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  1. This. The only really finicky part I ever found was the placement of the rudder pedals. But that was mostly due to my own fat fingers
  2. Usually Amazon has fair prices for most of what I buy. Although I did buy a Revell USS America last week from a third party vendor. They cancelled my order yesterday due to it being out of stock but it shows back up today from the same seller for over 80 dollars. Basically twice the suggested price from Revell.
  3. I'm still getting over having the flu. Started getting it on Christmas Eve from a family member of my wife's. Began with the cold sweats and general achiness. That quickly turned into congestion and finally nausea. The virus decided to kick it up a notch last Friday when I threw up twice at work. Luckily I work at the same apartment complex I live at. So I came home and sleep for 16 hours straight and finally feel better. Still want to murder my wife's aunt for giving everybody the flu though. I'm just glad our newborn son didn't catch it from anybody.
  4. I'm almost positive that is just a reboxed Hasegawa kit with a few new bits added. The sprues look identical to my Hasegawa kit.
  5. Of course the second I start building my Hasegawa kit, this pops up Lol. I'll pick one up eventually.
  6. I like this one the best. But I might be biased since I'm from Oregon lol
  7. I'm a member of several of the model building groups on Facebook. I view them as no different than model building forum boards. I don't see how having multiple groups ruins the hobby at all.
  8. How did I miss this. Looks like you did an amazing job on the Trumpeter kit. To bad the Bronco kit sounds like a virtual copy of the Trumpeter bird. Just going to have to wait until the Airfix kit comes out
  9. Looks like a fun project. Luckily it isn't the vintage one from 1983. It's actually a Toy R Us exclusive from 2011. But it still uses the same molds as the original one.
  10. I get stuff through Amazon Prime all the time and have never seen anything shipped this way. I wonder if it was somebody's first day or last day lol.
  11. This
  12. I actually like it but maybe I'm just being bias since I'm from Oregon lol
  13. I'd actually recommend trying your hand at a 1/350 submarine. I've built a few from Hobby Boss and they are fairly easy, inexpensive and don't take up much shelf space.