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Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

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Hi everyone


Well, time to bite the bullet and start on the "smaller" of the 2 Star Destroyers I have in my stash (well really, the Bandai mini SD's are the smallest I have but they are not ones I am going to detail). The bigger one is the Korbanth Super Star Destroyer which measures out to be about a meter or so long! The Bandai ones are to go with the SSD. I will build the monster one day but I want to tackle the one that requires the least amount of work first. I'll have to clear some room on my display shelf even for the standard SD but I think this will be worth it.

This kit needs no introduction as there have been a multitude of these built online. I bought this ages ago but just haven't had the mojo to put in the effort it deserves.

I will be adding details and of course lighting (which goes without saying really). To go with this kit, I have the Falcon 3D printed hangar bay, rubbish chute, shield generators and engine bells - all of which are beautifully made and smooth as a babies behind. I might even go to Shapeways and order a set of gun turrets too.

No pictures as yet as I have only just started but I'll add some soon enough.

As always, your feedback will be welcomed throughout the build - good or bad. If something looks wrong, say something. As nice as it is, I don't always need a "good job" and constructive critique is a good way to learn and be a better modeller. 


I will be starting with the engine block and have already removed the smaller molded on piping as they don't connect to the parts that they're meant to. It just looks weird




See you all again soon


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OH YES! Love this kit. I still need to finish mine. Got burned out running fiber optics so took a break. Which hangar bay set are you using? I've gotten a few sales on mine but haven't seen any builds with it yet so... Keep us posted. Gonna be great.



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Update #1 - playing with the back end


So this is what Zvezda give you in terms of detail OOB



Nothing wrong with that at all. Once those bells go on, you don't see much unless you're looking

I removed the molded on pipes in the middle here because they don't even meet up to the parts at the end. They seem pointless and half done, which on a ship this size is noticeable



Now here's what I've added to the surfaces (bear in mind I have only just started and there is a LOT more to do yet! I am just winging these details BTW)

The white bits are all cast resin pieces of bits I use a lot of














As you can see in those last 2 pics, I've gone outside what is on the filming model and added an insert to make things a little more interesting. I'll be adding some pipes going in later


Anyways, I'll update again once I've finished the other sides which will be a while away as I only build 3 nights a week

Thanks for stopping in and having a look



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WOW! just ...ummm....WOW. That's some really nice detailing added. True that a lot is hidden with the bells on but when you have details this good, it definitely sells that this is a huge space craft. Great Job. Did I mention...WOW!



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thanks guys 🙂


Update #2 - almost done with the back end


So, most of the piping has been added and I am happy with how it's coming along. I am still going to add a few more closer to the central leading edge just to busy that up a little more but it won't be a lot.

I drilled out the ends of the engines ready for the lighting to go in. I won't add that until after painting.

I won't talk much and let the pictures tell you what I've done
























Well, that's all I have for now. The next update should hopefully be the finished back end


Till next time, thanks for looking



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thanks guys


Well, I've done all the detailing that I'm going to do to the back end. I'll be base painting it all black etc shortly and then onto getting the lighting sorted out. I'm not sure which colours I should go for. Ice blue or white for the main thrusters? Warm white for the smaller ones as well.






















Next update should be the final pics of the back end

Thanks for stopping in and having a look


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Just great detailling there. Looks so good and I thought the kit was pretty nice when i saw it. Your work looks like it all belongs there and really makes the kit better I think.

I had the old MPC kit but gave it away when I heard that this kit was going to be released. My kit's plastic also became brittle over the years and started to fall apart. Strange. Anyway, I have not picked up this kit yet but I have seen it at my friend's place. Now seeing your work it makes me want to get one sooner rather than later. DOn't think I can do all what you did but it does give you ideas on how to improve the base kit. Thaks so much for posting.


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thanks guys


I've been asked a couple of times on another forum if I could take some shots with something recognisable for scale, so I just took a couple of pictures with a Tamiya Glue Bottle in front. It's not a small ship like usual - this one's definitely bigger than the Yunagi!! I can lay 2 of them, 1 over each side of that back end alone. It's as long as the Merkarva MK3 - barrel and all!



As you can see, it's got some paint on it and it looks much more tied together now. I think I got the colour right too!

Anyways, I've started on the bridge and I shall have pics of that hopefully this weekend
I hope the pictures give you a better sense of scale.?


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Just about anyone can glue additional parts onto a kit but you are very good at making the extra parts look like they functional, should be there, and enhance the look of the kit.

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Thanks Els, I do try.

Time for an update

I've started the bridge and have pretty much finished the face. I may yet go back and add a couple more bits on for good measure.

I have most of the holes drilled ready for fibers to go in.






I've also made a start on the roof section. It's a little bland for my taste so I've started adding details there to. Again, all made up stuff - no references. It just makes it look more interesting














The back end is also now painted and ready to go on. I still have to install the lights but that won't take long. I'll take some lit shots when it's all done


















Well, that's it for now. I'll update again once I've done something worth showing with the bridge

Thanks for stopping in and having a look


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hi all


Work continues with the completion of the roof. I'll have the big X thingy standing up I think. I need to start detailing that part and then add it to the roof. The shield generators have been added since these pictures but I need to fix up a few things  before I can show you.




















That's it for now. Thanks for looking




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