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  1. nerdling

    Hobbico goes Tango Uniform

    Guess it is time for me to pick up a few kits, just have to wait until payday. Been wanting another B-17 and B-25 anyways.
  2. nerdling

    Revell product availability

    I just snagged one this morning. Not a bad deal for 20 bucks
  3. nerdling

    Revell product availability

    I see that Hannants has them in stock now https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3944?&currency_id=2
  4. nerdling

    Hasegawa Ki-100-I aftermarket stuff, if any.

    That's all I would really do. Most of the engine won't be visible with the tight fitting cowl and spinner.
  5. nerdling

    Stephen Hawking dies at 76

    He was also born on the anniversary of Galileo's death.
  6. nerdling

    USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    Somebody asked that same question on the RV Petrel's Facebook page. They said that they would love to go search for the Hornet and the Wasp. But said that the Kongo was probably a no go due to it being very close to Chinese territorial waters.
  7. nerdling

    USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    Trumpeter does a 1/32 F4F-3. I have one in my stash and it looks pretty nice
  8. nerdling

    USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    That would be awesome. Where did you hear they were going to do the decals?
  9. nerdling

    Black Friday Disappointment

    The only time I shop at Squadron anymore is when they have their books on sale for dirt cheap. But that is only about 3 times a year.
  10. nerdling

    Black Friday Disappointment

    Hey I had to work three whole days. Ok maybe two and a half lol
  11. nerdling

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I watched it last night. It was just ok. I felt like the acting was a bit wooden.I won't be buying into the online streaming service though. I will end up finding it free on a website that I use from time to time. I can't get another streaming service when I already have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO.
  12. nerdling

    Eclipse Chasers?

    I live in Portland Oregon so I just watched it from my yard. That is the Erickson Air Collection in Madras. It is a very nice museum, most everything they have flies as well. The B-17 is currently out touring at the moment though.
  13. nerdling

    1/48 B-25J 8 gun nose

    Shows tend to be a good place to check. Picked one up last year for 15 bucks at a show.
  14. nerdling

    Amelia Earhart Evidence Lost

    I've been seeing lots of evidence that points to that photo not having anything to do with her at all. From what I have read, the picture isn't newly "discovered". It has been known about for a few years. Also if they were taken prisoner, why aren't there any Japanese soldiers in the photo at all. Also the females hair appears to be longer then other pictures of her taken during her flight. The male that is supposed to be her navigator has the same complexion as the islanders in the picture. It also looks like he has his hair parted on the opposite side that Fred Noonan did. Lots of little things point to it being just a random picture and not her at all.
  15. nerdling

    Hasegawa New Releases

    Of course Hasegawa is still very relevant. If you build 1/48 Japanese planes, Hasegawa is one of the few manufactures of them besides Tamiya and Fine Molds. Do I get tired of the same repops with new decals. Very much so. But I also tend to wait until Tower Hobbies has them on sale and pick them up for next to nothing.