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  1. Pep

    F-16D 87-0378

    Thanks everyone! Working on the academy 1/32. It will be an inflight models so I'm sanding down the bulges
  2. Yes they are! See here http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/tru/images/tru_3203_parts07.jpg
  3. Hi all. I'm looking for the closed exhaust from a trumpeter 1/32 big cat with the GE engine. Please let me know if you have one.
  4. Posing this for a friend. Full meal deal 1/32 F-14A. Aires cockpit, Eduard zoom for tamita, aires Cockpit, Master pitot and Alfa probe, G factor Landing gear, Wolfpack Ladder for tamiya. No trades at the moment sorry, looking for $200 shipped in the CONUS.
  5. Hi eric, let me know if you are going the Sufa route. I have all the parts for a hasegawa sufa but no a sufa box.
  6. Pep

    F-16D 87-0378

    Can anyone tell if F-16D 87-0378 uses heavy landing gear or light gear? I know its a wide mouth GE block 30 but I cant tell which MLG it uses. Sorry but I can never tell the differences.
  7. Emilio I would be interested in the su-25
  8. I have been using ammonia free latex body paint for the past 2 years or so. Best stuff ever. It behaves just like any of the brand name liquid masks, with the added bonus of not attacking acrylics including futures canopies. Plus the price can't be beat! hope it helps out someone Ammonia Free Liquid Latex Body Paint - 4oz Teal https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006GEPSLA/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_aq90vbDHG3GZW
  9. +1 for akan paints. I have used their acrylics and could not be happier! Really great stuff.
  10. Pep


    Kursand, If you haven't shipped mine out yet, hold on to it till the 1/48 is out.
  11. Simply incredible build! DId you add any aftermarket products?
  12. +1 for the Silhouette Cutter.
  13. one of my built models had an accident and I broke the pitot tube. Does anyone have an extra one? plastic is fine, no need for metal.
  14. Kursad are these out yet? Can't wait to order! Also don't forget my 1/72 sheet :)
  15. Lockheed Black Hawk =) sounds weird =) Heard it around the office a while back but didn't pay much attention to it. Its all kinda sinking in now lol
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