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  1. Brad: Check out "Warbird Information Exchange" in the last few days! There are some photos of the Canadian GSB Avengers near the end of the post on "TBM's" or "Avengers" headings. My impression is that the windows were all painted/plated over and the the gun port was plated over as well. Or if you can obtain a copy of "High Flight" Magazine Volume 2 Number 1, Or Volume 1 number previous to the aforementioned issue ( I lent mine to someone and never got it back) there maybe some photos that can help you. NO flare chute tho! I did mine based on "F" which has an external hook, while I see in the new photos there was also some with the internal hooks. Still have another source of photos (which I can't quite locate in the dusty environs of my mind), but I know I have seen a photo of the gun port with a small square metal panel over the gun port. I'll keep looking and thinking! Al
  2. Mike: Nice collection of "swords"! Where IS your factory? Al
  3. Mods: Please delete. Duplicate post! Alvin5182
  4. Brad: Thanks for the kind words! 32nd scale should be a monster. The 72nd scale turkey is the size of a Beaufighter in the same scale. Can Mil Air decals worked beautifully on mine.Highly recommended! Alvin5182
  5. Brad: The best source of TBM-3E RCN photos is the Leo Pettipas book titled "The Grumman Avenger in the Royal Canadian Navy" originally published in 1988. I think their are re-prints out there available thru the book store @ The Shearwater Aviation Museum. Well worth the price, which really isn't/wasn't that high. I did one in 72nd scale and the book was a great help. Alvin5182
  6. Great film! Didn't see the ashtray in the chopper tho! Alvin 5182
  7. Gents: Having just read the first installment of "Beaver Tales" (An article on RCAF Albatrosses, and some new "Canadian related" accessory releases) I can say it is well worth the effort to obtain it. Looking forward to future installments. Alvin5182
  8. Gents: Proud to be a long time "spammer" member! I'll probly' go with the Coolpix 510. Sounds like a pretty good, all round camera at a reasonable price. I was a little concerned about the 42X optical magnification figure,but you can't beat (I am a spammer, please report this post.) I am a spammer, please report this post. "glass". Anyone looking for a Coolpix 4500 lenses? Telephoto, fisheye and wide angle. Oh yeah, and the camera is for sale as well. alvin5182
  9. Terry: Thanks! I figured that was the reason. alvin5182
  10. Gents: Considering the purchase of a new camera to replace my old Coolpix 4500. I am looking for something not too pricey, keeping in mind this is for general use. I am by no means a "pro". This will be used for everything from shots of the pets, to aircraft, to landscapes etc etc etc. Right now I can obtain a D-3000 DSLR at Wally World for $348.Certainly a good starting point for a DSLR and a good camera to boot for my purposes...................However, I can obtain a new Coolpix 510 for $279 (with a $100 off coupon that I have) The Coolpix is a 16.1 mp with 42X OPTICAL zoom, which effectively gives the camera an equivalent lens range of 24 to 1000 MM. Shoots video with stereo sound, GPS enabled and a bunch of other features. Any thoughts? Any advice would be most appreciated. Alvin5182
  11. alvin5182

    P-38 Superchargers

    Mike: Model Master "Jet Exhaust" would work as well! Covers a bit better than the Burnt Metal which is supposedly for airbrush use only. I can never get the two at the same time up here! One or the other is always out of stock. Plus...........I still use the "hairy stick." Al
  12. Trev: The most likely unit would be #5 OTU out of Boundary Bay B.C. which operated MK VI Liberators. A large variety of finishes and markings. If possible, your friend should try and locate a copy of " Canada's Wings 2-The Liberator and Fortress" by Carl Vincent. Published in 1975, and, never printed again. Most everything you need to know about Canadian use of the B-24. A great resource! Alvin5182
  13. Very nice work on a not often seen aircraft! Alvin5182
  14. alvin5182

    P-40 wreck

    Wonder what all the naysayers, CGI, and photoshop "experts" have to say now. Alvin5182
  15. Very "tidy" build! Bravo! Can't wait to start working on mine! alvin5182
  16. Scooby: Could be a "robo delete"! There will be questions asked in Parliament! Alvin5182
  17. Armando: Items discussed will be in the mail tomorrow. I will include the Airfix SEAC decals and the Sea Hurricane fittings (minus the hook portion) Easy to scratch build one. The kit version was grossly over scale. Alvin5182
  18. Gents: Might I recommend "The Bridge". A black and white movie(German?) about a group of Hitler Youth troops who are told to defend a small bridge in the closing days of WW II against American troops. A dark, sobering, anti-war film. Alvin5182
  19. Duplicate post! Please ignore! Alvin5182
  20. Gents: My contribution for the Mustang "roundup"! All 72nd scale! 441 Sqn Mustang III from the Monogram kit (At least 20 yrs old) Falcon canopy and Cooper details interior. 442 Sqn Mustang IV from the OLD Hasegawa kit. 414 Sqn Mustang I converted from Airfix Mustang P-51-B (at least 20 yrs ago) 441 Sqn Mustang III Academy kit. IPMS Canada decals 441 Sqn Mustang III Hasegawa kit, IPMS Canada decals (The Monogram kit replacement) 403 Sqn Mustang IV Tamiya kit, (Post war reserve sqn) Rocket rails from Heller T-6 kit Alvin5182
  21. David: I could check on the North Bay 101 on the pylon and see if any of those panels are present? I realize it's not the American bird, but it might be worth taking a look! I may have to scrape some bird poop off though! alvin5182
  22. Gents: to play "devil's advocate", I fell ONTO my boat this summer and broke two ribs. Maybe the good cruise ship captain heard the story! Alvin5182
  23. Steve: Hopefully 98 other Canadian IPMS members have not seen this as yet! E-mail Sent! Alvin5182 (Al Davis #5759)
  24. VERY impressive display! Alvin5182
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