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  1. A quick note, the book in my previous post covers F-14 Ops during Iraqi Freedom
  2. In Osprey's Combat Aircraft 52, there's a picture of the supersonic pencil refueling from a VFA-115 18E Super Hornet, with the config I earlier discribed. The F/A-18E in the picture is 165784, modex '204', which was equiped with an Aero D-704 ARS, according to the picture caption. So being refueled on a TARPS mission, only 1 AIM-9M is visible on the 14D's shoulder point, with the forward 'bombcat' pylons empty. The aft phoenix rail next to the pod is not installed. The bomb adaptors aren't visible either on the forward fuselage Phoenix points, so not sure they're on whe
  3. It all depends on the timeframe, but if you'd do the Tomcatters D, in their last cruise,it would be higly likely by a 4 bag + one pumping bag equiped Super Hornet
  4. Wow, looking good. Is there any chance there will be a set in 1/72nd scale?
  5. Weren't these Qs? And the Rs were retrofitted to have the secure comms as a standard, so that might be it, however I'm just guessing.
  6. Indeed, Looking at their previous work, Clear Prop would be a harsh competitor to ICM if they eventually release their Flogger. And I hope they don't wait too long either for their Su-25 release, but that's a bit to much sideways. Lets hope they keep us posted so at least we can drool over our screens while the kit takes shape!
  7. I already have a 23MS, MF and BN from that company which name schould not be mentioned (seemingly in Gabor's comments 😉), so these need at least to be joined by a few UBs, an MLD and one or maybe two 27s. So come on with it. Except the 27 maybe, these are findable for ICM for a good measurement. I hope they take the main landing gear difference into account when they get to the MLx versions.
  8. Ooh, fart, that's very good news, however, how will I ever be able to convince my wife about that being good 😁
  9. Indeed, those chinese variants were also spread across the world to make some very tasty modelling subjects. I also hope the FT-7 could be included too when that Fishbed nephew is properly adressed in 72nd
  10. Oh indeed, I forgot the Zvezda Bis but can't compare as I don't have it in the flesh 😉 Indeed, if it just has to be a MiG-21, Eduard is the one like pollie said!
  11. Offcourse it al depends what type of MiG you want to add to your collection, however if you are looking for the MF or PF/PFM types you should certainly look out for an Eduard boxing. For the Bis variant, there is the KP kit, which is the R.V. Aircraft tooling. It is also good, with a bit of a shape error to the nose according to some, but the best so far imho. However surely not the easiest build. The earliest types of 21s being the F and F-13 are covered by Modelsvit. The F-13 is also available in Revell's own mould, which has some intake issues iirc, but cheaper than
  12. Indeed, the stinger itself is also a bit different, next to the thicker fairings on both sides, which on the early ones develope in flat strakes. When making Ukrainian Flankers you should check, as they still operate both.
  13. I don't think there's much else to do, but as you might know the versions before the 27P had a different stinger shape. So you have to check your references for that, otherwise I think you're good to go, good luck and please share your work 😉
  14. I guess the C had the same Triple Plow 1 intakes as the FB. The tail stinger on a FB however, has a smaller 8-shape with the fuel dump pipe running directly underneath. The C had the same as the D/E/F, with the dump pipe integrated in a bigger 8-shaped stinger. I hope you know what I'm trying to say. Then there's a circular thing just in front of the windscreens on the FBs, giving a slight hump between the radome and cockpit glazing. It looks similar as some AMP upgraded Es had later on, so I don't know if they had it always, or if this was also part of an upgrade. I do think they ha
  15. Uh, well, We wrote the same realy, only yours is a bit more detailed. I took maybe a tighter turn on the explanation. However, thanks for your deeper insights 😉
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