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  1. Doesnt Bell still produce the V22 for the US?
  2. Any news when this kit will be here in the US?
  3. Looks like a pretty cool and capable aircraft. I hate to see the Huey go, but its about time I guess.
  4. I either use white or gray to get the grayish fade or use yellow to get the brownish fade. I just mixed a bottle of MM Helo green with yellow and it came out spot on to our CARC painted Hueys
  5. I am late to the party here. I would like to add, confirm that the color is very faded CARC. Depending on who made the paint, it fades to a light greenish gray or a yellowish brown, almost OD color. I love how it fades differently
  6. With the release of the 35th scale H60 serious, does anyone know if they are going to do a standard UH60A/L? Also, is KH still panning on the 35th UH-1H? Anyone know? Thanks!
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