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  1. Went a bit crazy in the last couple of months, need to thin the herd again! All kits are unstarted parts sealed (unless noted). Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-19S Inc HAD cockpit for PM (have more aftermarket will list later) 75 Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000C (AM inluced Brass Pitot, Kasl Nose Correction and other to come) 125 Zoukei Mura 1/32 J23M Raiden 75 Trumpeter 1/32 F/A-18F 125 Academy 1/32 F-16I Sufa 125 Hasegawa 1/32 OA-4M (started rough box decals shot) 40 Hi Tech 1/48 Vautour (some work on exchaust to fix resin) 100 JMGT 1/48 Dassault MD450
  2. Hey sorry for the delay. I just checked and I have it in 1/48 not 1/72. I have the other set in 1/72 sorry ๐Ÿ˜•
  3. I might have this sheet I can sell remind me tomorrow evening
  4. My understanding is Phase hangar resin (aka two miles) will be releasing a whole suite of resin for the 1/32 A-10 if you donโ€™t mind waiting.
  5. I might have the spince from the kinetic Israeili D brakeet does this work?
  6. Looking for the Main landing gear bits from the tamiys 1/32 CJ. Nothing really to trade but can pay. Im in florida.
  7. Up for grabs, tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ includes Quinta studios interior, aires Wheel bays and Cockpit. Asking 200 plus shipping from 33351. all parts sealed.
  8. I would be interested in buying the viper, let me know what you are asking.
  9. Pep

    F-15I Loadout

    If you can locate the instructions for the Great Wall kit, it includes some pretty good information on load outs.
  10. Looking to trade my tamiya 1/32 PW engine from the thunder bird kit for a GE engine. Let me know if you have one for trade.
  11. I would be interested in the 2 seat parts if you are willing to separate the set. PM me.
  12. I would not mind parting with mine but I would ask for $30 though.
  13. Iโ€™ve built both, the hasegawa for me is a much more enjoyable build and looks great when finished. Both can be improved with aftermarket but In my opinion I stick with Hasegawas. on a side note, if you are looking for one send me a PM ๐Ÿ™‚
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