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  1. I have this decal. You can contact me at - rkarbows@hotmail.com
  2. Aeromaster 72-135


    I have this sheet.


    Contact me at - rkarbows@hotmail.com

  3. Message sent.

  4. Too many to list. Send for Excel list of kits and decals. Put Special Schemes in Subject line. rkarbows AT hotmail DOT com
  5. It was April 1983 issue. I have it if Darius doesn't find it. Eagle22
  6. I was part of a group that toured the apron. I am not a good photographer and don't take many photos but I have 3 that I took that day. However, I don't have a Flicker account and can't post them; send me your e-mail address. I have also asked some of my friends to search their files. Eagle22
  7. Interested in Hase. SH-60 HSL-51 & HSL-49; also AH-1S JGSDF.
  8. Last in-progress photos were July 24. Should be complete by now. Any photos?
  9. PM sent on: Reid Air Pub The Viper Story Part 1: ANG Eagle22
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