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  1. Well, I know I posted this before, but cant find it. Can you tell me what the Airfix AH7 Lynx and Merlin are going for?
  2. The D/H needs to be released. The Panda was the only other option and we know that was awful. I hope it becomes a reality, but it looks like its time came and went. I dont understand the obversion for the D model. Everything else has been done in 35th, to include a Shithook. Why do another 35th B/C/M? Why not do a good 48th scale one to accompany the D? I mean WTF?
  3. Seems like they opted for a B model instead. Horribly sad about that.....
  4. I have a Hasegawa 07414 AH-64E Apache Guardian in 1/48, a Italeri OH-58D in 1/48 and a 1/48 CH-47F. that I am going to sell on Fecebook. Can you guys give me a price check? Thanks!
  5. Look on their facebook Page. There is a woman named Sophie that will send you a replacement piece for a minimal cost. She is pretty great.
  6. Doesnt Bell still produce the V22 for the US?
  7. Any news when this kit will be here in the US?
  8. Looks like a pretty cool and capable aircraft. I hate to see the Huey go, but its about time I guess.
  9. I either use white or gray to get the grayish fade or use yellow to get the brownish fade. I just mixed a bottle of MM Helo green with yellow and it came out spot on to our CARC painted Hueys
  10. I am late to the party here. I would like to add, confirm that the color is very faded CARC. Depending on who made the paint, it fades to a light greenish gray or a yellowish brown, almost OD color. I love how it fades differently
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