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  1. Probably just a one off for the CAG bird. They get to make it look different without being over the top in color in case another directive comes out to tone it down. Maybe just for admin purposes if CVW-9 was going to start work ups and needed another E model squadron. They could slot -97 into 8 while they begin transition.
  2. That has been the CAG bird scheme for awhile. Furball had it on their CVW-8 sheet. The other thing to note is the NL tail code now instead of the AJ. I guess CVW-8 is still on limited flying hours so they pulled them out of the air wing.
  3. If you look at the hi res version, it’s also on the underside of the port wing.
  4. Why did you include the Tamiya instruction sheet for an A model?
  5. I read somewhere that -97 was next in line now for the F-35C and that in the meantime they were going to do adversary duty. I think the digital camo on the stabs was just an easy way to mark it.
  6. Reid Air/Speed Hunter Graphics has a very nice A-10 sheet that has a 23TFW bird on it from DS and a more modern gray 23d Wing bird. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/product-p/shg48017.htm
  7. Was at Oceana this week visiting some friends. Only CVW-8 was in and that was limited on the ramp to 3-4 F models from -213 and of note, 5-6 new E models from -34 in CVW-8 markings. Unfortunately 400 was all gray.
  8. No it’s an F so two seats, if CAG was an NFO, his or her name would be on the left side, just the rear seat. Depends on preference, some will have the CMC’s name on the right side and maybe the sailor of the year. In this case, CAPT Ford is an aviator, so unsure why he was on the right side. I’m curious if all the CVW-17 -00 aircraft were like that.
  9. Mark, Sounds good, surprising though. Keep up the good work!
  10. Looks great. One question though, on the VFA-94 bird, shouldn’t CAG be on the left side and DCAG on the right? I’ve never known a CAG that would be OK with that.
  11. Appears VFA-87 has joined VFA-31 in CVW-11, with VFA-97 joining CVW-8 along with -34 and -37 as they transition to Supers.
  12. So the CAG bird (in the middle photo) has gone from the colorful flag on the anniversary bird to lo vis...
  13. Appears so, possibly due to -147 getting their safe for flight certain faster or the way the deployment cycles were working out.
  14. One thing to note, they have already changed to CVW-2 with the NE tail code as of a few weeks ago.
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