBOS bomb

    Hi Alpagueur! How about this... . IDF/AF A-4N #374 GBU-8 hobos Best regards.! Alberto.-
  9. the_baphomet_00

    Su-30MK2 Venezuela armament question

    Hi guys, https://twitter.com/...668307344302081 I'm afraid I don't agree with Kursada about the designation of the bomb depicted upper... It´s not a RBK-250 cluster bomb, but P-50T training bomb.. a very common Russian ordnance... Here you can appreciate another views of the item, and compare the lettering on it.. pics taken from various websites: As you can see, the P-50 T is a very small item.. Alberto.- Best regards from Caracas,
  10. the_baphomet_00

    Minicraft T-34

    Is that mentor in 1/72?? or 1/48???
  11. the_baphomet_00

    F-35 FS 36160

    Don´t know for sure if this is what are you asking for.... but compare yourself the shades of these grays. My link for 36170 online My link for 36118 online Compare: Regards.-
  12. the_baphomet_00

    F-16 Pylon Question

    HI Lancer512, Hope these pics will answer your question... here you go... Best regards and Happy New Year to all!
  13. the_baphomet_00

    New decal from Begemot

    Edited.- Kotey: PM inbound
  14. the_baphomet_00

    New decal from Begemot

    MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS ! ! ! ! Thank you for this new release Kotey! The Venezuelan Army Mi-35M "Caribe" in 1/72..!!! After a quick review of the instructions sheet I got a doubt; and the following is my humble and respectful comment on the Venezuelan Mi-35 Pattern/colors displayed in the decals paint guide: The MI-35 were delivered to the Venezuelan Army Aviation in a similar pattern and colors as the HALOs and HIPs fleet... in a three green wraparound camo... I am under the impression that the instructions ask only for two shades of green an draw a litlle wrong camo pattern in some areas... If You want I can do a better research into mi pics, and if you need further information/references about the three tone camo in ortder to enhance the Venezuelan Mi-35 pattern shown in the instructions sheet count on me Kotey... I can contribute you with more references if you want to.. Keep the best work providing us with your excellent decals! NOTE:I´m well aware that in many pics these helos may look as they were finished into a two tone camo due the original paints faded quickly, and these helos are constantly exposed to weather without any protection.. Best regards.- Alberto.-