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  1. Sorry, but can´t see the attached image.
  2. Whoa!!, Like them very much, perfectly brush painted IMHO. Regards,.
  3. Hi guys! I liked very much the finish of this big scale Bronco, It´s totally eyecatching no doubt. I want to send my compliments to naioh2 – FC Saran S for this build. It was a very nice surprise to see the SEA camo applied on this kit; so being inspired on this article I did some online research and I learned the kit instrucctions provide a wrong pattern for the Thai machine; so I would ask for some forum help in order to get in touch with this fellow modeller (if possible) because I would like to build a 72nd scale Bronco in this finish too. T
  4. Whoa! Thanks for sharing, I wonder if the slick bomb on the TER´s outer attachment point is a Mk.83? It looks somehow bigger than those Snake Eyes on both inner and lower attachment points... TIA,
  5. Hey, nice conversion! Didn´t know about an injected M-28 kit in 72nd... It looks a very tiny kit... Is It available online at any shop? TIA and good modeling !
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