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  1. Guys, I want to get a 1/48 Mig-25 from ICM. Sprue is out and Squadron only has the Recce, so I am looking for a reliable source from Ebay. TIA Brad
  2. Yup, found that site earlier. Thanks Gary. BTW I am using the Belcher decals set. Brad
  3. Thanks Chris, but I don't own their instructions. Brad
  4. Guys, I am at the painting stage of my GWH RCAF CT-133 and I am stumped as to which 101-327 Grey I should use. My aircraft will be painted in the Symetrical Era scheme, but in my research I have done, I have read that there is 3 possible shades of 101-327 Grey. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brad
  5. Last night at our local club meeting we had our swap and shop, and I parted ways with my 1/48 Hasegawa CF-188 boxing of the Hornet. It was loaded with goodies, and went to a good home. I did this so I can move on and build the Kinetic CF-188 kit. Please Kinetic, don't fail me. Wish me luck. Brad-Who loves the Spitfire, but makes room for the CF-188
  6. CanMilAir closed it's doors for decals, so I am looking to see if anyone might have sheet ID 511, which contains markings for RCAF pilot Bert Houle and his Mk VIII Spits. I would pay a decent price if anyone has it and can part with it. I am in Victoria, BC Canada. TIA Brad
  7. So what is the verdict on this kit? Should one wait and see what AMK does or is this ICM's kit a good kit of the Mig-25PD? Thanks Brad
  8. Probably.... he is no doubt spending time With his daughters before THEY gallivant off to Universities.. Hope he gas a goid holiday. And how are you Brad....😁 I am doing well, hope you are too! Cheers Brad
  9. Sorry Steve, hope you are feeling better. Brad
  10. Superb Skill! Hey, if I send you my KH 1/48 Huey UH-1D kit will you build and paint it for me :) Cheers Brad
  11. Heaven knows he deserves a break, but I was just wondering. TIA Brad
  12. Hello to those who have built this kit; what is the procedure to make this happen? If you place the canopy onto the model, there is gaps galore on the rear portion and the plane. Seems to me it's only built to have an open canopy? Any help would be appreciated. TIA Brad
  13. So if the windscreen is too flat at the top, is the canopy also too flat? Besides the rectangular vent on the right side after portion of the intake, is there anything else wrong with the 101B? TIA Brad
  14. This is really disappointing for me, as I was really hoping that KH would get this one right, but no cigar. I am not sure how they get away with putting out sub-standard model kits. I guess their Asian market just doesn't care about accuracy and fit. I even got rid of my Monogram kit that I had with the BB cockpit, I guess that was premature as well. Oh well, I have plenty of other kits to build. Brad
  15. Sprue Brothers has them in stock. Brad
  16. Thanks for the reply. Did you happen to notice that the nose cone was smaller in size (narrow) compared to the fuselage? I had to sand the step and do a lot of re-scribing. 😞 Brad
  17. Can anyone tell me which F-35 the Israeli Air Force is using? Thanks Brad
  18. LoL...yup. :) Thanks though Brad
  19. Looks great Joel. I am building the T-33A as well, but I am using the RoCAF boxing, because I am building mine as an RCAF aircraft and this kit has the NACA vents that we used. I am at the flap stage and I have no idea how I am going to mount them. It appears that there is only the 4 actuating rods to attach the flaps to. Have you looked at them to see how you might attach them to the model? Your scheme looks very cool. Cheers Brad
  20. I am at the flap stage and there isn't any positive mounting point for them except the 4 actuating rods, and that's it. I was hoping to gain some wisdom from you fine folks. The kit otherwise builds up pretty nicely. TIA Brad
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