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  1. The value of reference photos is that they show what an airplane looked like at an instant in its history - about 1/250th of a second on average. The photo Kursad cites proves what it looked like for that instant. However, the photo is not evidence what the aircraft looked like earlier or later, so a black bottom is certainly possible and not necessarily incorrect on a model.🙂
  2. Here's the now-classic AMT/Ertl/Esci 1/72 scale KC-135A Stratotanker done up with Caracal's decals. I liked the Fairchild scheme that came in the kit, so that's why I went with Caracal's much better rendition of the "Seahawks" logo. Enjoy!
  3. And is toss-bombing Snakeyes a thing?🤔
  4. Nope. That one says "could not be found on this server." It offers three others, 144002, 144006, and 144008 but they are for C-141 and C-5s. 😕
  5. I'm building the 1/72 scale AMT KC-135A tanker and want to use the Caracal set No. CD72020 General Purpose Markings. The instructions state for more detailed diagrams, go to a web page on Caracal's site. I do so, and the page says "work in progress." Was this ever completed? The sheet is a couple of years past issue. Has the info been archived somewhere?
  6. I was on a C-5A with two Chinooks in it.😃
  7. I think I remember seeing CAD drawings of the Kinetic C-17 years ago, and they showed a lot of interior detail. I also recalled that they were concerned on how expensive the kit would be. I don't understand why manufacturers put in loads of interior detail where you'll never see it. Do you know that there is a roll of toilet paper molded onto the wall of the latrine in the AMT/Ertl 1/72 scale KC-135 kits? Why? No way you can see it on the built model; it's between two bulkheads way behind the flight engineer/navigator's station. And you can't even see those crewmen's seats through the small co
  8. Yes! But it became relatively hard to find, and Chevy engine red was more plentiful (at the time) and it's very close to the same color. I still have a couple of bottles of CER. Just used some on this Coastie HO4S-3G 1/72 scale Revell/Italeri:
  9. YAHOO! I need that C-17! I feared that the project was dead and gone. This is great news!🤩
  10. I think MM FS 12197 wasn't "bright" enough, and looked dull especially in fluorescent lighting. I've been using MM Chevy engine red for all my Navy trainers AND Coast Guard models. Someday I may run out of the stuff and hope to find a comparable lacquer.
  11. As I recall, the Hasegawa canopy was even wider than the Academy. In both cases, the canopies are too wide, but they fit the fuselage, which means if you are trying to fix the canopy, you'll also have to fix the front fuselage. So you have to ask yourself, is this really bad enough to go through all the work to make it right? Who is going to know if you don't tell them? I settled on the Academy kit because it has great detail, good fit, and overall good shapes. No kit is perfect. No finished model is perfect (and least none of mine, anyway), but they're good enough for me. Don't let "perfectio
  12. There we go. Thanks, Kursad! If you consider doing this one, please also consider doing the markings of the jet at the time of the encounter. I think I have an art print from Lockheed around here somewhere . . . . 🤔 Oh, and in 1/72 scale, please!
  13. Sorry. I should have 'splained it better: The FS paint numbers for the F-16D MiG-25 killer commemorative scheme.
  14. Somebody please see if you can get the FS numbers for the paint used on the real jet - or maybe make model-paint recommendations.
  15. Hmm. Yeah, it has the refueling probe shown, but the rudder is of a G/J model. The foreshortening in the painting is too extreme, making the tail look too large and nose too small. I don't know which kit it will be or if it is new, but my favorite for the C model in 1/72 scale is the Revell/Monogram.
  16. Can't help you on the decals, but you won't have to "scratch" the stabs, just graft in some styrene sheet and sand smooth to fill in the "dog teeth." That's what I did on mine:
  17. But I think (?) that "FRISCO-F" was a Navy PBY-5A. The Air Force's OA-10 that I'm thinking of had insignia red, yellow, and some blue color. Was it the same?
  18. I'm all for it. I want to do a USAF short-wing Albatross from the Korean War. I've got the Sova kit for it, but I'd like to have specific decals for it. Also, I'd love to add the OA-10 Rescue bird in red, yellow, and blue-gray. Just what is that blue-gray color anyway?
  19. Or, if you have also the AMT KC-135R, you can swap the CFMs from that kit, then use the TF-33s from the RC-135 kit and make the tanker a KC-135E. The pylons won't be a problem if you do it that way.
  20. Dutch, wasn't "Misty" different from the Wild Weasel program?
  21. Here is my 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-111A Aardvark using Caracal's decals. It depicts one of the Varks stationed at Takhli, Thailand, during the spring of 1973 when I was stationed there as an Air Force photographer. The load of 24 500-pound Mk.82s was impressive! I used Mr. Color lacquers and LF Models vinyl camouflage mask set. The bombs and ECM pods came from the Hasegawa weapons sets.
  22. I recently completed the new HobbyBoss U-2A and substituted Caracal decals for the disappointing kit decals of the same subject. Enjoy!
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