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  1. Fightertown all day long
  2. You can. I remember once having one loaded and me and the guy I was flying with joking that it was a really bad day if we needed it. I think we may have even questioned if we actually knew how to use it but I digress...
  3. I’ve built 6-7 Hasegawa Supers and after building a Meng E model, I won’t go back to Hasegawa. Very similar in their build up but having the ECS easily fitted as an option vice having to cut/sand a resin piece along with a one piece nose cone and an easy wing fold was all I needed to come to that conclusion. I’ve heard some complain about the pit but with Quinta set or a figure in the seat, I didn’t have any issue. Now if we could just get some updated decals....
  4. Now we just need some updated decals for the relatively new E model squadrons....
  5. Looks good but in line with scapilot, I never flew or saw a -101 bird armed like that, maybe a TACTS pod and one or two LGTRs for the most part. It was rare to even see tanks on them.
  6. Mike’s products are great and while he’s been swamped they are worth it. He just had a mixup on one of my orders but made it right.
  7. Like I said, it’s your model, you can do whatever you want. It was a figure of speech, I’m not literally thrusting myself off a bridge... With that said, if you had flown or worked on the actual bird, you’d be a bit more invested, after all, in this case, we’re modelling something “real”. If you had, I would hope when you see something that looks silly, you’d say something. Your original question was asking for options; if you’re going to load whatever you want, then don’t ask, just post the final product. Good luck with the project.
  8. While it is your or your client’s model and if accuracy isn’t important, then so be it. With that said, -125 was a training squadron (not an adversary unit, just had some painted up that way) and would not be carrying that full of a load. Sorry, just my pet peeve. It drives me crazy when I see models of -101 F-14s toting full loads of AIM-54s or a full A-G load, yet we rarely flew with drop tanks loaded, let alone full of live or training ordnance.
  9. Probably just a one off for the CAG bird. They get to make it look different without being over the top in color in case another directive comes out to tone it down. Maybe just for admin purposes if CVW-9 was going to start work ups and needed another E model squadron. They could slot -97 into 8 while they begin transition.
  10. That has been the CAG bird scheme for awhile. Furball had it on their CVW-8 sheet. The other thing to note is the NL tail code now instead of the AJ. I guess CVW-8 is still on limited flying hours so they pulled them out of the air wing.
  11. If you look at the hi res version, it’s also on the underside of the port wing.
  12. Why did you include the Tamiya instruction sheet for an A model?
  13. I read somewhere that -97 was next in line now for the F-35C and that in the meantime they were going to do adversary duty. I think the digital camo on the stabs was just an easy way to mark it.
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