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Up hill task ended

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I think this is the first time I've posted in this thread. Your work is absolutely amazing, and I've enjoyed reading the updates and seeing this model coming to completion. I'm especially impressed with the work you've done to correct the shape issues.

For those interested, Dave has gone to MCAS Cherry Point with a tape measure, scale ruler, etc. He's posted his results "over there" for anyone who is interested. The nose of the Revell Prowler is dead-on according to his measurements. He says that what throws the "look" off is that the refueling probe is misplaced. It's supposed to be more up on the windscreen and less on the fuselage than the way it is molded.

Again, you can look at Dave's info if you are so inclined. This is not meant in any way shape or form to detract from the work that has been done in this thread. It looks amazing! Please understand that.



Thanks for bringing this up. I am aware of Dave's comment "over there" and i must highlight i am no expert of EA-6B and definitely do not have one in my backyard. I respect his comment, in fact, this issue was briefly discussed in the beginning of this thread before Dave's posts were removed from this forum.

Nonetheless, i based my assessment on visual cue i see from the many photos that the kit's nose needed some re-shaping. It is subjective purely from a modeler's point of view and i do not wish for it to be a contentious point. Like i said, i am no expert.

I am happy that you enjoy my build and will continue to share my progress as i always feel that the bigger joy of this hobby is the journey getting there then the end point instead. Again, i apologise if i have caused any confusion on the Revell/monogram prowler's nose issue. In fact it bothers me more that we now have to speak in code by referring to comments made "over there" as compared to just "over here" like it used to be.

But that's another thread/story all together :thumbsup:

Cheers and keep building.


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Hey, you're building for yourself, having fun, and making a truely amazing work of art! That's what counts. Like I said before, I really am looking forward to seeing this one down, and think that the improvements that you have made are truely amazing. Really a great job.


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Hi Jim,

Thot i share this info :


Likely a ICAPII BLK86/89 front pit without the AN/USQ-133 at the ECMO1's side.


A ICAP II Blk89A front pit. Notice some of the dials are replaced by square screens and the present of the AN/USQ-133 instrument.


A ICAPII BLK89A front antennas placement. Most notable is the TACAN antenna.

BB/Avionix pit provides 2 front IPs to replicate up to BLK89A, which may be critical if you choose certain more recent color scheme, i.e. Jammin Jihad (but i could be wrong :rofl: )

If the review for Aires pit is true, the front is only a BLK82, which pretty much restricted to the 90's schemes.

As for ICAPIII, the most significant exterior different is the lack of the "beer can" and a little black antenna sticking out at the top of the radomme. but decal choice will only limit you to the VAQ-139 set by Superscale. However, me too have not pic of how a ICAPIII front pit looks like :jaw-dropping:

As for book reference, i highly recommend Squadron/Signal walk around number 35 on the EA-6B. The choice is yours. Hope this helps.


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HI Chris

Thanks for the pic's and info. I did alittle diggin around the web this AM and found that my one bird is a ICAP1 and the other a ICAP2 block 82 so the new Aires offering is just what I need for my low-vis VAQ-131. I;m hoping that Aires put in the 133 unit at the ECMO 1 position, BB has a hole there. I;m probably going to wind up with 2 new pits anyway sine they will fit and look better. I'll have to find a way to backdate the one.

So, anyone want my old BB pits ?? :)


PS keep the pic's commin they are awsome

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Information on new 1/48 correction-update set.

Through the coded messages of Anthony Wan, I have discovered information regarding some forthcoming new correction sets for our beloved 1/48 Prowler.

(I'm probably the last one to know about this)

So, just in case there might be one or two more of us unfortunates who weren't aware of this new information, let it now be shared.

Dave Roof of Orion Scale Models is the originator of these truely mouth-watering offerings.

If you have any questions about the "unmentionable forum" where this subject is discussed, ask Anthony Wan!

1/48 EA-6B Exterior Update set(s) from Orion;

Any chance of someone sharing the name of this "unmentionable" forum?

PM me at viper6019@hotmail.com if that makes it easier....



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Any chance of someone sharing the name of this "unmentionable" forum?

PM me at viper6019@hotmail.com if that makes it easier....



Ditto please. What sets and whn by whom and how much :whistle:)

Any news on new releases by other manufacturers and will they have scribed panels?

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Hi guys,

The Aires EA-6B pit jus came thru my mail. I took some shots as promised and maybe those who are considering which pit to invest for your coming Prowler project can make a better decision.


The front IP is pretty much Aires style, i.e., PE parts required with photo dials as insert. There is no empty rack over at the ECMO1's side. There is aso no option to do up a blk89A version with MFDs unlike the Avionix version. But i think it is possible to work out something since it is a nice flat surface on the Aires part.


A good representation of the canvas covering the front of the IP and looks like a good fit too at the notorious front end of the kit.


A look at the PE parts, as well as the upper canopy frames. The shape of the lightings seem to suggest the earlier version of the prowler.


The rear instrument panels. Details are slightly sharper and better represented than the Avionix version.


The GRUEA-7A seats. Sharper in details but the padding on the seat seem to suggest earlier version as well(not too sure about this)...


Here's the seat frojm another angle.


And the tub. Comparable to Avionix IMO, but Aires has included the circuit breakers panel beside the pilot which Avionix left out.

And finally, the instruction for a clearer look on where everything comes together :P



I think it is great to have another option and Aires pit will definitely up the finishing of any 48scale prowler by many notches, jus that one may have to be mindful of the era of the prowler one's building.... Afterall, Prowler will be an aircraft that has spanned 42 years in service come its scheduled retirement in 2013 :salute:


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Just spotted this on Wolfpack Design site...


in the WD 1/48 section


EA-6B Prowler ICAP II Exterier set (for Revell 1/48)



EA-6B Prowler Folding wing set (for Revell 1/48)


Wow, new pit, new decals and now coming soon, new correction sets :worship:

Is this going to be a good "Do a prowler kit" year or what? :beer4:

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OK, time for a very very small progress update....

I have been working on the other half of the wings and below are the work done so far.



I added the navigation lights from some clear sprue. Honestly speaking, the original kit should have come with them... :beer4:


Added some missing details using plastic cards. Next is to get them primed and cleanup for painting.


Scratch build some warped resin parts. These are the pylon covers that form part of the folded wings.



Last but not least, i have the pleasure of using Royale Resin's weighted wheels for the first time and must say i am very impressed with the quality. The added grooves made the original kit's tyres looked like F1 racing slicks. It may not be prominent at first glance, but i soon realised how much realism these grooves actually add to the kit's finishing.

Thank you Doug for such fine products :worship:

That's all for now. Thanks for looking.


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Excellent Chris!! :rolleyes:

it´s almost sad seeing this WIP nearing the finishing line..... been following it since I got here on ARC!

Just don´t friggin drop it when it´s done now you hear :D A truly awsome build!

Cheers dude!

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