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  1. Yes, both kits are well engineered for the easy build. Meanwhile, the GWH kit offers attractive features such as the separate flaps & wing details for landing position and the bomb rack details.
  2. No, GWH is wrong in its dimension in terms of length and wingspan. The B-52H's fuselage was extended rearward after the phase IV upgrade program by 1m. Look at the diagram below. Then, the correct fuselage length of B-52H in the 144 scales would be around (48(fuselage length prior to Phase IV upgrade)m+1m)/144 = 34cm, which is closer to the Academy's. There are more issues with the GWH kit, including incorrect details in the front landing gear bay and the fuselage shape. All the problems are also present in the Modelcollect's 1/72 scale kit, from which the GWH kit was signif
  3. They are releasing A variant, too. The guy who built the painted sample in the photo above mentioned that the A variant's toolings were already made along with the C's. There is no info on its release date, though.
  4. AFAIK, Academy has been working on the FA-50 variant with Wolfpack design. See this link.
  5. You don't need to remove 5mm from the Academy kit. Academy's kit depicts a more up-to-date B-52H with Phase IV upgrade whose length was extended to 49.51m from 48.5m. This image shows that there is a size difference between a B-52H with and without a Phase IV update.
  6. Someone found that there is a significant size difference between the two manufacturers' kits (link). Academy's fuselage looks to be longer than GWH's by about 5mm.
  7. MMZ posted the kit's review. According to the site, the kit has accurately depicted front and back landing gear bays accurate up-to-date antenna details ordinances for the real actions including 2,000lb GBU-31(V) and 500lb GBU-38(V) detailed TF33 engines and engine pylons decals for up-to-date markings MMZ's editor states that the designer of the kit (known as Wolfpack design) especially elaborated on accurately depicting the landing gear and bomb bays.
  8. We cannot make a judgement until Academy's kit is released. I only assume it will have some updated details because Wolfpack design took a major role in designing the kit.
  9. An image from MMZ shows that the kit provides the option of with/without ECM bump on top of the nosecone. This video also shows some detailed photos of the kit.
  10. It usually takes a couple of years for Wolfpack design to release a kit after the initial announcement. It looks like releasing a kit with their design, and tooling is a second priority issue. Usually, Wolfpack seems to be busy designing kits for other manufacturers such as Kinetics and Academy.
  11. Good news. However, remember it took several years for Wolfpack design to release their T-38 after the first announcement of the item.
  12. It looks like Academy is releasing a new 1/144 B-52 next year after B-1B. Probably we will see a new tooled 1/144 B-2 in 2021?
  13. In the meanwhile, hobbyeasy uploaded some new photos, which provide more dimension-wise information about the kit.
  14. Someone uploaded a painted sample to MMZ. The kit release is scheduled to be around next month.
  15. Neighbor Hobby is one of the largest hobby shops in Korea. They seem to have at least "almost" complete line-up of Gunze (GSI creos) lacquer paints along with other types of colors like enamel and acrylic paints .
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