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Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A with Challenger STS-6 (1:144)

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Good morning guys,

in the meantime also the remaining bracers at the first Access Platform were installed.


Who looks exactly, will recognize that on the right of outside the last diagonal bracer is missing, which I removed from the following reason again: There was not completely clear me so far, how this bracer is installed, because at this place of Side 1 there is no vertical reinforcement profile, at which all remaining diagonal bracers push away.

As one in the next photo clearly can see (arrow), this last bracer is somewhat shorter than the others and supports themselves against the diagonal props of the Pedestal support off, while all remaining bracers prop away against the vertical reinforcement profiles of Side 1.


source: NASA

Therefore this bracer can be installed only if this Pedestal support at the corner to Side 2 will be installed. There are a few small props in the original platform still, but without those I can live, particularly since I think that it looks so already acceptably. In the end it was anyway already rather stressful with the small parts.

Then I already out-looked for the sheet with the accessories parts, that would then next be the two Equipment pallets AP 1 C (left) and AP 1 D (right), on which then still different armatures will be installed, among other things a first camera (AP 1 G/H).



And like the first try-on shows, the platform fits nevertheless already completely well to its place.


And already it can go on with the next platform (AP 2), that is the lowest platform at Side 1, of one can arrive over stairs at the Crawler.


source: NASA

Here is the appropriate kit template, in which some, like this stairs to the Crawler, is only suggested e.g. Okay, who does not build the Crawler, this stairs do not need, but the opening is nevertheless present, in addition and it reaches nearly up to the center of the platform.


So long.


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Thanks guys for all the kind words! Your comments give me encouragement to keep pushing on.

And after the technology approved in the meantime it continued with the second Access platform. First again the brass framework was bent from L-section 2x1 mm.


By the recess later stairs lead from the platform to the crawler.


Now the PE-plate for the grating has his turn, which must be marked out and cut exactly made to measure, which not at all times is so simple.


There one must look already very exactly and watch out infernally, in order to always remain when cutting in the same mesh. :woot.gif: And if the lattice does not fit correctly then yet within the frameworks, just still another tiny mesh must be cut off. :rolleyes:


In addition one needs genuinly good nerves and above all a calm hand - and at the best still another magnifying glass, I at least. And those was genuinly helpful! B)


And after careful sticking of the lattice together in the framework with superglue it was then finally creative. :banana:


Next come then the girder profiles to.


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Thanks Mohammed and Mark for your complements,

so, today the welders made their job and installed the grating props. That were again the proven H-beams 1,5x1,5 mm as well as rectangle profiles 1,5x1 mm.


Since this lowest platform at the MLP does not have further girders, it could be actually painted.


Next now the Access Platform AP 3 is in turn. That is the platform with important equipment and armatures for the fuel supply of the shuttle stack, in particular the LOX & LH2 Valve Complex, lain above the platform AP 2.


source: NASA

The surface area of the platform is this time fortunately only a simple rectangle, without sales or recesses. But there are above on it some difficult armatures where it guaranteed still some gives to fiddle about. On the paper sheet there is some again only hazily suggested, in particular the parts of AP 3 A-C , how one can see here.


Times sees, what one can make from it. Next property I bent the frameworks of the remaining two Access Platforms AP 3 (above) and AP 4 (down) from brass L-section.


As already said, the AP 3 is the platform with the LOX & LH2 Valve Complex armatures above the AP 2, and the AP 4 is the small platform at the right side of the Side 1 below the LOX & LH2 pipes.


And there just a suitable rest of PE-lattices for the AP 4 was remaining, I still cut, fit in and glued together.


It continues to go with the props at the Access Platform AP 4, with which according to the paper sheet of D. Maier five girders as platform carriers just are intended.


First these girders were cut just from H-beams(1,5x1,5 mm) and glued in the framework. Besides the preparatory diagonal bracers from I-beam section (2,5x1,3 mm) already lie, with which the platform is braced against the MLP wall.


There I remembered again that with the platform AP 1 at the left side the last outside diagonal bracer could not be glued together yet, since the local Pedestal support is still missing. And that is on this side exactly the same, as one can see in the following picture. The front diagonal bracer of the AP 4 supports itself likewise against the reinforcing props of the Pedestal support off, which must be somewhat shorter therefore than the remaining bracers and therefore can yet not be installed.


source: NASA

With regarding the photo I saw that there are also still cross-beams and two further diagonal girders at the bottom of the platform for instance in the center, which Mr. Maier obviously saved. :rolleyes:

Next update follows soon.


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Here comes the update.

Thus the bracers were put first aside by right and only the missing cross-beams (1,5x1 mm) were cut,


together with two further diagonal props were then glued. And thus the platform should be sufficiently stable now in itself.


And in the end now the diagonal bracers came to the row, which support the platform against the MLP wall. For their assembly block was used as a plant assistance,


whereby the last outside bracer was still omitted for the time being.


