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  1. I have to throw my support behind Peter as well. He is a first rate guy. He does seem to be trying to make this matter right.
  2. I cut circles from masking tape. I use a drafting template to do this. I use a bigger circle for the aft end and a smaller one for the front side of the ring. I will first cut a larger circle and I will will discard the circle from the tape. I then use the tape with the hole in it. I will stick the bomb through it and burnish the edges of the tape down. I now have one edge of the ring. I will then cut a smaller circle. I do this as bombs are usually tapered to the front. If the bomb is not tapered to the front I will use the same diameter. This time I will use the circle and discard the tape. I then stick the circle on the front of the bomb and burnish the edges. If the bomb has a fuse I will put a small hole in the front of the circle and then mask afterwords. You may need to place small slices in the circle to get it to sit properly. Then I spray. This is the best method for me. I hope you understand.
  3. I purchased the F-84G "Thunderbirds." I heard it came with Cartograph decals and really wanted that kit. To my horror when I opened the kit, it was one of those chrome finish kits. Can I remove this stuff with bleach, much the same as any other kit? The reason I ask is this doesn't look like a typical chrome finish. Has anyone else purchased one of these kits and successfully stripped it? If so what did you use?
  4. This is a ARC built though isn't it? I'm in!
  5. Neither am I, and the linked thread seems to have a 50/50 split as well. I think it yellows.
  6. Where can I find this item? I have never heard of it before today. A builder over at Hyperscale used it on his FW-190 A8 in one of the featured articles. It looks as though it does a far better job then any pounce wheel I have ever used. TIA
  7. Enamels. Although I want to switch I am too darn scared.
  8. I think this detective should be proud. At least some of the victims were repaid (the known ones) and that Morgan is in jail. His actions did result in something and at least something was done. We just can't count on bleeding heart judges to do the right thing. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how old Richard Morgan is?
  9. We never fly without our cover in place. Usually on a parked jet the screen is pulled to one side as the pilots need to get in their to get their tapes out. They also like to through their junk in there and we close it so they don't get wacked in the head with anything.
  10. Grand Phoenix Seafire, and it is a gem!!!
  11. Testors had made quite a few mistakes since moving South to the States. First the paints increased 4X overnight and now this. I think it would have been far cheaper for them to continue operating in Canada. Our cost of living is lower and our dollar goes far further in Canada. I love the two Aztecs I have. I would not be happy if I had to replace one of them and if it only came with a three year warranty. As far as I am concerned the the lifetime warranty should stay with me for as long as I own an Aztec. I guess they weren't counting on so many of us keeping our airbrushes.
  12. What are you going to use for the EMI screen? It is the cover that goes over the Avionics hole. Looks great!
  13. I sent in as Aztec 470 and I got a brand new Aztec 470 in return. I was very happy. I have two Aztec brushes at home. I had to contact the through the website before I sent it in. No bills or receipts required.
  14. I really don't think it matters how he pays you. I have a personal account as well and I can accept both credit card and cash payments.
  15. I hope no one goes after Hasegawa for copying the jet, missiles, fuel tanks, and the rest of the components found on a F-16. It is kosher in Canada and the US.
  16. Upon further review, Hasegawa did do a boxing of that aircraft. It was probably Cartograph decals as well. http://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljpage.cgi?HSGPT110
  17. Whoops, wrong airplane! Looks the same though!
  18. Apparently they are according to this auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3190894137 They are made by Cartograph. I thought Hasegawa did a boxing of it too. Perhaps it is the Hasegawa kit with Cartograph decals.
  19. Scooby


    It worked! It was awesome! Thank you all !
  20. Thanks guys. I think I am buying the same stuff. I was just curious if Ble Tac was anywhere in Canada. The stuff I buy is either blue or a white.
  21. Scooby


    So if I have a cured paint underneath I still need the primer, such as a black? I am using ALCLAD on the leading edges of a Skyraider. I already have the Gull Grey and Insignia White sprayed. I have the areas masked off. Therefore, are you telling me that I should spray MM black and wait 48-72 hours? Or should the previous layers of paint protect the plastic? I have never used ALCLAD before. I have had great sucess with SNJ and Model Master Metalizers. Thanks!
  22. Where do you find Blue Tac? I have found something similar to it in Zellers.
  23. Scooby


    Can I put a enamel barrier between it and the plastic? Cheers, Gary
  24. Ebay won 1/48 Desert Harrier I saved the best for last : From Squadron the last seven issues of Wing Masters!!! I was in heaven!
  25. Subhuman, In case you aren't getting the warm fuzzy feeling here in your first post I would just add to that feeling. Are you an idiot? You talk of censorship yet you don't have the balls to post your own name! Your crybaby story about Victory Models is assinine and isn't even a valid post. Paul Cotcher has been serving the model community for many years with many happy customers. It sounds as though your shipment may have been delayed for one reason or another. You were only billed four days ago so what are you crying about? It is also Christmas so shipping takes time. Grow up!
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