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    History (I am a history teacher) vintage aircraft, though I am known to do the occasional jet. Reading LOTS of history and historical fiction. Got to keep those kiddies suitably impressed with my vast storehouse of knowledge..... Chasing airshows and of course I always have a project on the go!

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  1. You can skip this step, if your decals are excellent quality. I find the second gloss coat on top of the decals, followed by a flat or satin coat, really helps to eliminate any silvering and leaves the decal looking painted on. As I said, it's not an absolutely necessary step, but it really does help to give the overall appearance a smoother appearance. This by the way, is only my personal experience. Others may have different experiences. Hope this helps!
  2. Jamie Cheslo

    What is this?

    Wow, sounds like your father had a really interesting and challenging career during the war! Would love to know what he was up to during his stint with the OSS!
  3. Thanks so much! I have never built anything with pontoons before! Cheers!
  4. Great detail work on those tanks! Thanks for the update!
  5. Thanks so much! I agree, it was fun and trouble-free. Cheers!
  6. Hi folks; It has been a long time since I have posted any builds, as I have just recently got back into the hobby. I am retiring from a 33 year career this June and now is the time to focus on some other things in life, like building, for instance. So here is my first completed build in some time. A rather unique subject, the Grumman F4F-3S "Wildcatfish" Only one was ever completed and it never went into production. It had poor flight characteristics, was under-powered with the added weight, and by the time it was ready to go into production, the Americans were already building landing strips on the captured Pacific Islands, thus rendering the aircraft obsolete before it even got started! So because I am rusty, I used this 1/48 Hobby Boss kit as a test-bed for improving my airbrushing technique, and experimenting with some new techniques like pre-shading, mottling of fuselage colours, etc. Certainly no contest winner, this, but I have to say, being very rusty, I am pleased with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Please excuse the dust on the computer lid. It has not been used for quite some time.
  7. Outstanding work in that bomb bay!! Still thoroughly enjoying following your thread, and I just learned something new about the Mossie. I had no idea that they could carry the same payload as a B-17! You hit it on the head, the engineering in that plane was highly advanced. Of course, it did not hurt that the entire airframe was made out of wood! She must have also been significantly lighter than the B-17. With the twin Rolls Royce Merlins and a wooden airframe, that is an amazing speed advantage! Of course, I would not want to light a match in one of those aircraft! 😉 Thanks so much for your wonderful work and exhaustive research into this fabulous, historic aircraft!
  8. I am so enjoying this build! Your painting skills really bring out all that detail. Those oil? hydraulic fluid? tanks look just like the real deal! Thanks so much for sharing your build with us!
  9. Jamie Cheslo

    What is this?

    I am fairly certain it is the YP-37, not the XP-37. It has the elongated fuselage with the cockpit moved forward in an attempt to correct the dismal forward visibility of the XP-37, and I am also fairly certain it has the improved supercharger. The original one was notoriously unreliable. This is the beast that gave rise to the P-40!
  10. To echo the others, this build is really turning into a learning experience about the innards of the Mossie! You have inspired me to seek out one of these kits. Are they still in production? Available for sale? Thanks for sharing this outstanding build!
  11. You know, there REALLY is something about the Scooter. The sleek lines, as smooth as a silk stocking...........ahem. Anyway, great work, she looks loaded for Grizzly! Great weathering job, too!
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