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  1. Joel, what is lacquer cleaner? Another term for lacquer thinner, or something else entirely? Stacey
  2. Is there a plane in those photos? I didn't notice one. :)/>
  3. I managed to break a chip off one of the propeller blades on my Tamiya 1/48 Bf 109E-3. Before buying aftermarket, I thought I'd see if anyone has one to spare. More than happy to pay postage and a nominal fee. The part number is B26. The same part is used in their Bf 109E-4/7 kit, so that would work too. Please drop me an email if you can help. I'm in Southern California. Thanks! stacey dot brogden at gmail dot com Stacey
  4. I don't know who is worse - the girls or the guys. The girls for opting for destruction rather than just leaving the guy, or the guys for being so self-centered. Also - and I know I'll get in trouble for this - most of those girls swing the blunt instrument (golf club, hammer, etc.) like a girl. Someone needs to teach them how to really destroy something.
  5. The kits have been sold. I have four Hasegawa 1/32 WWII kits that I would like to sell as a lot. For now, I'm going to limit this to the US. All kits are open box, sealed bags. Note that the decals in the P-51D are in a zip-lock bag, since they were not in a sealed bag in the kit. The four kits are 08213 Messerschmitt Me 262A 'JV44 Galland' 08504 Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet St1 Messerschmitt Bf 109E St5 P-51D Mustang I'm also including a second St5 P-51D Mustang kit that is incomplete. It is missing the canopy. Also, the tails were cut off the fuselage halves, as if someone was goi
  6. I think my LHS carries them. I know Tower Hobbies carries them.
  7. I believe Holbein is a well-known maker of artist paints. I know I've seen the brand at Dick Blick's.
  8. I understand that when Noah Webster created the first American (as opposed to English) dictionary, he omitted the 'u' in words like honor specifically to make the American spelling different from the British. And when I write dates, I always spell it out, like 26 July 2015. When you communicate with people in other countries, it avoids ambiguities. When I had my colonoscopy last year, I used that format when I dated the forms I signed. The nurse asked me if I'd been in the military. I was a bit surprised and said no. She thought I had, due to the way I wrote the date. Stacey
  9. This is known as the cost of doing business, and is a part of life if you sell pretty much anything. And I don't think the guy is a whack-job - just someone not familiar with our hobby and the trials and tribulations thereof.
  10. Does it leave any residue on the model? Stacey
  11. Do you know the sheet number? edit: Looks like SP48-12A Sorry, but I don't have it.
  12. Is the same as Silent Aire, the company that makes the Super Silent 20-A that John has? Stacey
  13. A model airplane hanging from your rear-view mirror? That'll impress the chicks! :D
  14. I have some 1/72 decals for sale, and a few 1/48 listed at the bottom. Shipping within the US is $3, regardless of how many you buy. Shipping outside the US is at cost. I'm in California. Methods of payment: PayPal (goods/services) Amazon gift card - I have never tried this, but if you have an Amazon account anywhere in the world, I believe you can send me a gift card electronically with nothing but my email. Personal check - must wait for it to clear. Money order I do not accept cash. Buyers outside the US must pay with one of the electronic methods (PayPal
  15. I have a couple of DVD's featuring David Fisher, who does sci-fi/comic/horror modeling, and he mentions this technique. But I would also second Rob's suggestion about trying it on scrap plastic first. Stacey
  16. Perhaps they weren't going to go to the police, but rather post on a social networking about the "jerk" in front of them. (Note the quotation marks.) I also agree with streetstream - although it is tempting, slowing down doesn't help anyone, especially if there is no place for them to pass.
  17. I have several packages of kits for sale. For now, I'm going to limit this to US buyers only. I'm in Southern California at zip 92780 if you want to estimate shipping. I can ship USPS Priority Mail quickly. I can also ship Standard Post, but it may take a couple of days, as I can only do that from the Post Office. Condition codes: FSW -> factory shrink wrap, FS -> factory sealed without shrink wrap, OB/SB -> open box, sealed bags All kits complete unless otherwise stated. Allied 1/72 kits Airfix A02034 Douglas TBD-1 Devastator - OB/SB Airfix A02041 Hawker Typhoon Ib - FS Air
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