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  1. I use the same as Richard, and will second his comment on the importance of safety in this hobby. Stacey
  2. I've had this issue with Lifelike decals. I'll have to remember to not use Microset next time. Thanks for the tip. Stacey
  3. I wonder if his stash is documented. I also wonder how he decides what to build next. I sometimes have that issue, even though my stash, which is large compared to most, is much smaller than his. Stacey
  4. And I thought I had a lot of kits... He also builds well. Interesting home-made vacuforming, too. Stacey
  5. Sorry, I wasn't clear, and maybe I misread your original post. Was the paint that turned into goo paint that had been thinned with leveling thinner? I see no problem using leveling thinner when you airbrush, but I wouldn't add leveling thinner to paint that I was going to store for any length of time. In other words, did you add anything to the bottle that had the paint that turned to goo? Or did you only remove paint, in order to spray it? If the first, then that may be the problem. If the second, then perhaps you got a bad bottle. Mr. Color paints do turn thick, but I don't
  6. I'm thinking maybe the issue with the GX100 was that you added leveling thinner, rather than the regular (i.e., non-leveling) thinner. The retarder in the leveling thinner may be the culprit. Just a thought.
  7. There is also Mr. Mild Retarder, which might be easier to get. I've never done this, but you might try adding the retarder to Mr. Color Thinner or to Tamiya Lacquer Thinner and using that to thin Mr. Color paints. I have no idea what the ratio would be. This is just a thought on my part, as I have not tried this. Stacey
  8. Well, I purchased some kits from an eBay vendor in Japan. They went through acceptance at Osaka on April 8, and have not progressed since then. My guess is that transport between Japan and the US is being prioritized and/or limited, so that medical needs get priority. Despite what many of us think, modeling supplies are not the highest priority items. 😃
  9. Funny you should mention this. I lost a small part from the Academy 1/48 P-47N this morning. The part was one of the two pieces that glue to the cockpit floor - the part that the seat frame fits into. It is less than a quarter of an inch (6mm) long. I found it in my gray carpet by vacuuming and then dumping out the vacuum canister. Note that my vacuum is bag-less, and it was empty before I tried this. It wasn't too difficult. But I have tried the masking tape trick too.
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