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  1. Plenty of pics show Escapac seats, the old True details seats are a good fit. Now the real question is did it have the E style cockpit panels ..... Think it had a stock B (Test) configuration cockpit, the fancy CRT's came later when the airframe became the real strike eagle demonstrator in the standard grey paint colors ?
  2. What decals will you be using ?
  3. Take a look here ; around 1Hr 10 Min ...filmed by my Dad in may 1992
  4. Most of the detail pictures in the VP book are off F-15D 84-0044
  5. Apparently the 23 TFS Tigers from Bitburg (they had the 84-XXX planes) were MSIP in Desert storm . The 525TFS Bulldogs with the 79-xxx planes were not MSIP in DS. They all had the chaff flare buckets in front of the MLG. BTW If you have the Verlinden LOCK ON detail book on the F-15. Its a 1989 walkaround of Bitburg Jets and you can clearly see in some pictures the chaff and flare buckets. Another little detail to look out for is the ACES II seat, around DS period on top of the seat there was installed a canopy piercing device. Most BT jets were allready rep
  6. Might consider getting the cold war studio nose correction (complete front fuselage actually..) Trumpy got the nose completely wrong.
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