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    Funny, some similar Ravens stickers showed up in the guts of some of our jets when they came back from Ft. Drum... -Tom Heheh
  2. You call that feeble??? I kill to have a shot like that, be proud of that one!!!
  3. Hi All, USMC AV-8B+'s carry their 25mm gun pod in either OIF or OEF? Also was the GBU-16 used? ( I ran out of 1/48th GBU-12's ) Thanks in advance! Craig
  4. Have you tried F-15 E Strikeeagle.com
  5. I guess the F-18E can fly with the AIM-9X. ( or aleast these squadrons). Photo from Navy.mil . There is another shot with a VF-14 with a AIM-9X also on the site, Hi-Res Here!
  6. Cool! I was looking for a shot just like this, too. Thanks! Are these pods yours to keep? Or they passed around from one ANG unit to another as needed? Jake We have a "few" assigned to our unit but as ANG units rotate overseas they are sent to those units so each jet can have one. HTH. I have a bunch of L2 detail pics in hi-res if you want them let me know and I will send you them. Just PM me!
  7. Hows this ? tail end of a Litenong II pod on a A-10A
  8. It would be just different engines and different inlet designs.
  9. Nice shots of our Hogs! I wish I was there to give you an ARC to ARC tour but I was down in Atlanta spending way to much money and meeting a great bunch of guys!
  10. I saw that too, interesting. Now we can all b*tch and moan about the new Revell and Hasegawa kits missing this feature... :( I might be speculating a little here (OK a LOT!!) but maybe the position of these "vents" might have to do with the power level of the engine? The panel is open for discussion....
  11. Here is a shot with an Aviano Blk 40 with a sniper pod on the right cheek hardpoint. Click me for Very big pic!! P.S. Sorry about the Block "20" in the Title :(
  12. The Su-22 is the Export model. Even the late model Fitters are designated Su-17's in the RuAF.
  13. It would have been neat if they could have painted the undersides of this F-18 white like the A-7.
  14. Yes, in the A-10 community we do refer to it as a "warthog" however we usually refer to it as a "hog". It has been my experience that the more derisive nick names are used outside there own community. -16's are refered to as Lawn Darts in A-10 squadron and I have heard a pilot refer to a -117 as a stinkbug! I would imagine those who refer to a hornet as a "bug" are not in the F-18 community. Just my 2 cents...
  15. With C-5's it's never a question of if it's going to break, but when it's going to break! :D
  16. If it ain't leaking it ain't serviced right!!!
  17. It also might have to do with the balance of the rudder. We got a message down a few years ago forbiding painting anything extra on the rudders, i.e. squadron colors etc. Just a thought
  18. Theyr'e at D-M also at least on the snowbird ramp!! I alos noticed last ime I was there (July 04) that virtually every spot at Tucson IAP ANG ramp had them installed. They are so nice!! They do make quite the difference! The first time I was at Al Jaber there were only 9 shades for 12 jets and the Alerts always took up 3, so you begged and cajoled your way with the Pro Sup and your flight cjief to get your jet into one!! In 2001 theyre were enough for all the hogs and most of the "middle" ramp infront of the A-10's. But they were removed shortly after OIF started so they could put more jets
  19. Man! I wish that the Russian Demo teams could make it over here to the states!!!
  20. Oh Yeah, they just have to have tactical jet time. i.e. F-15, F-16 A-10 etc...
  21. Congrats Chappie!!!! I am sure I will get my incentive ride as soon as that 2 seat A-10 pulls into the parking spot!! Seriously thats way cool I am extremely jealous!! Boomer
  22. That's looking really nice!! :lol: I can't wait to see it finished!
  23. Vey Cool Eric!! And Thanks! for building that for the guys and gals.
  24. I was there last in Nov 2002 and the motors were not in it. However If my moldy brains can remember there was a motor next to it.
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