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    I'd love to see the pictures but all I see are red Xs.
  2. This was an East German painted Mig.
  3. Ditto to what he said! Nice build!
  4. Wowser!! Love the grease stains!
  5. Congrats Louis, Have a happy retirement! Cheers, Gary
  6. NAJ, you did your seamless intake by the mean of platicard?! wow... care to share more about the work? cheers, Yes, share this procedure with us!!!!!
  7. Oh man!!!! How did I miss that. It's a one piece decal and the whole thing is upside down. B) No fixin' that. That hurts. You may be able to place another Star and Bar over the upside down one. I am thinking you may have done this on both sides.
  8. Ouch! That's too bad. But I am certain you have the skills to fix it!
  9. Now now my young Padawan..... .....you must not allow yourself to be taken over by forces that would see fit to work against you. That's the beauty of 1/32nd scale. Much detail can be added by just carefully looking at reference photos. I'm sure I'll miss some things, but I'm going to try and catch as much as I can. And besides....your Hornet was finished very nicely!! And you get extra points for being one of the first to do a CF-18 with the big Academy Hornet. I've decided that if I make it to Atlanta this year....I'll bring this big fella. Not sure how I'll transport it.....I may have to carry it on in a box. I may not even be allowed to do that. Can you imagine the looks from the other passengers??!! What's in the box??!! Anyways....It'd be cool to bring it. Cheers, Tilt Phone the airline in advance to find out their policies.
  10. I work on CF-18 Hornets. In the past I have also worked on the C-130, Twin Otter, Twin Huey, Kiowa, and Griffon. All with the CAF.
  11. I got the exact same thing from the same place a few days ago!!! Thanks again Sprue Brothers!
  12. You can see "my other jet is a 737" in the top left corner of this image:
  13. Hee-hee! That's a picture from Hazer's site when we were on Q Duty in Comox. That is out Marine pilot at the controls.
  14. You mean to say it will look like this?
  15. My Tamiya F-16 from the "Best of the Best" - Spruebrothers!!
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