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  1. I also have the early Academy decals mentioned above by Habu 2 that you are welcome to along with the elements of the Caracal sheet I mentioned ... but if Rod D has this entire sheet for you I think that would your best bet! Either way, let me know if you need what I have to offer! Anything other than the Hasegawa decals will be a win for you!
  2. From a quick glance at the sheet on the Caracal website, there are many markings common to the CCV and the YF-16 on the sheet as they are both aircraft "567". I would be able to give up the "CCV" tail markings and the "Research" script and badges, but not any of the common markings and more importantly .... the white tail code 01567 that you will need. Not sure where else you would find decent decals of the RW&B F-16 common markings? Let me know what you think- if interested we can work out a deal. No worries if this does not work for you-
  3. I'm planning on doing the AFTI F-16 and the YF-16 from the sheet. Let me take a look tonight or tomorrow and make certain I can get you that portion from the sheet without loosing any markings I will need. I still need to find the canards and spine to build the AFTI.
  4. Hey Dutch! I may be able to help- I recently bought a bagged Revell KC-10 Kit at a show for $10. I was so excited to find it that I really should have checked it better- Fuselage and some parts are warped from heat exposure- not useable. the sprue that has all of the IFR stuff is warped as well but I think that will be salvageable. I am debating scarfing the KC-10 aft section to an old DC-10 kit, but who am I kidding. Message me if you are interested to see photos, If interested. - Mike
  5. Hello! I have a 1/72 Testors B-2A Stealth Bomber kit that I have discovered is missing the windscreen. If anybody has one- even if from a junked / painted kit I would love to purchase it from you. On the other hand- If there is somebody out there that could use some parts from this kit for something they have going on I would be willing to sell or trade it as well. Thanks for your consideration!
  6. LOL! I have to forward this to Geoff- He will get a good cackle! It was most definitely a labor of love for him! If you didn't already know ... the Air Force legends #215 Boeing B-50 book is also by Geoff. It was recently reprinted in limited numbers so you can find it new for around $40-50 rather than the $80-100 on the secondary market.
  7. The new Air Force Legends #224 book - North American B-45 Tornado by Geoff Hayes has thorough information on all of the different weapons bay configurations for all of the auxiliary fuel tanks / conventional and Atomic Weapons. I haven't seen anything like it out on the interwebs. I know it is a bit pricey- but an excellent book! Full disclosure: Geoff is my friend and I helped proofread / edit the book- I have read it from cover to cover but do not yet have my own copy! haha!
  8. If you are moving any closer to the Ogden area we have started the NUSMA meetings back up with a great group of guys!
  9. I bought some stuff from him last summer- You have to email him at Muroc_Models@edwardsflighttest.com to make an order. Here is his latest list -http://www.edwardsflighttest.com/price_list.pdf
  10. Here's what I know- 1) definitely yes 2) definitely yes on the lower split rudder, I thought the upper came down to the faired position when hydro was off- but in 144 scale I would not mess with it 3) "beaver tail" on modern B-2's should be faired, drooped a bit for early b-2's 4) definitely yes - unless some schmuck steps on it!
  11. I have looked for "wetbike" in the model section and just get the full kits that come up- there is one guy that has a builder special that is missing a bunch of parts and has a lot painted and decals used- I can't get him off of his full price ask- Oh well Thanks for the reply!
  12. When I was wee lad, they had those Mustang / Wetbike combo kits stacked like cordwood at the local Pic-N-Save. I built one way back when. My family owned a pair or the original 1979 Wetbikes and I have wanted to build at least one Wetbike for my model collection. If anybody has anything from parts or a built up needing refreshed.. to the complete kit for a reasonable price, I just want the Wetbikes! Thanks for looking!
  13. I picked up a couple more kits from bluedot25 (Tom) this past week- fast shipping, great kits, pleasant transaction! Thanks for being an awesome trader!
  14. Best wishes Kursad! Take good care of #1!
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