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  1. The late Doug Remington had some slides (marked with Larsen/Remington on the slides) of black bottom F-4Ds in Thailand. There also was a photo of a laser designator pod. It is smaller than the earlier Pave Knife and fatter and shorter than the later Pave Spike. Kinda looks like a maverick missile without the fins and a movable designator sticking out of the nose. It was attached to a pylon that fitted to the left? forward Sparrow recess. The black bottom F-4D had the FP tail code but he also had a photo of a black bottom one with the OC? tail code. Finding reference to the unique laser
  2. gmat

    WC-130A Rainmaker

    I listened to a presentation on the early Cloud Seeding project by Col. John Church (retired) at Hanscom AFB around 79/80. He was the AFGL or Cambridge Research Laboratory Science head of the project. 432rd TRW RF-4Cs were also tasked with the mission. He said that it was a very popular mission with the RF-4C crews, for obvious reasons. MSGT Wettreck (Spelling?) was a MET/ARE trooper with Motorpool and had a war story where he mentioned a RHAW light in the WC-130 that illuminated during a flight. Fortunately nothing ensued. Speculation here... I believe that the pimple under 519 was part of t
  3. How about this one? NP-2H 135582. All black. http://www.gonavy.jp/indexsub03.html https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/9157151/project-muddy-hill-thai-aviation-history https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/9157482/article-in-wings-of-gold-thai-aviation-history Grant
  4. gmat

    Benson Tanks?

    The bensen tank were the same as the ones in the KC-97G/Ls. Perhaps you can get info that way. Have you tried to contact Bernie Barris at the AWS Association? He can probably provide you with the WC-130H dash one PDF or pics from it of the interior. https://www.airweaassn.org/Library/AFW Historical Images/WeatherRecon/index.htm Grant
  5. You would have to re-scribe the forward Cargo door present on C-130A, B and 61 year C-130Es. The C-130A also needs engines set further into the wings plus the extra forward fuselage window aft of the crew door. (four instead of three windows) 55 year birds and earlier had three upper windows on each side plus one above the cockpit. The cockpit is very different and the cockpit ladder is slightly twisted plus lots of exposed black box areas. The nose radome on the A models lacked the curved strip where the upper part of the radome joined the fuselage. If Zvezda wants to do an AC-130A there is
  6. The 509th FIS at Clark AFB started getting config. 8 F-102As from about 63/64 and had them in the ADC grey scheme. What is little known was that the 16th FIS out of Naha apparently had a few with the IR balls for their sudden 1964 deployments to Clark and SEA before they were sent WOPE to Conus after Oct. 64. This is from a photo of a grey one at Naha w/ the IR ball in a Japanese aviation magazine, I believe. None of the other PACAF F-102 units got configuration 8 aircraft before redeploying to CONUS under Project Clearwater (Gold Flow) The 64th and 82nd were deployed to PACAF in 66 to make
  7. I believe that the Italeri started as an AC-130A. To add to what others have said, the kit has basically a C-130E wing but with the engine nacelles for the A model. The engines for the C-130s until the J models were all the same, but on the A models (and Ds) the engines were set further into the wing. Hence they seemed shorter. So on the wing, the ventral fairings and exhaust are further back in the A.
  8. Da SWO, are you going to do a WC-130H? MET specific external differences, albeit quite small would be the drop tube, the black AN/APN-42 altitude radar and PRT-5 infrared sea surface temperature sensor, both behind the nose gear, and the very tiny AN/AMQ-34 dew point hygrometer, on the right side, under and behind the left side of the cockpit. The dewpoint hygrometer came from the USN who used it on the WC-121N. It was placed behind the radome so was less exposed to elements of a storm than on the WC-130s. We had some problems with the sensor that was cured by drying them out under heat in th
  9. Have you looked up Skoshi Tiger program, AKA 4503 TFS (Provisional), redesignated 10th Fighter Commando Squadron. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/f-5c.htm Grant
  10. Sorry, I don't. I think I got the info by looking at an HC-130H T.O. when looking up the rails on the cargo ramp. Looking at the Koku-Fan FAOW #79 on the C-130, there is a line drawing of the interior that suggests the location of the rail from a side view. The ODS cargo hold rails were long gone from the WC-130Hs when I was at Keesler. Sorry, Grant
  11. The two rails were for the overhead delivery system, which would lift and launch life raft packages out the rear. The rails were also attached to the ceiling of the cargo bay. The HC-130s also could have two, maybe four Benson tanks in the cargo bay. The HC-130s were to support the Apollo Space missions so needed very long range to reach and loiter over distant points in ocean. I think the Bensen tanks were the same as used on KC-97s. I remember that WC-130Hs had one on the right side of the cargo bay, between the Dropsonde station and the observer's window. WC-130Es didn't have them. The U-1
  12. The HC-130H/P/Ns and WC-130Hs as well had the flare launchers and the rails for the ODS on the rear cargo ramp. The flare launchers were tubes embedded in the upper rear so that the flares could be re-loaded in-flight. Here is a shot showing the rails. Grant
  13. Are you aware of this WIP on Britmod? The bottom line is that the C-119J widened the aft fuselage so that the beaver tail was the full width of the fuselage whereas the previous C-119s had the rear fuselage narrowing. So the shapeways tail is useless w/o modifying the rear fuselage. Sorry can't give better news. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235018081-catching-pictures-in-the-air/ TheBaron's build is awesome Grant
  14. Yes. Look at this photo. P-36 156? is OD/NG. The one on the left is a P-26. I believe that the other on the right is an A-12, ex 26th AS now a hack . Grant
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