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  1. Nuff said. need one for a B-17 build. I'd take either the Koster or Pro Modeler Cheyenne tail. Anyone have one they're willing to sell?
  2. Nuff said. need one for a B-17 build. I'd take either the Koster or Pro Modeler Cheyenne tail. Anyone have one they're willing to sell?
  3. Mystery solved: he worked on a B-17H!
  4. Hmmm. What is the likelihood of a Navy wrench-monkey working on someone else's bird while stationed on saipan? Would the coast guard have kept rescue birds out there? What about the USAAC?
  5. Thanks, Joe. Don't suppose you have an image somewhere that shows what the rest of the markings on a NMF Navy B-17G would look like?
  6. So my (long departed) grandfather in law was in the navy in WWII and evidently worked on a B-17. The photo in my grandmother in laws album shows what is clearly a B-17G with the nose scanner radar instead of the chin turret... but has all other guns and turrets installed (at least the dorsal one, and it has cheek guns). The aircraft is NMF and not blue (which I thought was weird). So... is this a navy SB-17G? Some other bastardized configuration? My father in law wants a model of the aircraft, but I can't extrapolate a lot from this photo. Anyone able to help? I
  7. I was duly impressed. Of course liberties must be taken, for flow if for nothing else, but their attention to detail on the flying scenes is impressive (Mav mentions having up to date ATIS info while taxiing in the Darkstar, training loadouts carried during the training mission, traded for live loadouts during the real mission, the whole Tomcat startup process (obviously not the entire dance, but enough to point out that Paramount knew the Tomcat was as much a star of the show as Tom Cruise... to the point of even mentioning pulled fuses in the RIO seat). I was especially impressed
  8. Not to re-open a really old can of worms that we've debated in years long past.... but I thought the PTID displays were brought online with the first LANTIRN F-14Bs? I was under the impression that the older fishbowl TID display used in the F-14As and Bs in theory *could* use the LANTIRN, but the resolution was pretty terrible to the point of being unuseable? I know the D models had a higher-resolution TID display that could handle the LANTIRN footage more easily. I seem to recall hearing that in the early LANTIRN years of the mid 1990s, PTIDs were transferred between squadrons whe
  9. Thanks for the info, guys! I think I can safely pass on adding the wire to my jet and save the skills-flex for a future project lol
  10. After conversing with st0rm on the matter and unable to find definitive answers, I turn to the masses.... I'm building an Arkansas KC-135A (of which, at best, ive found maybe 5 reference photos of the 189th during their ARW days) and upon doing more research of A models, it seems some had the aerial wire that ran from the tail to the front of the fuselage and some did not. I can't find any rhyme or reason for this... I know that thanks to modelers license, I can build it however I want but I'm left curious about it. It doesn't seem time-dependent.... later
  11. Maybe he means he photographed them stateside
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