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  1. And believe it or not, I actually had that one page out of that magazine in my paper files. Thanks for the fantastic articles and thanks for the reminder that I may have had it.
  2. Hello everyone, coming out of very deep lurk mode, my retirement has really changed what I visit on the web. Anyways, long long ago at a USAF base in Oklahoma, as a Depot engineer, I signed off on the KC-135 paint drawings on what became the 'Shamu' paint scheme. At the same time I painted an old Crown B-52 in a proposed wrap around scheme for the BUFF. I believe it was 36118 gray on the bottom with a mix of 36081 gray and 34079 green on the top. Anyone know what this scheme was called on the BUFF and do you know where I can find a 3 view of it? TIA Tom Solinski OKC
  3. My kit arrived Friday. Pro's; It's here. It's very nicely molded. It's in a HUGE box due to the length of the fuselage. Con's; NO INTERIOR, not even the flight deck. No provision to cut the fuselage down to an A model, I guess they are going to mold a whole new kit. One set of decals for C-141B (AF Serial No. 65-0257) "Spirit of the Inland Empire" is on display at the March Field Air Museum, March Air Reserve Base, in Riverside, California, However the box says it's at the National Museum of the USAF. Looking forward to a quick simple build.
  4. Hi all, just wanted to share an odd piece of news. I've had a 1/144 Minicraft KC-135A on backorder at Squadron for probably over a year now. They've actually contacted me several times verifying if I still want the kit, and to update my credit card info so they can send it as soon as it arrives. Today I got a postcard telling me the backorder has been cancelled due to manufacturing problems, and they have no idea when they will be getting more KC-A models. Sometime the way they do business is just mind boggling. Safe Summer MrT
  5. A LOOONG time ago, I spent a very snowy winter day on top of a command post -135 installing one of those Frisbees. My mind says it's made by Dorne-Margolin. But doing a web search I cannot find any references to it. It looks like FT Harris now carries these as "legacy" antennae.
  6. One I learned in college off an LP Nothing but named airplanes.
  7. A color note on the Warbird decals above. They call out 36118 as the topside gray. The aircraft actually left the shop in 36081 which fades rather quickly which is why everyone thinks its 36118. I'm the guy who signed off the paint drawing for this scheme.
  8. Going through that right now. I'm 60 and haven't finished 4 kits in the last year. My stash is almost exclusively 1/48 so not only is there a large stash but once done where am I going to park them? Problem is I spent that money and I'm having a hard time expecting less than 50 cents on the dollar when I sell them. Stash hording is a rough illness.,
  9. Neat! We had a 1937 Fairchild 24 that had a four tube flair launcher for night landings too. With lighted air fields and good landing lights we forget there were other solutions that have gone by the wayside. I've also read in some books on Spits that it was a very hard plane to fly at night.
  10. Then the opposite on Amazon. It seems the first batch of the KC-135A kits sold out quickly. Saw one on Amazon for only $135.98, yes that a 1 in there not a typo.
  11. If you do a photo search.... I'm in the same boat as you, Just picked up the Minicraft 1/144 Specter. That kit has no less than three paint schemes two in 36118 gray, two in all flat black, which I can't find any pictures of just drawings, then there's this nice two tone: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/uflcccq3w6fw2iech83z.jpg
  12. I've stated this before but just to add in one more inflation factor: When the NATS were here in OKC in 2003(?) I asked the Revel factory rep. why the 1/72 P-47 was selling for over $8. After all the dies were paid for long ago and there wasn't more than 50 cents in plastic in the box, why did it cost so much? The answer was that the prices on all the kits in any production run also help to cover the cost of new molds. So that year the P-47 was helping to keep the cost of the BV-222 down to an affordable level.
  13. I believe the general thought is Haze Gray which new is close to FS26270 or FS36270
  14. Just out of curiosity I did a search and found this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESCI Doesn't mention any Canadian connections.
  15. I recently did a 1/144 C-130 with a single coat of brushed on Future. Like the OP the Future fogged or discolored under the spots where I used micro sol. After a day I applied a second coat of Future over the decals and the discolored areas and the variation went away. Two days later a coat of flat clear and the plane looked great.
  16. Thank you Sir! Thank you Sir! Thank you Sir! Thank you Sir! And Happiest of Holidays!
  17. I've been in Oklahoma and Oklahoma City since 1977 when I was first stationed at Tinker AFB. The only real changes we've seen here is adding the NAVY E-6 wing and mission, based on the one fact that the depot for the 707 airframe is across the runway. A most unusual move was the Will-Rogers ANG base, former home of the 137 tac airlift wing flying C-130Hs. About 5 years ago they lost the C-130's made the maintenance and flying squadron staff move to being an associate squadron to the 507th RESERVE tanker wing at Tinker. So for the first time in history you had part time Guardsmen flying par
  18. I have revell box scale supposedly 1/144 AWACS. I'll see if the radome and struts come close to maybe being near 1/100.
  19. Ikar no, it is a molding unique to Tonka, that's why I'm asking if anyone has actually ever seen the plastic in this kit.
  20. Really nice job! Do the TwoBob day-glo decals really turn out that bright? When I compare mine to what come in the Airfix version of the kit, Airfix looks better.
  21. I think I have a copy of the official USAF paint drawing for this scheme.. Seeing how I signed it off for use
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