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  1. When is this supposed to be available?
  2. huey_crew_chief

    1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H double build!

  3. I have given up on this.....
  4. huey_crew_chief


    I got mine here just a few months ago. Great customer service.
  5. huey_crew_chief

    Huey Firefly/Nighthawk conversion?

    Can't help with the lights, but the Kitty Hark kit comes with 50s.
  6. huey_crew_chief

    Been a while!

    Glad to see you Jon
  7. huey_crew_chief

    1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H double build!

    Cant wait to see it!!!
  8. huey_crew_chief

    AF Huey Replacement Announced

    What of the USAF UH1N VIP ships? Are they part of this replacement?
  9. huey_crew_chief

    AF Huey Replacement Announced

    exactly what Clinstone said. I think that this is what should have replaced the Huey instead of the UH72. BTW, wasn't this aircraft originally an Augusta/ Bell product?
  10. So if I was to use this exhaust on the Italeri L model kit, what else would I need to use or change to keep it a late model L. I know the windows would have to be changed, but I am quite unfamiliar with hawks.
  11. Tim, thanks for the info. I plan on doing an L with this conversion. I plan to use the Italeri kit. So the UH60Ls have the upturned exhaust, but not the new blades?
  12. So do some or most of the ordinary UH60Ls have the upturned exhaust now?
  13. How much of the kit needs to be cut off to fit the new exhaust piece?
  14. huey_crew_chief

    1/48 SA330 Puma

    Awesome work!