Thus, now I arrived finally to the last Access Platform, that is the AP 3 with the LOX & LH2 Valve Complex armatures. And there I try straight to pursue the props at the bottom of the platform since these are partly missing in the paper template.

I have in addition the following NASA photo of the preparation of the Endeavour for the STS-134 as rather good template, on which one can recognize some by props and linings. By the banner the rear part of the platform with the local props is only unfortunately covered.


source: NASA

If someone from you possibly has a similar photo without banners, on which one can see also the rear part of this platform, that would be a large assistance for me with further detailing. :rolleyes:


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Although thank you for your photos, I have still another picture found without the banner, in which one can see the profiles of the platform very well.


source: NASA


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Hi all together,

let's go on building. Here is again the paper template of the Access Platform AP 3 for memory, which look rather harmless from the structuring at first. As I know however meanwhile, that's not in reality at all like that, because already some props are partly missing, and even one is too much there.


As one can see in the picture, this platform is to be carried by five struts illustrated above. That is not correct however, what becomes clear from the following NASA photo of the STS-121 in high resolution. There clearly the middle diagonal bracer is missing. I want to admit gladly that I recognized also only after repeated exact regarding and by comparison with further photographs.


source: NASA

And in the photo of my the latter post and further pictures one can recognize quite well the arrangement of the girders, I have tried now to detail all as well as possible which should become a bold venture however altogether. :woot.gif:

Thus I installed first only the four girders and the front middle cross-beam from H-beam (1x1,5 mm). The lateral cross-beams and diagonal struts are made from rectangle profile (1,5x1 mm). Afterwards the two cross-beams lying above should actually come to. Since there are however still further longerons just, I wanted to only bond these, since appeared complicated as somewhat less to me.


However, also like that the rest was a rather nerve-stretchin gaffair, which already cost me some time to this way, as one can see. And between the longerons just now still the tiny cross-beams must be glued. flehan.gif


And here all the tiny cross-beams are now at its place, and still another few different props more, which was again a rather stressful action. stupid.gif


And then only the four bracers are missing in the end. And those are then altogether flabby 37 individual parts, inclusive brass frameworks and grating, if I counted correctly.

Sometimes afterwards I am astonished at me, perhaps some one may also me doubt, but forget it ... :doh:

If the platform is finally finished then, I have however only times enough from props and gratings and make three crosses ... :yahoo:


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Again, thanks guys for all your nice comments! Here's my next update:

Now followed still the diagonal bracers, which were glued together again with the help of the assembly block.


And that was relatively fast made.


And with a small addition (?) as crowning conclusion - well, who from you has it discovered? - the Access Platform AP 3 was then finally finished, became yes also time. :cheers:


And here again all four Access Platforms for the Side 1, from top to bottom AP 1 to AP 4, are in their whole splendor, from the bottom,


and in the end again from above.


And thus now the platforms are finally completely to paint, and I make, as promised, + + +, seem to me slowly already as behind the bars ... :yahoo:


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Thanks guys for your appreciative words, it makes me happy, if you pleases mine build. :rolleyes:

And to relaxation of the many lattices of the Access Platforms I planned now the MLP feet, the so-called Pedestals, on which the MLP with the shuttle stack stand beside the Launch Tower, if they were near dragged and set off by the Crawler.

Altogether there are six Pedestals, four at the MLP corners and two in the middle at the two sides (Side 2 and 4).


source: NASA

And that must naturally fit everything hair-exactly one above the other, before the MLP can be set off and bolted firmly. The platform must bear finally enormous forces during the shuttle start and stand still nevertheless.


source: NASA

So that one can set the MLP off on the pedestals, one needs admission devices for the assembly, and those are the so-called Mount Mechanism Interface (MMI). In the picture on the left that is the middle MMI at Side 4, and right one can see a corner pedestal. The two corner pedestals at Side 1 look some more differently.


source: NASA

In the paper sheet the MMI parts look like these:


As one sees, are quite simple parts, and exactly the same they look then probably also at the MLP, as it were like small blocks. That would be now however nevertheless somewhat too simple for me, and therefore I had remembered the MLP Templates (P. 5-6) of AXM Paper Scale Model, which appears first still simpler, but built should them look surely more delicate.

And thus or similarly it could also have arranged David Maier now, or about not? But unfortunately he did not make that however, like some other details also not.


source: AXM Paper Scale Model

But for fun I built both variants to the comparison. First the baseplates come to the MLP bottom. In the kits template there only the pedestal numbers are printed on it.


Afterwards I took first times cardboard and tried two samples, therefore looks and judges to best.


The variant (left), handmade after the AXM template, was finally painted with the brush. Besides already lie the parts made from Sheet, like the final version probably will are, inclusive Airbrush finish.

Afterwards I attached for a test times both variants at the MLP, in order to have the direct comparison, as one can see here. The paper sheet variant would then still come naturally also on a small baseplate and thus on the same height, that you may not disturb you.


But just honestly, which pleases variant you better? :coolio:

And now I wish you a glad Easter.


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