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It's great to start seeing examples of this fine kit showing up on here, especially ones that are BEAUTIFUL as this!!!

Outstanding job, Vlad!!!! :woot.gif: :D

If you took any in-process/finished pictures of the gear & engines I would definately be interested in seeing them!

Take care,


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Wowza that is stunning. Great work on that 787.

I was putting off on getting that kit but I think I will order one. It sure is strange looking with the white wings and yes I know they are supposed to be like that.

I know already that all that white is going to cause me grief.

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finished this one moment ago with brand new TwoSix decals (printed in Czech republic as far as I know).

Also made profile illustration, hope couple more to follow.

Enjoy, Zvezda did awesome job on this one!

Hi Vladimir,

Splendid work you did here, waow ! The surface finish is spectacular, a mix of glossy and satin just like on the real thing out from the factory, beautiful work, bravo. Also I wish I could work panel lines as you did, really nice nice work.

Looking forward to seeing your detailed photos (ldg, engines).

Brgds, Etienne


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Amazing new model, amazing livery and decals and amazing work Vladimir! Thanks for share, its the second Dreamliner that I saw built and for much, yours is the best, congrats on this one! I hope build one in the future in Aeromexico´s livery.

Saludos from Mexico


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Thanks 4 all comments!


Your Zvezda 1:144 787 looks very nice. Similar to your work on the Zvezda 1:144 Tu-154m, may I know how can you achieve the crisp panel-lines effect with the grey color wash? This is because I know both Zvezda kits have somewhat shallow panel lines. To achive the crispy effect, did you re-engrave the panel lines? or did you use very thin paint?

Thanks so much,


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I have one and I can't wait to get see yours, but I can't see the photos!! I only see squares with red x's..????? :( :worship:



They work in firefox 3.6. Have you tried to right click and choose "view picture"?

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