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  1. I had the same issue with the Kinetic late model Hornets, especially the ATARS, when what was included in the box, after a lot of fanfare, needed aftermarket to represent the actual aircraft the markings were made for and on the ATARS, you actually had to get aftermarket decals to get slime lights and other necessary data markings. When similar comments as yours were made, it was basically “go get aftermarket and be glad we made an ATARS model”.
  2. I’ve sanded them before and to get it thin enough to look right I sanded too thin and had a hole to deal with. The last two Hasegawa kits (now using Meng that has them) I cut a hole roughy 3/4 the size of the pipes in the fuselage area and started sanding and whittling with a blade and basically dropped them in. Took a few minutes but it looked better IMO than the sanded and glued on top. Good luck
  3. Unfortunately I didn’t see this post and recently purchased this kit only to be extremely disappointed. I thought my kit was missing parts and found this post, realizing it wasn’t, it was a company’s decision to sell a kit that they knew wasn’t accurate. I had thought of buying one of the Kinetic F-16s but now that I know the company is basically like “spend your money on our products and good news, you get to support the aftermarket companies also” I’ll pass. Then when someone complains, you give an excuse that it was too hard to do so many different models. Well, then don’t try and do so
  4. I wish I had seen this before buying it the other day. I was looking forward to doing an ATARS bird only to find a poor rear cockpit, especially since it’s under the Kinetic Gold line. As pointed out above, the lack of formation lights and other basic decals which are now normal in kits of this cost had me initially thinking I was missing a data sheet, which is disappointing.
  5. Let me first say I’m not an F-4 guy and don’t mean to cause a stir but I’m a bit disappointed with this kit now that I’m about halfway through it. The fit is only so so, the weapons are not wide ranging and the decals are for only one bird. Maybe it’s because I grew up on Monogram kits from KMart but I don’t understand the need for over engineered kits with lots of parts that could easily be molded on during manufacturing. Unlike Tamiya’s recent kits, the parts are often attached to the sprue at awkward points that had it been moved a few millimeters, the clean up would not even be visible.
  6. A-6E from -196 for this is your best option.
  7. You can. I remember once having one loaded and me and the guy I was flying with joking that it was a really bad day if we needed it. I think we may have even questioned if we actually knew how to use it but I digress...
  8. I’ve built 6-7 Hasegawa Supers and after building a Meng E model, I won’t go back to Hasegawa. Very similar in their build up but having the ECS easily fitted as an option vice having to cut/sand a resin piece along with a one piece nose cone and an easy wing fold was all I needed to come to that conclusion. I’ve heard some complain about the pit but with Quinta set or a figure in the seat, I didn’t have any issue. Now if we could just get some updated decals....
  9. Now we just need some updated decals for the relatively new E model squadrons....
  10. Looks good but in line with scapilot, I never flew or saw a -101 bird armed like that, maybe a TACTS pod and one or two LGTRs for the most part. It was rare to even see tanks on them.
  11. Mike’s products are great and while he’s been swamped they are worth it. He just had a mixup on one of my orders but made it right.
  12. Like I said, it’s your model, you can do whatever you want. It was a figure of speech, I’m not literally thrusting myself off a bridge... With that said, if you had flown or worked on the actual bird, you’d be a bit more invested, after all, in this case, we’re modelling something “real”. If you had, I would hope when you see something that looks silly, you’d say something. Your original question was asking for options; if you’re going to load whatever you want, then don’t ask, just post the final product. Good luck with the project.
  13. While it is your or your client’s model and if accuracy isn’t important, then so be it. With that said, -125 was a training squadron (not an adversary unit, just had some painted up that way) and would not be carrying that full of a load. Sorry, just my pet peeve. It drives me crazy when I see models of -101 F-14s toting full loads of AIM-54s or a full A-G load, yet we rarely flew with drop tanks loaded, let alone full of live or training ordnance.
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