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  1. Might consider getting the cold war studio nose correction (complete front fuselage actually..) Trumpy got the nose completely wrong.
  2. Great info guys! Regardless where it came from, its great to have one on display so close.
  3. Interesting! I was always told (and can remember) that it came directly from the Ruskies.
  4. Its a ex-russian bird in Brussels. They got it directly after the end of the Cold war.
  5. Excellent work, and a very interesting step by step of your build.
  6. Very nice, love the weathering, not overdone and realistic
  7. 31Tiger


  8. Also, don't forget that the vac canopy (Squadron) that is mentioned for the HB kit is actually for the Academy kit. You still need to adapt it with plactic card or strip , filler and carefull sanding to shape it in. It is not a direct fix...
  9. Very nice, just a small remark (if a may) those heavy GBU-10's , its more common to see them on the centerline off that stores rack when only one is carried per side
  10. No more silly e-bay prices for this classic http://www.heller.fr/en/maquettes/civilian-aircraft/597-boeing-b-707-af-3279510804522.html
  11. Belgium was also put on their list because we were bombing them last year with a detachment of 6 F-16's + we had SF in Iraq training the Iraqi army. Government is planning to send again 6 f-16's to Jordan in a couple of months. Some IS video's showed up with "Belgian" muslim fighters in Syria telling we'd pay the price for that..
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