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Lets get AMK to make a Falcon 20!

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Just because I would like Tony to get his dream come true (I remember him hinting at this for quite a while now), here are my two options, the first of which I would be prepared to complete a down payment for :) :thumbsup:



...and what Geoff build a replica off right here on ARC in 2003:


P.S.: a "touch" of color... :D



Note: all pictures are either from governmental sources [French & Morocco] or from ARC's own kit's gallery...

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Thanks for the interest guys. I tried that mach 2 kit, it flew into the trash can. There is no guarantee anyone will ever make a 1/48 20, but we can try to persuade the correct people.

Also, I know the Mexican government has a 20 as well. Flat black and mean looking but I don't have a picture.

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I'm still beating on the F-RSIN 1/144 kit. The shapes are there, but you have to do a ton of carving and filling to find them. Would've been much better in resin. I'd probably buy at least 2 1/48 Falcon 20s, if someone produced one.


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I'm definitely in for two as well. One for the CC-117 I got a ride on during an air defense exercise in Alaska in 1985, and one for a Coastie HU-25. No prettier airplane was ever made! If there were a biz jet version of the F-86, that's what it would look like.

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