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Steve Filak

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    Bohemian Grove
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    1/32 and 1/48 Modern Jets and Helos

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  1. Steve Filak

    Upstate NY

    HobbyTown USA 1814 Central Ave Albany, NY 12205 (518) 452-3182 I haven't been there in a while, but the last time I was there, they had a pretty decent selection of kits and supplies. Plus, it's pretty easy to get to.
  2. Steve Filak

    Matt Roberts

    I'm very sorry to hear of Matt's passing; as many others have said, he had a calming influence and a reputation as a gentleman. He's left his mark on many hobby forums, and he will be missed.
  3. Steve Filak

    On Canadian Wings GB

    He should have them already....the forum is open for business.
  4. Steve Filak

    Longtime Hyperscale member, but brand new to ARC

    Welcome aboard, Craig.
  5. Steve Filak

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    And with that one hyperlink, my entire belief system is shaken to its very core.
  6. Steve Filak

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    And with that, Dennis the peasant breaks the 10,000 post barrier.
  7. Steve Filak

    You are stuck with me

    That's fantastic news, Clif. My personal best wishes for continued good health.
  8. Steve Filak


    Hate to add my name to the list here...this was something that I absolutely did not want to do. I originally told Steve that I didn't want to make a public fuss about this, but he has owed me an Academy Raptor since December of 2008. We traded a bunch of PMs back and forth, and I was repeatedly told that my kit would be going out in the mail the next day; yet, I still have nothing to show for it. The last time I heard from Steve was around the end of April. I tried one last time to PM him a few weeks ago, and now I'm not getting any responses. I also see that he hasn't logged onto the forums since May. I do recall someone posting something about Steve being injured, but that was quite some time ago, and I'm assuming that he has recovered by now. Steve, if you're out there, I'd appreciate some kind of a response. I honestly didn't want to do this, but it's been nearly two years since our transaction started, and since you seem to have dropped off the map, I didn't see where I had many options left. PS: I tried contacting flyboyswife a long time ago, and IIRC, I didn't get a response.
  9. Steve Filak

    Westfield Airshow 2010

    Great stuff as always, Ken! At least you got the weather to cooperate with you on Friday.
  10. Steve Filak

    A Big Happy BDay to SBARC

    Steve, Have a happy, and many more!
  11. Steve Filak

    2011 NATS

    The 2012 show will be in Orlando.
  12. Steve Filak

    Airbrush arsenal

    Aztek A470 Omni 4000 (rapidly becoming my 'go-to' airbrush for most tasks) Omni 6000 Badger 155 Anthem (which I almost never use - never really developed a fondness for this particular airbrush)
  13. Steve Filak

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    I've actually been on the range with guys who espouse that same doctrine. With .45 semiautomatic pistols. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 'spray and pray' generation is upon us. At least I can tell the newbies, "Back in my day, we carried revolvers, and you had to make each shot count. You had six in the gun, a 'flat twelve' on your belt, and maybe, just MAYBE, you had speedloaders". Watching some of these kids anymore, I almost think that the safest place on the range is down next to the targets. (Actually, I don't miss carrying a wheelgun. However, there definitely an unmistakable report when you touched off a Colt Python as opposed to the loud popping of a .45 auto. The muzzle flash was also a lot more impressive. :))