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  1. I really hope they get their act together. It would be nice to finally see this kit on shelves. Guess I’ll have to secure a couple Tamiya kits instead.
  2. Your anger is epic. I haven’t sent them money, but even if I had it would be entirely my choice. I just have too many other priorities to be wound up over the marketing campaign of a model airplane company. Ultimately I was wondering why you’re so mad at them. Thanks for the answer but I still don’t see why it’s taken personally.
  3. I must ask, what is your personal issue with AMK? Did you preorder (prepay?) for the kit? Why do you spend so much time and effort trying to make other people dislike AMK? I preordered but I did not prepay. If the kit never sees the light of day, my life goes on unaffected. I couldn’t care less what AMK says, does, or markets. But it’s fascinating to me that you personally cannot tolerate anyone liking, or being patient with, AMK. Just trying to understand your frustration with those who don’t share your hatred for AMK.
  4. Thanks for the reply. A real shame that’s all we have here. We don’t have a Hobby Lobby anywhere near us, and Michaels isn’t much closer. Both have very poor selection. I guess it’s online shopping for me!
  5. Besides HobbyTown USA, is there another store that sells kits in Tampa/St Pete area?
  6. I’m building the Academy C now. The intakes are a bear, but overall fit is generally good. The shape issues are noticeable when compared to another kit like Hasegawa, Great Wall Hobby, and Revell (E). I’m in the same boat you are, so I nabbed a Revell F-15E, and this limited edition F-15C for all the great weapons.
  7. What do you do with it? Seems kind of .... pointless.
  8. Good to know. I wasn’t aware their standards have increased so high.
  9. I didn’t know they fixed that profile. Which boxing did they start correcting and which ones include the new mold (or which ones don’t)?
  10. Considering the shape issues of their F-16s and from what I understand, the shape issues of their F/A-18s, I wouldn’t guess they’re the best in 1:48. When did they claim the crown?
  11. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen either an F-15 or F-16 kit with those types of insignia. It was ages and ages ago, but I want to say they came with the Monogram 1:48 F-16.
  12. Nice! I had to do the same with cobbling several sheets together to make my Desert Storm F/A-18A. Fun project! How are the insignia different on this F-16?
  13. Sorry for the detour. What is the “AS” in the Bf 109-G6/AS or G-14/AS designation?
  14. Darn. Too bad. I used one on my Iwata but it was years ago.
  15. I will also advocate for an Iwata HP-CS. Sprays brilliantly, very high quality, and easy to clean. Lots of add ons you can do over time (tips, needles, quick release connections) and if you can find one at hobby lobby you can get a great bargain.
  16. Wow, great looking ‘Vark! Not enough of these built in my opinion. Do F-111s have their wings extended when parked? Space wise, I’d like to have mine with the wings swept with canopy open. Possible?
  17. When Tamiya was pumping out 1:32 scale aircraft kits, us 1:48 fans waited a long time for new aircraft. 1:32 will have its turn again, one day or another.
  18. The only ones I know of that had the issue were the initial 109G Royal Class boxing. I believe the molds were updated when the 109 was produced in ProfiPack and Weekend Edition boxings.
  19. Perfect, thanks Murph. Was hoping you’d chime in. Any clue on the timeframe Academy is depicting in its MSIP II boxing for any of the markings?
  20. Saw a YouTube video of Kadena (ZZ) Eagles loaded with 4 AIM-9Xs and 4 AIM-120Cs. This was a 2014 video,and I know 81-0040 is still in Kadena, so I’ll build that one unless anyone can provide further information regarding this tail number. When did MSIP II happen and what timeframe is 81-0040 depicted by Academy? Guess I have more questions than answers.
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