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  1. Looks very nice! I don't see any problems with the clear coat.
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    What decals are you using? My experience with Academy's decals is that you should immediately send them to the trash. It's quite possible that the rest of the Garbage in there will be offended. They are awful. Buy some aftermarket.
  3. One tip I just read (but haven't tried yet) is to spray a coat of future onto the masked canopy and let it set for a couple of days before painting. This way the future seals the tape, and prevents any bleed under. Makes sense, I'm going to try it on my upcoming Tomcat.
  4. I must say, that is just absolutely beautiful. Doesn't make me want to cry, it makes me feel in the company of greats!
  5. Thanks for the kind words. I am just a bit unhappy with the finish on the Med. gray. For some reason, I got a grainy appearance on it and had to sand it down. There's some bare patches now on the leading edge of the wings near the pivot. I'll have to re-paint some of those sections, but I'm going to weather it anyway.
  6. OK, Got a chance to get my entry out of the paint booth and take some in progress pics. Kit is the RM F-14 D in 1/48, rescribed. Base painting done, no weathering, still need to paint the tails Cockpit is stock...I was tired of waiting for Darren's set. I'll get it for the next one, though. Markings will be the low vis bird from Twobobs Jolly Rogers sheet.
  7. The other thing you can try is to cut a small slice right in the area of silvering, and hit it with a drop of Mircro Sol. I've had this work before.
  8. That would give you a version of tan. I'd start with a bunch of white and add a bit of brown, it's surprising how little you will need. If the tan is too yellow, add a bit of blue and red (a couple of drops). This will make it look more grey (less yellow). If it's too orange, add a couple drops of blue. Another way to go about it is to start with light yellow (yellow and white) and add bits of blue and red until it looks like what you want. As you add colors from across the color wheel, it reduces the intensity of color, making it closer to grey (or black, depending on how dark yo
  9. These are the only 1/72 VF-101's I know of. Not grey tails, though
  10. Strike Eagle, I posted the same thing in the main forum for the GB a few days ago...and I'm only looking for the low vis bird...I think those are just too hard to come by!
  11. Why not give it a whirl. Worst thing you'll end up with is a clogged airbrush. Just spray it on some scraps first! I would think the biggest problem will be drying time with oils. The seed oils they use don't evaporate very fast.
  12. Can you shoot me a copy of the scanned in instructions too? I'm just about to re-scribe the front of my F-14 (It's a :lol:.
  13. I'm with Colin, I thing rescribing is fun. Sort of like drawing the panel lines on. I've got the Verlinden template set, some other thin metal straight edges, and dymo tape. It's a couple of evenings work, but I look forward to it!. I use a combination of tools...a pin vise with several sizes of needles, Squadron's scriber, an old dental tool, and a collection of different xacto knives. I use a #11 blade when doing freehand panel lines, a curved blade drawn backwards through the lines to clean them out. Differnt tools are better at different jobs. I think that's where most people fall
  14. I have airbrushed thinned artist acrylics with no problems. The pigments in oil paints are generally the same. Assuming you've got good quality artists oils, not student grade, then the pigments should be ground fine enough to spray. The tricky part will be choosing a solvent to get them to spray. The binders in the oil paint may not be compatible with every solvent, so you'll have to experiment a bit.
  15. Once you have a compressor, that moisture trap is worth having. I had one of those cheapy plastic airbrushes...works better than a spray can, but not much, and it's a pain in the butt to clean. I had a good paasche siphon feed single action for years. I used to dread clean up after a painting session. I actually grouped my modelling projects so I could paint 2 or 3 models all at the same time in the same colors. 6 months ago I stepped up to an Iwata gravity feed with a built in paint cup (I got the CR, but the revolution line has a similar setup). Boy, what a difference. I can now paint
  16. With the upcoming VF Decals Sheet, I realized that I now have a nearly complete 1/48 decal collection for the Jolly Rogers aircraft. I am still missing some low vis birds that were included in Hasegawa F-14 kits. Since there are a lot of Tomcats getting built, I'm hoping someone will part with their goodies. What I need are the decals from: Kit 09502 VF-103 boxing (Really only need the Low Vis) Kit 07019 Atlantic Fleet Squadron (Also really only need the low vis) I also need an extra set of Low Vis markings from the Twobobs 60th Annv. Sheet, and, I'm not holding my breath, but I also ne
  17. That looks AMAZING. Please let us know where this article is. I'm just about to paint my Tomcat, and would like to follow a similar path (If I get results half that good, I'd be pleased). I've rescribed mine, so i guess there will be some changes.
  18. This photo shows the lighter shades along the panel lines very well. Looks to me like along the edges of the panels, the dirt and grease gets rubbed off. I suppose you'd find the dirt on the fingers of the maintenance hands. Sorry guys, fixed the link
  19. Skull Leader, I tried to PM you, but it acted funny, like it didn't really get sent. Let me know if you got my PM. I have the Modex numbers you need.
  20. I'm not sure if that plane actually flew operationally with the flag. Maybe it was only while it was at Oceana, but I don't know. I'll trade you a 1/72 Tamiya Mosquito for that sheet of decals, though. I also have some partial sheets I'd trade for just the JR portion.
  21. When I spoke with Brian, he indicated the new sheet will have all the stencils we need, in both 1/72 and 1/48, for all 4 aircraft. WOOT WOOT! Which Aeromaster sheet you tryin to get rid of?
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