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  1. Looks like I am wayyyy too late but FS36251 is the closest FS color to "Grey Rafale" with slightly bluish tint.
  2. I am wondering which ex-Indonesian Fishbed is this bort "60"?
  3. Thanks Lothar. I sent the other pictures to a publication so I don't think I will post them here. Sorry.
  4. Hi all, Just finished this as my #13 in 2016. Hasegawa kit in 1/48 with FCM decal, built OOB with some scratchbuild parts. Hope you all like it.
  5. Brian,

    I am building F-14A NF-107 of VF-154 using your sheet but not sure about the strengthener plate around the RIO's step.

    I saw a photo of the NF-100 and she has it.

    Can you help me on this, please ?

    Thank you


    PS: I also left a message regarding this same matter on your web-store.

  6. If only KASL includes the RWRs on the parabrake housing.... :-(
  7. No, I left the intakes as is... Thank you Thadeus & Parabat for the kind words.
  8. Thank you for all of your nice words... appreciate it.
  9. Thanks. I used Neomega conversion for it. Hobby Boss has a new tool 1/48 Hawk 200-series in their catalog but no release date yet.
  10. Great build....! Simply outstanding.....
  11. Thanks all.... I use Model Alliance decal for all of these builds, although some should be corrected by myself.
  12. Thank you Brian. You can try to contact the decal publisher "CJM" on Facebook. Perhaps he still has it....
  13. Hi all... Just finished 2 British Hawks in Indonesian AF marking (Hawk Mk-53 in grey camo and Hawk 109), so it's time to have a family photos.... Thanks for looking...
  14. Yes, 1/72 scale without additional AM. Only added Hasegawa's bombs and Superscale decal. Thank you...
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