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  1. When I was stationed at Hanscom AFB from 79 to 80, Raytheon had one or two of them on the other side of the field in the US Army red/white scheme.
  2. gmat

    C-130A details

    What time period are you aiming for? How much are you going to add? I left Keesler in 1978 and then worked at Hanscom AFB with 571 and then with WC-135s. The AWRA association might be a good place to ask for more info. Grant
  3. gmat

    C-130A details

    How about this shot of the U-1 foil on a WB-47E. The lady is touching the rear of the foil. http://www.awra.us/gallery-feb09.html Will try to look for more. Grant
  4. If you can't find proper decals, maybe the Gartex one could be used to make 1/144 sized decals. The Minicraft C-118 kits has a red cross that might be the correct size. You might be able to get the Mac band and badge from either the Roden C-141 kit or the Caracal C-141 decals. If they are too large, perhaps the Dragon C-141A kit decals might do. Grant
  5. No one mentioned the Gartex 1/200 resin C-9A and C-9B kits. With nice decals. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/gartex-ga-14-c-9a-nightingale--179390 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/gartex-ga-1x-c-9b-skytrain-ii-us-navy--1080548 Grant
  6. 65-0958 started as an HC-130H and was modified to a WC-130H in the early 70s and had the weather equipment removed when the WC-130Js replaced it. Grant I said it was 568 above, but I was wrong.
  7. I worked on 568 (MET/ARE) while it was a WC-130H at Keesler and also I think when it was TDY to Guam. The weather equipment has since been removed, but as I guess most of the other HC-130Hs were modded for Special Ops, the old WC-130Hs may still be referred to WC-130Hs and not HC-130Hs or C-130Hs. At Keesler, you could still see the painted over red (arctic) on the nose from its days in Alaska. 71st ARRS. Thoughts and prayers to the families. Grant
  8. Depending on how picky you are about accuracy, the Caracal decals all depict 74 super Hs. From 1974 and on all C-130Hs had the main landing gear sponsons lengthened. On the left side, the gtc was replaced with an apu and on the right side, an air conditioning inlet was added. The easy way to confirm this is to look for the red prop warning line on the fuselage. It cuts across the sponsons, whereas 73 Hs and earlier versions have the red line before the sponson. CC-130 (C-130E) Left side. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lockheed_C-130E_10327_CAF_LGW_18.04.70_edited-2.jpg YC-130A right side https://imgur.com/gallery/f916P Compare with these C-130Hs; Top picture, Camo C-130H, right side. Note Italeri did not address this in their C-130H kit and even in the J kit, it isn't quite right. http://cspropeller.com/2016/07/28/history-c-130-part-one/ Same link as for the YC-130A, scroll down to the second picture. LC-130H ski bird. Left side. Italeri has a replacement part in their J kit and I believe some versions of their H kit. https://lockheedmartin.com/us/products/c130/History.html Attack Squadron replacement sponsons for a better view. Sorry, but they went out of business. http://www.attacksquadron.pl/en/2015/03/16/c-130-hercules-upgrade-sets/ This thread kinda gives a survey of the available kits with some of their problems' http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234910469-which-c-130-kit-is-best/ You may be interested in fixing the kit engines, they are too short. Can't find anything on correcting the engines. Damn you Ph***bucket. But here is a post talking about the engines that I made earlier. 1. Engines - The kit engine nacelles are too short. The C-130A had the T-56-9 engines, the B/E had T-56-7s and the H had T-56-15s. They are externally the same but the T-56-9s were set further into the wing. So it would appear shorter. The Italeri kit apparently started as an AC-130A. so the nacelles are correct for the T-56-9s but are too short for a later C-130. BUT, the part of the engine nacelle that protudes from the lower wing is correct for the later models and not correct for an A model. Part of the nacelle on the C-130A extends onto the flaps. The others are nice to correct, but not necessary. 2. There is a step or line on the lower fuselage, about level with the bottom of the forward crew door. That way you could have a wider cargo floor with the minimum fuselage diameter. The Arfix kit has it on the right side but it was largely removed when the landing gear housing was extended. Perhaps you could get away with scribing a line or adding a strip of plasticard and fairing the top into the fuselage. 3. The fuselage top ahead of the wings should be rounded like the Airfix kit. The Italeri kit has this area flattened. Not really noticable until you know about it. 4. The Italeri kit fuselage is wider around the rear cargo door compared with the Airfix kit. I think that the Airfix cargo door was a bit narrow, so the Italeri kit might be OK. There are other points, but it is up to you on how much you are willing to do. Sorry that I can't be of more encouraging news. Grant
