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  1. Just glue on a Cross pen!😆
  2. Thanks for the clarification on the extended numbers. 😊 I think that "Balofia!" might be short for "Ball of Fire"?😜
  3. Also, they are two different aircraft! Wonder what's on the other side of each?
  4. What's so different about a B than the kits?
  5. Wow! Hard to believe that was 19 years ago. I ended up selling that model maybe 12 years ago and replaced it with the Modelcollect kit - not an improvement I'm afraid.
  6. I can't argue with the photos, but I don't recall making that color recommendation in an article. Hmm. ??? Which article? Maybe the old one where I fixed up an AMT/Ertl kit?
  7. Got mine! Man, that Cartograf outfit can print! Just look at those unit badges: very small and in perfect register! Haven't made up my mind on which one to do yet.
  8. There are a few exceptions, but in general, cockpit interiors of U.S. military aircraft have been painted in "Dark Gull Gray" FS 36231 since the mid-late 1950s.
  9. Rocketeer also had a sheet dedicated to 479th TFW Zippers in the REAL scale that counts: 1/72. I got one, but since they went under, they're pretty rare.
  10. Looks like Jetmads has quite an ambitious selection of kits that are going to eventually please everyone. Quite a slick website, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL buildups of their 1/32 scale Douglas Skystreak. But how much of what we see there is actually real? I even have doubts on the veracity of the photos of the buildups - they are just TOO perfect. But yes, I certainly want 1/72 scale Starlifter - actually I would prefer the shorter A model - and hope their release date will actually beat my expiration date!🙂
  11. This is the the reason why I don't have a B-47 in my collection - missing great decals! But now - release the hounds!😋
  12. Dave and Rich: Correct! But in reality . . . .😬
  13. Of course, that's a 1/72 scale B-47 since the code is 72 and there ain't no 1/48 kit!😊
  14. Anyone have recent contact with him? Please let me know.
  15. Anyone have recent contact with him? Please let me know.
  16. Ooh, that's right. The exhausts on the new Academy are disappointing.
  17. I think the Academy "press fit" kit is great. I built one out of the box for FSM review. All the weapons pylons are included. And you're just one razor saw cut away from having an open canopy; and I guess you'd have to make a retractor piston . . . .
  18. Oooooh, GLOSSY! Hand me my bottle of Future!😮
  19. I got to ride in a KC-135A taking off from Pease for a trip up to Arctic Canada and back to observe and study Aurora Borealis. The test flight originated at Hanscom Field in Mass. where the runway wasn't long enough for the tanker to take off with a full load of fuel. So we stopped to top off at Pease. Back then, I had a custom of timing aircraft takeoff runs from brakes off to lift off. With a full load of fuel and using water injection, the KC's takeoff run at Pease took a full 60 seconds! I was beginning to think I was going to meet a fiery fate in the overrun!
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