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  1. I would totally be behind this idea! And Red14's plan of doing a dual build is interesting. I'm not sure if it would fly or not, but it's very interesting.
  2. True, that's something we shouldn't have to deal with on a $50+ kit, but I'll still grab one first chance I get and just shoot an extra coat or two of primer to soften them up.
  3. Modelsvit also did their own Yak-1/1B, it comes with a couple of nice decal schemes as well. I am pretty excited about some of ICM's newer releases. I can't wait to get my hands in one or two of their I-153s. Might make a nice dio scene with a few of the UM trucks.
  4. ajd3530

    ICM 1/48 Ju-88A5

    Well I appreciate it very much!
  5. Ahh it DOES exist! Thanks!
  6. Absolutely I would be in. Out of curiosity, would the A6M2-N Rufe be included?
  7. Eastern Front is a great (and logical) idea for this year, and I am already planning on trying to put one together on another forum. And while I am not really into foreign jet aircraft, the Dessault idea seems pretty good, considering all the anniversaries of some of their premier aircraft.
  8. ajd3530

    ICM 1/48 Ju-88A5

    If you don't mind me asking, what is your web store in Ukraine? And dies it still end up being cheaper after shipping to the USA? I ask because I think ICM is hitting the ball out of the park with their new releases, and am wanting to get my hands on a few at a decent price. But I watched a few reviews online, and the A-5 looks very nice. So does their new Do 17Z-2. And they within the last week or two put out a 1/48 I-153 didn't they?
  9. A 1/48 Trumpeter Vigilante. Let's see if it fell on deaf ears or not.
  10. ajd3530

    B-29 reissue

    An original issue (1977) still in shrink wrap just went on EBay for $38 USD shipped. Any other time if year, it would have been heading to my doorstep.
  11. Has anyone heard ANYTHING on when this is supposed to be released? Did they nip it in the bud after the CAD drawings, or what? Thanks
  12. I've waited about 6 weeks for a new Zvezda kit that came from the deep dark reaches of Russia. I think it came via container ship, so I wasn't tore up about it.
  13. ajd3530

    32nd P-38H

    According to my Squadron book, the F,G, and H models were externally identical. The G (from the F) had uprated engines and a stronger wing. The H (from the G) had uprated engines, fully automatic superchargers, and an improved 20MM cannon.
  14. I've been on the lookout for any, but nothing. Will be keeping an eye out though.
  15. Flew the piss out of the P-47D in WWII Fighters when I was a young fellow. Or the Fw 190 with gun pods if I wanted to be part of the Dark Side.
  16. If you don't mind me asking, just how far SW in VA?I am in extreme NE TN (Tri Cities) and its floating around $1.80 here in Elizabethton.
  17. If I am not mistaking, the Germans and Romanians used captured Potez 630/631/633 in the training role. I know Azur makes those in 1/72.
  18. I've always thought about that since I was a kid. How could the entire Galactic Empire crumble by losing just ONE battle. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
  19. I have been jonesing to build this kit for a while, and this seems like a good excuse to. No AM aside from a set of Aeromaster 48-425, a NF Mk.II (but it shows no radar antenna, which makes me wonder if its a FB Mk.VI) which preformed night intruder missions in Sicily and Southern Italy in '43. Standard RAF green and medium sea gray, but with night undersides and nice red call letters and spinners. First thing out of the box, I had to do one of the most nerve wracking things (to me at least) that one could do to a perfectly fine model: take a blade to it and cut it up. For those that don't kn
  20. I had originally planned on doing a Revelogram P-61, but considering I also have a 1/48 Bf 110 going at the same time, I decided something more simple would be better. So I'll be bringing out the old Monogram Mosquito, in a night intruder guise.
  21. Hello all! Hoping there is someone out there who has some spare sets of 1/48 True Details, Ultracast, ect. resin wheels they would be willing to get off their hands. I prefere to use paypal. Mostly looking for P-40 diamond tread (covered and/or open spokes) B-25 Bf 109B-E P-47 P-38 P-51 A-20 (with raft) Spitfire Mk I-IX B-26 (P-61) B-24 Yak 1-9 shipping will be to 37643 email: alexdaniel35@yahoo.com Thanks!
  22. Got the cockpit all detailed up aside from the IP. Had a snafu on the gloss coat for the IP decal. I HATE decal panels, but that was the only option here. Hopefully pictures tomorrow
  23. Shout out to nicholassagan. Was wonderful to deal with! He has definitely made it on my list of prime people to deal with. Thanks friend!
  24. It sure is a change from the typical dull greens and grays, isn't it? Anyways, it now has a coat of semi-gloss lacqure drying on it, (the MM metalic interior blue drys to a nice, smooth gloss finish) then the pit will be ready for detail painting.
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