  9. The TISEO was tested on a few earlier E models. I saw one, a 68 model, I believe, in the late 70s. The fairing remained but the TISEO had been removed and the front capped. Grant
  10. Silver. The first PACAF grey aircraft only had the PACAF badges. Grant
  11. Yes, but that depicts an earlier version of 60084. Able Mable version would have two stripes, no name flash and 84 on the door. Also add the leaping tiger. From T.Matsuzaki's book. I'll have to dig up this book to get the proper title. Hope he doesn't mind my posting this pic. Don't have a link to where I got this picture anymore. (x56-085 RF-101C-65-MC Georgia Peach III Ostrowski v Nankivil) Notice it has the tail hook mod but no nose camera window V mod. Georgia Peach III on red? door. The above photo was from The Fighter Writer: Ron Easly's Aviation Blog. I should have googled 60085 before I made this post. I apologize. http://fighterwriter101.blogspot.jp/2014/06/ Grant
  12. If you want an early Pre-Tonkin Gulf RF-101C Voodoo, the Caracal sheet on the RF-101C has markings for both the 45TRS and 15th TRS that were used in the first few rotations for Able Mabel at Don Muang, Thailand. The tail and nose markings were later toned down to just a PACAF badge on the tail. Link to first 45th TRS Able Mabel TDY to Don Muang. https://lghoelson.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/able-mable-reconnaissance-task-force/ 45th TRS from Misawa AB. This thread from Britmodeler has some good info on early SEA Voodoos, but the photos are photobucketed. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33240-rf-101c-voodoo/& You can get the tail markings from Caracal Decals. http://caracalmodels.com/cd72047.html 45TRS RF-101C 60084 has the polka dot tail and nose markings but has the Thai F-86D tiger added above the fuselage roundel (back side) as well as a dark (blue or red) main landing gear door with a white 84 on it. You can get the tiger from this decal sheet. It also has two blue stripes on the rear fuselage. http://www.printscale.org/product_414.html Although the early PACAF voodoos appear to be painted in silver, the panel lines are very noticeable in some. This 15th TRS voodoo seems to be in NM. https://hiveminer.com/Tags/rf101c/Recent Hasegawa added some tweeks when they went to the box with camo Kathy's clown markings in 1988. They added the RHAW bumps on the nose, tail but not the wing tips. They added 'v' shaped glass bit for the nose camera window as well as added the two large ventral camera windows behind the cockpit. You need to remove the RHAW pips and not add the 'v' shaped nose window part as it was a later mod. Too bad the Valom kits are so expensive. Grant
  13. gmat

    C-141B Colours

    Some Latin America don't want camo aircraft in their air space. I think that's why the WC-130 aircraft remained in grey for so long. Now the WC-130Js are in the darker gray.
  14. Here is a photo of Beckwith's P-40E on a Britmodeler thread, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235028279-p-40bc-hawaii-early-1942-markings/ The vertical marking on the tail might be a recognition marking. Squirt II had two stripes. Grant
  15. Not quite a detailed guide to the B-25J but very useful on the B-25 as a whole. Better for information on the earlier versions. B-25 Mitchell: The Magnificent Medium. Norm Avery https://www.amazon.com/B-25-Mitchell-Magnificent-Norm-Avery/dp/0962586056 B-25 Mitchell: Warbird Tech Vol. 12 Frederick Johnson also has illustrations from various tech manuals. https://www.amazon.com/North-American-B-25-Mitchell-Warbird/dp/0933424779/ref=pd_sim_14_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0933424779&pd_rd_r=S24SZ6B1XX03MH6KVB07&pd_rd_w=iMvgK&pd_rd_wg=3KHcU&psc=1&refRID=S24SZ6B1XX03MH6KVB07 Grant
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