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  1. But I think (?) that "FRISCO-F" was a Navy PBY-5A. The Air Force's OA-10 that I'm thinking of had insignia red, yellow, and some blue color. Was it the same?
  2. I'm all for it. I want to do a USAF short-wing Albatross from the Korean War. I've got the Sova kit for it, but I'd like to have specific decals for it. Also, I'd love to add the OA-10 Rescue bird in red, yellow, and blue-gray. Just what is that blue-gray color anyway?
  3. Or, if you have also the AMT KC-135R, you can swap the CFMs from that kit, then use the TF-33s from the RC-135 kit and make the tanker a KC-135E. The pylons won't be a problem if you do it that way.
  4. Dutch, wasn't "Misty" different from the Wild Weasel program?
  5. Here is my 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-111A Aardvark using Caracal's decals. It depicts one of the Varks stationed at Takhli, Thailand, during the spring of 1973 when I was stationed there as an Air Force photographer. The load of 24 500-pound Mk.82s was impressive! I used Mr. Color lacquers and LF Models vinyl camouflage mask set. The bombs and ECM pods came from the Hasegawa weapons sets.
  6. I recently completed the new HobbyBoss U-2A and substituted Caracal decals for the disappointing kit decals of the same subject. Enjoy!
  7. Well, one thing that IS remarkable about the Wolfpack decal is that it is printed by Cartograf, who also prints many of Kursad's sheets.
  8. Yes. Wolfpack is a Korean outfit that has reboxed several Academy (some previous Hobbycraft) kits with extras and new decals.
  9. The Orange Hobby 1/72 F-35C is quite good but suffers from poor circulation - er, distribution.
  10. I love Roden's boxart! One of my faves is the Curtiss H-16 (Felixstowe) doing a pylon turn around the Chrysler Building!
  11. Mr. Color fluorescent orange over Tamiya fine white primer. You HAVE TO put fluorescents on white as they are quite translucent. Try saying "translucent fluorescent" five times real fast!😜
  12. Here's my latest: the new 1/72 scale HobbyBoss U-2A. I used the Caracal markings of the Edwards AFB test ship instead of the disappointing kit decals.
  13. That IS the webstore! Yes, it is eBay, but you can have an eBay webstore! I don't know the technicalities, but Scott's store has been there a long time. I order from them once every month or so, and they always refund me some of the shipping charges on a combined order. Interesting that the Valom kit markings represent a C-46 that is illustrated in the old Squadron/Signal "in action" book on the Commando, and it is EXACTLY the subject I made my Williams Brothers' kit into using yellow lettering decal sheets:
  14. Don't necessarily want to advertise another decal manufacturer here in Kursad's territory, but I did use an aftermarket "digital silk" decal set on this model. It was the only "high visibility" set available.
  15. "1/72 scale models are just too big" said no one (hardly) ever! Well, maybe . . . .
  16. Well, I've built two of the kits. There is obvious evidence that the masters were made from modified Hasegawa kits, and that's fine. There are some assembly snags, the most memorable for me was the way undersized nose wheel, which I corrected on one of my builds. I used Caracal decals on the colorful trainer, kit decals on the Marines FAC. Enjoy!
  17. Just glue on a Cross pen!😆
  18. Thanks for the clarification on the extended numbers. 😊 I think that "Balofia!" might be short for "Ball of Fire"?😜
  19. Also, they are two different aircraft! Wonder what's on the other side of each?
  20. What's so different about a B than the kits?
  21. Wow! Hard to believe that was 19 years ago. I ended up selling that model maybe 12 years ago and replaced it with the Modelcollect kit - not an improvement I'm afraid.
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