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  1. I have the Jayhawk interior set for the Hobby Boss kit released by Air Graphics and it has superb detail
  2. certainly you mean this one: I don't know any particular reasons why the USCG does not use them on Jayhawks. But I guess they take possible cruise speed restrictions and maybe also weight into consideration. Also it landings in snow with this type of helicopter and its missions are maybe quite rare there might be no reason to think about fitting them.
  3. Here you go: http://www.dacoproducts.com/KDCD75.php
  4. I believe it must be RAL 7012 "Basaltgrau"
  5. They tried to consider some of the differences with their PE parts. They include antennae, fuselage piping, some smaller other things, a rescue basket and hoist sling. Hoist, fuel jettison pipe and two other small parts are provided in resin. The modeller has to fill the port aft window and door panel lines of the AS-365 on his own. I haven't done any measurements so far but I think the stbd aft cabin window should be larger with a HH-65. The modeler needs to remove/cut away the civilian sliding door rails. The aft cabin is completely empty. The front seats are incorrect for a
  6. This is certainly the best Huey model representation I've seen so far.
  7. If you fancy German ones: http://www.df-helostuff.de/Decals/Streitkraefte/Military/index.php/
  8. Just In case you can't wait: http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/decals/bd20.htm You'll find the floatation gear for the Swedish ones at Belcher Bits as well...
  9. I agree, nice kit with some goodies. But the canopy framing- someone must have been sleeping in the design department. Another thing is that the USAF option shows aux fuel tanks which aren't included in the kit. It would have been nice if they had also included the type of main gear struts which have an airfoil covering
  10. It's basically the same, but beware of different rear cabin door arrangements (also with the civvie ones). What is the original aiecraft you want to build?
  11. The fact whether a radar is fitted or not is not a matter of the Dauphin's version. Also civil AS-365 N2-3 can carry the nose of a AS-565 Panther. Study your reference material as there are different nose cones (e.g. the one of HH-65C/D is different to that one of the French Navy AS-565.) AFAIK, most of the differences between a N2 and a N3 are internal (digital engine control, stronger engines, uprated transmission). The only external difference is the fact that a N3 has a ten bladed (instead of 11) fenestron with asymmetrical blade distribution.
  12. I'm Vers happy that you heard my request and included a VXE-6 scheme and the SC/HC-54. Great to have a producer like you who takes care of the customers wishes!
  13. I bought two in Germany for 67,95 € - that's about 76 USD. But the postage will make it rising ... As far as the decals are concerned: I would also take two sheets.
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