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  1. I'll add my recommendation for Bluedot25 as well! Fair prices, fast shipping, excellent kit! Thanks!
  2. Thrilled for several of these sheets! Thanks!
  3. Sent you a PM for the Challenger CL-600.
  4. I was hope to find one for under $100. I had not looked for a while- You can make a lot more coin than that!
  5. ....and I was just at the Smith Brothers Hobbies in Reseda, CA back in September. They are still there.
  6. I have not been....but I have been told that Brookhurst Hobbies down in Garden Grove, CA is probably the best Kit shop in So.Cal!
  7. Are the decals included? I have been wanting to build one of these- how much are you asking for it? Where are you located?
  8. Thank you Grant! what I wanted to know!
  9. I'm not really well versed on WWII aircraft intricacies- I noticed there is not a lot of aftermarket for B-24H's ..... but there is for B-24J's. What is the difference between the two? Should I be able to use masks for an Academy B-24J on my H? or at least a good part of them? What about PE? Thanks in advance- Mike
  10. Sorry- I forgot to look for this- I will try tonight! Just been busy.
  11. I have a bagged kit in the sell box- I'll dig it out and price it for you if you want- I need to make sure it is the Revell / Monogram and not the Italeri one.
  12. I've been wanting to build this B-24H for a bit now. I missed out on buying the Illiad decals "Stars in the Sky" sheet (72004). Are there any other sources for the markings of this aircraft out there? ..or if anyone has this portion of the Iliad sheet ...I would be happy to buy. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Just an Idea- If you have a Hobby Lobby close to you ..... they currently stock that kit for like $14.99. Get the 40% off coupon online and you have that whole kit for $9.
  14. Anybody have this kit they are willing to part with? I am always game for bagged kits or builders if you have one. I'm building it - not collecting! Thanks! Mike
  15. I picked up an Airmodel kit that is missing the decals....If I'm going to get lucky...this is the place. 1) If anybody has a bunged up kit that still has the decals....let me know what you want for them. 2) Even if someone would be willing to send me a decent resolution scan of the decal sheet I could work from there. Thanks for looking! -Mike
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