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  1. Skull Leader

    F/A-18F & EA-18G canopy masks

    This. I can cover and cut a lot quicker than I can a precut mask. And it's usually a better quality tape.
  2. Skull Leader

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    It's been a billion years since I've seen the show, but I seem to recall he had LASIK surgery or something else done on his eyes to restore his flight status
  3. Skull Leader

    About e-books and our hobby

    When it comes to reference material, I insist on physical copy. The e-version benefits are nice, but I hate being restricted by a screen that constantly turns off and/or demands battery power. DRM concerns rank pretty high for me too. If I pay for a reference book, I want to own that book until *I* decide to get rid of it, or whatever. DRM doesn't affect things like reference material often, but I'd rather not have to worry about it. I don't like e-books, but occasionally I'll get one on audible to listen to while at work
  4. Skull Leader

    J*A*G TV Show Fans ...Rabb is Back....

    He also thought he was a @#$%-hot photographer. And he married a wookee from Louisiana.
  5. Skull Leader

    Anyone who can make decals?

    I have some small skill in drawing/printing decals. Which markings are you wanting to do? PM me.
  6. Skull Leader

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Yes and no... the fact that it's gone on for 176 pages is a testament to how long AMK has dragged everyone along. The "dog pile" effect is unfortunate, I'll agree with that. Especially when the "me too/me three" people don't add any kind of new insight, but such is the nature of the internet. People have the right to be heard, but I do agree that more than one post each (unless in response to someone else) without new info OUGHT to be sufficient. Also the hyperbole regarding Tamiya and GWH, or any other company really doesn't really do anyone any favors. I may be guilty of a little of that myself... I can't be bothered to look back through 176 pages to see, lol. It's inevitable, given the circumstances, but it shouldn't overshadow discussion about THIS kit.
  7. Skull Leader

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    There could be perhaps a SMALL argument made that by setting expectations (both about kit accuracy and delivery timetable), AMK *has* harmed their potential customers from a business/marketing standpoint. AMK has boasted proudly that their kit would be the single most accurate Tomcat kit ever. Tomcat enthusiasts would obviously clamor for such an item, and it shouldn't come as any surprise when the fanbase takes the company to task when their product (prototype shots though they may be) doesn't deliver. That was a claim that Sio and company made in good faith, riding the waves of enthusiasm from those who (somehow) didn't feel their Tomcat modeling needs were being met. They made this claim and were unable to back it up. That was mistake #1. Secondly, the goalpost that was the release date was a line drawn in the sand and then moved back more than some prior presidential administrations. Once or even twice could be construed as an unforseen mistake. *everyone* is subject to the unknowns, after all... but it seemed to happen a lot, with deadline after deadline passing with no plastic in hand to show for it. That was mistake #2. Thirdly, on top of all that, besides some prototype shots that never really seemed to change or improve, the only feedback that we ever got was "It's coming soon guys, we promise!" with a lot of dodging and ducking of questions from potential customers. EMCON and a lack of transparency don't do AMK any favors. It shakes the faith of the potential customer base and leaves them wondering if AMK can deliver on any of their promises at all. Does AMK owe anyone any transparency or explanations for their silence or delay? No. No money has changed hands yet (that I know of), but when you make the claim that you're gonna release the best tomcat kit ever, and make initial attempts to engage the customer base with 3D models and continual progress with the prototype shots, when you suddenly go silent because you've hit snags it puts a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Most customers would much rather hear "Hey, we've read your feedback and have taken some things back to the drawing board. We want it to be right, so we're correcting it." than a company that ignores the outcry or worse still, hems and haws about it without really saying what's going on. so, I DO think there has been some harm. AMK's credibility has been shot down like a BF-109 over London, and a lot of people (even if they haven't paid money) made an emotional investiture to be excited about something... only to get hoofed right in the tackle for doing so. As a matter of principle, people SHOULD make their displeasure at these tactics known. We should discourage poor business practices in social media interactions and ultimately vote with our wallets when the product (finally) lands.
  8. Skull Leader

    A-6E El Dorado Canyon: CBU Configuration

    This was a common arrangement for a lot of aircraft carrying MERs. This is referred to as a "slant four" loadout.
  9. Skull Leader

    SU-22UM3 Peruvian Air Force

    there aren't a lot of photos out there, the Peruvians have never been huge on having their military aircraft photographed by the general public. There are a couple of good photos in the Yefim Gordon book of the combat models, but none of the trainers. They only had 3-5 UM3s and they're long out of service now. There's a pic of one on the Wikipedia page, but it looks like a recent photo with a very faded paint job.
  10. Skull Leader

    VF-32 CAG F-14A tail color.

    the color is FS 15044, Gloss insignia Blue. In certain lighting conditions, the color is often mistaken for black.
  11. Skull Leader

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    because "mah wings gotta have dropped flaps or else it ain't good!"
  12. Skull Leader

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    By definition, that IS sensorship. (I'm not tryin' to say... I'm just sayin'.) Sio's assertion that the only detractors are from his "competitors" is farcical at best. When you boast that your kit is going to be the best and most accurate iteration out there.... especially in a subject so saturated as the tomcat, you can be damn sure people are going to nitpick. We want the kit to be perfect... we would be beyond thrilled if it were. But dont put test shots out there and not expect them to get nitpicked. You wanna edit or shut down the thread, that's your bailiwick, but don't try to pass it off for something it isnt.
  13. Skull Leader

    Correcting Hobby Boss FB-111 intakes

    You have to do that anyway on the academy kit, so the same goes regardless of which kit you use them on.
  14. Skull Leader

    F-14A glove vanes 1/48

    I don't know the answer to that for certain, but I believe they were a function of the speed. The faster the airspeed, the more they deployed.
  15. Skull Leader

    F-14A glove vanes 1/48

    no. Zero aerodynamic profiling