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  1. If I could make the suggestion of some decals for the new Egyptian Rafales. There are several new images available after a current Egyptian AF / French Aero Navale exercise that show a few of the Rafales with the Long Live Egypt slogan on the fuselage. Thanks for your time.
  2. I'm willing to pay for shipping and a fee for the parts. Much appreciated.
  3. PLease let me know if you can help. I will pay postage and also willing to pay a fee for the parts. Thanks.
  4. I have the early F-5E boxing. If you want to swap the relative sprues or just trade kits I'm all for it. Just let me know.
  5. It's my understanding you'll see FRS.1, GR.1, GR.3 and AV-8A
  6. Whats the story with the F-4B/N VF-111 sheet?
  7. I've photographed that jet a lot. It was first transferred to VFA-127 from Topgun then to VF-45 after VFA-127 started getting Hornets. Wells were silver as they are on every single F-5 I've every seen in USN service.
  8. All current Navy/Marine F-5Fs have the guns removed and ballast added.
  9. I don't see a Mk. 4 seat on their site Nevermind, Found it. Thanks
  10. There is a Kinetic color photoetch set coming for the Kfir. These are nice because they are done by Eduard and very economical. Usually about $10-12 a set.
  11. Dear Viperbite It would be nice if GWH rereleased the Israeli boxing as a true full Israeli jet. Without the CFTs it is a limiting kit for what GWH advertises as most Israeli Eagles use the CFTs. Please be aware that these are not the same CFTs used by the F-15E, F-15I, 15K, or 15S. That and the lack of any AIM-9 variants excludes any USAF version which was also advertised. If you plan on continuing the Eagle tooling, and it seems you will, you should also consider the Israeli SatCom antenna that is on the after fairing behind the canopy on the F-15I and many F-15Ds in Israeli service and th
  12. There's supposed to be another tank in there, the supersonic centerline tank, is it there?
  13. Nesher is the Mirage V assembled by IAI. During the Falklands War, Dassault data plates for Mirage VJs were found some of the Dagger debris recovered. There is no way to go backwards from a Kfir to a Mirage III / V. Patience, a little birdy told me to expect both jets in 2014
  14. FYI - I'll be happy to buy any of the Israeli mods any of you want to sell off. I have a few Bazs in the works.
  15. Python IVs look odd, pretty sure the tails are off. Luckily the Kinetic ones are easy to acquire. The Python IIIs are the best I've seen. I'm wondering if there are conformal fuel tanks in the kit. Those have been standard on IDF Eagles until recently. I'd like to have seen an alternate version of this piece with the new SatCom antenna on the stationwagon models. Recce pod would have been nice too. Still, put me down for one or two.
  16. Looks like I'll finally add the Saudi bird to the collection
  17. I really enjoyed it, i think it was very true to the spirit of the book. They could have gone to 2.5 hours but for just under 2 hours they did a great job. My fiance at the end was like WHAT? - you mean they ...? Yup, they sure did honey... WOW.
  18. Mostly the 4. That tail just screams at me. The 3 doesn't seem 100% either. Would need a better look at it. I do like that the area behind the canopy is seperate. Would like to see them do a version w/ the R2D2 looking SatCom antenna. Inclusion of the Israeli recce pod would be nice too.
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