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  1. Tim, thanks for the info. I plan on doing an L with this conversion. I plan to use the Italeri kit. So the UH60Ls have the upturned exhaust, but not the new blades?
  2. So do some or most of the ordinary UH60Ls have the upturned exhaust now?
  3. How much of the kit needs to be cut off to fit the new exhaust piece?
  4. huey_crew_chief

    1/48 SA330 Puma

    Awesome work!
  5. huey_crew_chief

    1/72 TAH-1G Finished

    I like the exhaust stains Ray. How did you do that?
  6. huey_crew_chief

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N Twin Huey

    This base model will be sufficient for all American twin packs. Just get a hold of the Cobra Company Marine upgrade and you should be set.
  7. huey_crew_chief

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N Twin Huey

    This is a huge step in the right direction!
  8. very nice work Charlie!
  9. huey_crew_chief

    New to me. SAC skids and X-tubes UH-1D/H

    I saw them on ebay. They look like Kitty Hark copies in white metal.
  10. huey_crew_chief

    Looking for AH-64 decals

    Oh, sorry. I thought they were still available. I may have a set. I will look.
  11. huey_crew_chief

    Looking for AH-64 decals

    Twobobs had two different sheets.
  12. I cant wait for this thing!!!
  13. huey_crew_chief

    1/48 SA330 Puma

    very nice! I love the Puma! What are you using for the sound proofing?