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  1. Oh, yeah! AB Charles was a great shop! He moved the shop from W Liberty Ave to a place off Banksville Rd, and was there for several years, but then moved it out to Cannonsburg. That was the last location he had; I was only at the Cannonsburg location once as it was a bit of a drive from my inlaws' house and, to be honest, the shop wasn't as good as it had been at the earlier locations. He closed it permanantly a few years ago; I miss it. Spent quite a lot of $ in all 3 locations since the late 80s up til shortly before they shut it down. But the WLA location was the best... Th
  2. Back in the day (early 80s-ish), Kay-Bee Toys that were in a lot of malls had a pretty good model selection. Of course, in that era, most places did - the Sears in the mall where I grew up sold kit and had a good selection that included Minicraft boxing of Hasegawa kits, as did JC Penney; KMart had a huge model aisle also. There used to be a really good hobby shop just off the Diamond on the main drag in Mt Pleasant, PA, also; I recall getting my first 1/32 Mustang there (a Hasegawa kit in the Minicraft box with "Man O'War" markings).
  3. Not sure how much time you'd want to devote to seeing the USAF Museum, but the drive from Boston to Dayton is on the order of 13+ hrs each way, not including any stops for gas/food/etc. you make and not accounting for any adverse weather you may encounter. Doable in a day, but that's a long day's drive. Personally, I think 4 days for both the driving and 2 museums might not be enough.
  4. I remember that one, too. I think I got my first Hasegawa F4U-1D kit there, c. summer of 1983.
  5. At the downtown end of the Smithfield Street Bridge? I remember that place from the mid-80s. The first one I remember is Peterman’s, in the Eastgate Plaza on US30 just outside of Greensburg, PA.
  6. As of right now, it's kind of a pointless question - Tamiya doesn't make the versions that ZM makes, and vice-versa. That may change in the future, but for now...
  7. Oh, a 1/32 Snowbird Tutor would be sweet! Maybe they'll do that as well?
  8. The NMNA is located pretty much in the middle of NAS Pensacola; it occupies the plot of land at the southeast corner of Sherman Field (P-Cola's airfield). From looking at a map of the area, there doesn't really seem to be much option for a dedicated entrance exclusively for the museum, as it is located between the access for the airfield facilities (transient line, tenant squadrons, etc., and the rest of the base (admin areas, Naval Aviation schools, etc.).
  9. See my response to the Hobbyboss kit query.
  10. If one does not put the radar pieces in the Trumpeter FA-18E kit in 1/32, and does not add the centerline pylon and tank (clean jet), that kit does need nose weight in that case. I found that out the hard way when I finished mine as a Blue Angel.
  11. I'm in. Hopefully they will include Snowbirds decals; that's the scheme I want to build.
  12. It depends totally on the specific kit, as all Encore kits are reboxings of someone else's plastic. The only one I have experience with is the 1/48 F6F-5 Hellcat, which is a rebox of the Eduard kit. Encore was, I believe, the "house brand" from the old Squadron (not the reborn Squadron that is currently active as far as I know).
  13. Cool! That’ll do just fine; ordered one a few minutes ago.
  14. Not really, as the "Pennsylvania" banner for the fin and the markings for the black travel pods aren't included. The little, unique detail markings are what make the SH sheet a necessity.
  15. Like the title says, looking for the subject sheet. Or, more specifically, I'm looking for the Pittsburgh ANG markings from the subject sheet (the PT tailcoded airplanes). If anyone has the sheet, or those specific markings, I'm interested. Please PM; can purchase outright or perhaps work a trade? Joe
  16. Cool. I knew they had one in 1/48 (that had some issues, IIRC), but was unaware of the larger one.
  17. Just from curiosity, who makes a 1/35 HH-65?
  18. Same thought here. About as much "planning" I do is to plan to build some airplane kits. What those kits might be depends on what I'm feeling at the time.
  19. That's good advice when applied to the actual construction. When talking about the space design/layout/etc., you might not know it's not "right" until you start to use the space. What looks/sounds great when planning sometimes turns out to be awkward, uncomfortable, or unworkable in practice.
  20. VFA-115. First SH Squadron to deploy ( with VF-31 in the airwing as well). VFA-14 and VFA-41 on Nimitz relieved VFA-115 on Lincoln at the tail end of the Second Iraq War. Whether or not 115 did any tanking I can't say.
  21. I'd like a nice 1/32 Bell 206 Jet Ranger (civvie version), and a modern 1/32 Hughes 500 (civvie as well) would be nice, too. I'd settle for OH-58/TH-57 and OH-6 kits as long as the civvie parts were included...
  22. JDAM would only use the nose plugs or DSU-33.
  23. Actually, there is only one nose fuze in that list. The M904 is a mechanical nose fuse, which hasn't been used actively for a number of years as far as I know, although we were still conducting store compatibility tests of them on Mk-80 series bombs off FA-18 airplanes through at least the early 2000s. I'm not sure if they were still in active use at that time or not though. The Mk-43 TDD is a proximity sensor to allow the bomb to detonate at a set height, but was replaced by the DSU-33. I don't know offhand when that took place; Gerry should be able to fill in details.
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