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  1. I guess the only difference is the offset IRST ball and a refueling probe. With an Su-27UB as a base kit... dunno if there's any aftermarket for that in 32nd though...
  2. It was a wrap around 'Lizard' sheme though, all of them in the Euro one. And the later SEA camo was also painted in Lizard version too
  3. Fiddler


    The M3 is, while being upgraded again, the only version still operational. So if you want a recent variant, that's the one. On the outside, the M3 is very recognisable by it's 'Foxbat' shaped intakes. Where the M2 had Phantom/Flogger like intakes. Greetings
  4. Understandable @KursadA, Is there a limitation to microscale decals compared to Cartograf's then? Then maybe a special version with a couple EP-3Es and a Japanese EP-3C would do the sale trick? I don't know how the US citizen thinks about Iran, but regardless of politics, their camo paterns on Orions and (no pun intended) their CH-53Ds are pure art to me 😉
  5. Do you have any interest in doing other sheets, maybe a special ops Orion sheet or/and foreign operators? I ask as I'm interested in doing 9175, being an EP-3 from the JMSDF. There are really no aftermarket Japanese decals, even stencilling in 1/72 and as I have the USN VP-47 edition. On the other hand regarding foreign operators, the most fancy would be the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy with their Orions. The Dutch and Argentine follow close if you ask me.
  6. I do and this was not meant to harm your bussiness. However, have you maybe considered a EU and/or an Asian book retailer to which you can send the books intercompany which results in cheaper shipping costs and lesser taxes for you and that dirrectly translates in to a much more attractive price. An extra, for the EU at least, is no extra customs fees. That was actually my point, sorry for not explaining that earlier.
  7. If only that amazingly rediculous shipping prizes would be lower, I would have bought them all! but now, shipping only 15 $ short of the price of both books, 2 for the price of 4... no way
  8. And if you look at their Su-30SM, there's also a dark grey top camouflage, with a 3-tone blue-grey camo on the undersides. Very tasty and one of the better if not the best schemes with that solid dark grey on top.
  9. If you look at zvezda's recent Su-27UB, there's one of the options in that scheme with bort 10 red.
  10. However on first sight I thought it was a Stealthy Fury. With that intake lip reversed, compared to the original proto design, I must say it's growing to me.
  11. Maybe you should go for the Modelsvit MiG-21F-13? That's a rather recent release and is as they say the better regarding shape and detail. Now you can make your choice between all the kits available 😉
  12. Hi, From a to f, If they are all shake and bake, where would the challenge be then... I just think if you start critiqueing kits online, and even more when (to me) there were more negative things than positive, you should take in account that you damage someones bussiness reputation. What's your gain? You want to point out that... what's the gain? Nothing... Then you mention the Yak-130 is even worser. In this thread alone where only a couple of people reacted, there is at least one person losing it's mojo to build that kit because of your comment. Crudely now I think your opinion is of no value as you only point out what in your view is wrong If you had a positive mindset, you had taken the effort of adding your ingenious way to conquer the drawbacks you encountered... Maybe I'm too judging now, and it could also be that you jumped to fast into it and came out frustrated, but then again maybe also to fast with critiqueing it online... Anyhow I'd like to say that I don't want to give you a negative feeling with this writing, but want to point out that you should think before smudging a model compagny online... if they were matchbox like in these times, you might have been rightious to speak 😉 Greetings!
  13. Beautifull work! I wonder why you decided to use US colours over the other SMT colours provided by Mr.Paint? I know colours are a difficult thing to discuss, but wanted to know your view about them. I don't know to much about Mr.P but they surely do look like a very interresting range of paint. I bought the 2 colours for my MiG-29S 9-13 just to try them but didn't have a chance to spray them yet. So just curious 😉
  14. Uh, Sorry to say but to me your article is quite monotone in complaining... Ok if you want a seamless intake you'll have to do some surgery, however i think the breakup of parts is well thought. The weird seam on the outside of the intakes was minimal, something what a small blob of surfacer 500 would solve immediatly. I gleud the top wings on the bottom with the top fuselage only dryfitted. Which only benifitted my approach at that time, but afterwards the top fitted nicely with nearly no seam to touch up. The only thing is that the should add some more detail to the cockpit. So it's possible to paint all detail without working with decals only... In the end, to me it's a very willing model and certainly will buy more... Sorry you had a hard time but not all of your criticism is appropriate if you ask me...
  15. I guess the concrete was poured into one deck, and afterwards they cut the deck into plates and fill them up with tar to allow the concrete to expand and shrink without breaking. So I guess there's a rule of thumb to what maximum lenght compared to the width of the cutting seam, however I don't know. I'd say you could use the Super Sabre's span to approximatly determine the width of the plates. Succes!
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