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F/A-18F - Hasegawa 1/48

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Hi guys! I will try to replicate the digital camo of the Super Hornet from VFA-122.

I am using Hasegawa kit, and it will be straight OOB. I might add nozzles at the end, haven't decided yet.

I am using Tamiya colors, and will print some decals for the markings and the NAVY badges.




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The problems came with the print-out. With inkjet and laser printeres, decals are transparent.

I used professional machine with UV inks, which has white color and applies it below every active pixel.

The print-out was perfect but, too thick, and with those inks any decal solution is useless.




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I stripped down everything and fixed the colors, and made everything again with masks and airbrush /instead of decals/.

And there was badges and letters on most amazing places.










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Dude WHATEVER!!! You are just showing off! Showing off those serious mad skills. I have patience, but dang dude you trumped me by about 1000. I would try it, but you have set the bar off the scales and I couldn't even imagine mine 1/1000000th as good. Thanks for showing your awesome build!


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