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Hi Steve and Tim. Joel,  I can easily relate to Old & Slow


Started work on the front wall for the second time, having worked out how the air deflectors operate. There is a link rod between the doors and the actuation mechanism. I originally set the PE in the position of the kit moulded details which meant the link rods could not be connected to the doors. Fortunately, I was able to remove the PE for take 2, repositioning a little more outboard.


With unclear detail and a mass of pipes and wires with no way of knowing where they come from or are going to, I have answered my own question regarding artistic licence.  Still, the final result will be better than the kit.


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Hi MFareF’s, Steve and Joel, thanks for your interest and taking the time to post.

Speaking of ‘interest’, discovered an error/problem of my making which led me onto something else. With the new ‘double doughnuts thingies’ on the rear wall, the sidewalls will no longer fit as these clash with the door locks – kit or otherwise. As you can see I have stripped everything off the sidewalls and started reforming the door locks, pieces only placed. So the back wall has to be redone.


But an interesting thing in the SS Walkaround p15, where part of a caption reads “Air Force restrictions prevent civilians from getting closer than 20 ft”. Therefore, presumably all photos in print or on the internet of the weapons bays are of museum YF-117 examples? Now if you look at the photo of the stbd bay on p37 of SS F-117A you see the ‘twin doughnuts’, but looking at these port photos on ARC



there is no sign of them. So a question arises in my mind, were these a std fit on squadron acft, or are these camera housings for weapons release trials only. Hmm, I feel a kit-kat coming on.

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The kit-kat had to wait, as I felt in the zone. 136 pieces of plastic, resin and Cu wire later, the weapons bay door locks are finished to the walls.



The more I look at the photo of the stbd weapons bay, p37 of the F-117A Walkaround, it seems to me the twin cylindrical objects are not on the back wall, but forward. Also, there seems to be a slight reflection from a ‘flash’, as if the front element of a camera. But then I may be delusional.

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Thanks one and all for your posts and interest. Just realized with 19 people posting, including myself, we are averaging 165 views each, that’s amazing :whistle:. Or………

After nearly going cross-eyed and straying into the DNE patience zone, the sidewalls are complete, except for some pre-painted electrical wires which I will add after main painting. They are 100% scale accurate artistic licence!


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meh... mediocre work that a 2yr old could do during playtime. Come on John - time to step it up and actually do some real model building....



hahahahahahaha!! This work is mind boggling amazing. Your attention to detail and cleanliness of work is outstanding. Can't wait for more!!



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46 minutes ago, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

mediocre work that a 2yr old could do during playtime. Come on John - time to step it up and actually do some real model building....


That's brilliant Brian:rofl:




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On ‎6‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 7:04 AM, my favs are F`s said:

 I'm just curious how you will display that beast so to enjoy all this complexity underneath


Turn it upside down and take a gander is the only way I think !  :hmmm:

1 hour ago, SILLYMAY said:

You ruined it for me with your superb detailing! 


Oh hell. Ignore this and enjoy doing your own thing.

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