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  1. I bought some stuff from him last summer- You have to email him at Muroc_Models@edwardsflighttest.com to make an order. Here is his latest list -http://www.edwardsflighttest.com/price_list.pdf
  2. Here's what I know- 1) definitely yes 2) definitely yes on the lower split rudder, I thought the upper came down to the faired position when hydro was off- but in 144 scale I would not mess with it 3) "beaver tail" on modern B-2's should be faired, drooped a bit for early b-2's 4) definitely yes - unless some schmuck steps on it!
  3. I have looked for "wetbike" in the model section and just get the full kits that come up- there is one guy that has a builder special that is missing a bunch of parts and has a lot painted and decals used- I can't get him off of his full price ask- Oh well Thanks for the reply!
  4. When I was wee lad, they had those Mustang / Wetbike combo kits stacked like cordwood at the local Pic-N-Save. I built one way back when. My family owned a pair or the original 1979 Wetbikes and I have wanted to build at least one Wetbike for my model collection. If anybody has anything from parts or a built up needing refreshed.. to the complete kit for a reasonable price, I just want the Wetbikes! Thanks for looking!
  5. I picked up a couple more kits from bluedot25 (Tom) this past week- fast shipping, great kits, pleasant transaction! Thanks for being an awesome trader!
  6. Best wishes Kursad! Take good care of #1!
  7. I'll add my recommendation for Bluedot25 as well! Fair prices, fast shipping, excellent kit! Thanks!
  8. Thrilled for several of these sheets! Thanks!
  9. Sent you a PM for the Challenger CL-600.
  10. I was hope to find one for under $100. I had not looked for a while- You can make a lot more coin than that!
  11. ....and I was just at the Smith Brothers Hobbies in Reseda, CA back in September. They are still there.
  12. I have not been....but I have been told that Brookhurst Hobbies down in Garden Grove, CA is probably the best Kit shop in So.Cal!
  13. Are the decals included? I have been wanting to build one of these- how much are you asking for it? Where are you located?
  14. Thank you Grant! what I wanted to know!
  15. I'm not really well versed on WWII aircraft intricacies- I noticed there is not a lot of aftermarket for B-24H's ..... but there is for B-24J's. What is the difference between the two? Should I be able to use masks for an Academy B-24J on my H? or at least a good part of them? What about PE? Thanks in advance- Mike
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