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    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue
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    History (I am a history teacher) vintage aircraft, though I am known to do the occasional jet. Reading LOTS of history and historical fiction. Got to keep those kiddies suitably impressed with my vast storehouse of knowledge..... Chasing airshows and of course I always have a project on the go!

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  1. Yup. Sure looks the part to me. That is one dirty P-51 Birdie! Congrats on your awards, it is certainly well-deserved!
  2. So that would make a lot of sense.
  3. Could it have been that the Mustang was cheaper to maintain and fly than the P-47? Maybe the decision was simply based on costs? Cheaper parts because of availability? There could be all kinds of factors that caused the USAAF to go with the P-51 over the P-47. But yeah, the Thunderbolt was a flying tank compared to the Mustang!
  4. Outstanding work, all the way around! I am sure your recipient will be beyond pleased!!! Thoroughly enjoyed watching this build of yours. That is one beastie of a CF-18! 😎💪👊
  5. Dipping also protects the canopy from scratches, repels dust, and prevents fogging from CA glue. It is generally a good idea to dip all your clear parts in Future/Klear. An additional bonus is, if you walk on it, it will not leave scuff marks from your shoes. I cannot guarantee the condition of the rest of your model if you take part in this practice, however.
  6. Yes. I have an old bottle that has taken on that yellow tinge as well. I still use it on my canopies and it still dries clear. Hope this helps.
  7. Some excellent paintwork! There is something about a P-38 in invasion stripes!!!
  8. Outstanding work! What a beasty!
  9. I am learning more about the CF-18 from this build thread than I could have imagined possible! Great work and a great shot of that demo jet!
  10. Outstanding! I am following this build with great interest and awe. Keep the progress pictures coming!
  11. GO LEAFS GO! This is our year, folks! By the way, beautiful work on that CF-18!
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