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Prizes so far:

1) 1/48 Kinetic F-5A Freedom Fighter (from my own stash)

2) 1/72 Hobby Boss A-7P Corsair II (from my own stash)

3) 1/48 Zotz 48022 RNAF 313 Sqn 50 Year Anniversary

4) DACO Products Tiger Meet Book

Prizes will be drawn following the end of the Tiger Meet GB

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Dear fellow tiger freaks! I have a new sponsor on board: http://originalundmodell.de


I am sure the international modellers have not heard from him, but his website is very nice, even in (only) german language.

But he told me about his plan: soon will open a LHS!

We just talk about the price he donates to us, but afaik it will be 1/48 kit of an actual aircraft kit!

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:yahoo:/>/>/> Now I can let you know the latest update on the prices we have:

1) from DACO products: 19 books "eye on the tiger"



2) from Thomas Schneider ("originalundmodel.de") and we get:

3x base prints from "Uschi van der Rosten" http://www.uschivdr.com

the winner can chose scale and version, due to his taste.


1x up-to-date 1/48 modelkit:

Airfix Lynx AH-7 A09101 1/48 inkl. Eduard BigEd BIG4988


3) from ZOTZ decals http://www.zotzdecals.com

1/48 Zotz 48022 RNAF 313 Sqn 50 Year Anniversary


4) all the prices from :thumbsup2:/>/>/> Crazy Snap Captain's own stash:

1x 1/48 Kinetic F-5A Freedom Fighter

1x 1/72 Hobby Boss A-7P Corsair II

So guys, stick to your workbench, join our GB and let us see what you do magic on the tigers!! We have a lot of stuff here waiting for you!

P.S.: Crazy Snap Captain just had updated the GB banner! Feel free to copy and insert it in your profile!

And ofc be curious and check the sites from DACO, ZOTZ, originalundmodel.de, uschivdr.com,...

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Thank you guys for joining that GB! We just checked and counted the finished models. For the first step we announce the winners of DACO's NATO Tiger meet book. Here they are:

Phantom, SARguy, Thadeus, AX365, Els, Sebastijan, Alf18, arnobiz, Sabre Fan, Goggo, Mike J. Idacavage, SU 27, dnl42

So let us know your postal address next time.

About the other prices we still wait for the fay. Due to summer heat she may be on delay!?

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Fantastic, thanks a ton to the mods for a great GB and to DACO for the book, looking forward to reading it!



Thank you.

And to the builders, some great looking models everyone. Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.


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This was fun! Well done!

I've wanted to build that model for a while now, and, well, GBs are now my primary decider of what I'll build and when I'll finish them :)

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Thanks!!!! :banana:/> Thanks also to Danny at DACO for offering such a great prize.

I really enjoyed this Tiger GB and the great conversations with my fellow modelers! Thanks to everyone for making this such a fun GB!

Have fun modeling



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O.k. dudes...I will kick out some mail trash there!

Thanks for the heads-up!

Or send message to my email: t.kirschner@web.de

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This was a great Group Build. I was able to chip away at my Tiger Meet stash a little, I got to see some really nice build ups, and picked up some valuable tips for future builds. Thank you to the mods and please pass on my thanks to the folks at DACO for the awesome prize.


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Thank you for building guys! It was our pleasure to host you all and to see the awesome Tigers that came to life! BIIIIIG thanks to my co-mod TobiK. He's been absolutely awesome in sourcing the prizes and He and I will be back on Jan 2016 for the Hellenic Air Force GB.

Thanks again lads!

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Big thanks to our mods and all who participated. There were a lot of nice models and it was fun to throw my builds in too :) I was surprised how many Tigers I've had somewhere in my stash :) Plus I got the chance to finally build that A-10 I've been wanting for quite some time.

And lets not forget the sponsors! Big thank You!

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I can't believe! It is my first GB and even that I decided to jump in late - and now I won a price! Woohoo, I m really happy and look forward to the DACO book! I have to say, it is very very generous from Danny Coremans to sponsor so much books! And that price is also connected to that GB in a special way: it deals about the same topic!

Such books I like, it is always a very good inspiration for new modelling projects.

I also say thank you to the GB mods. What I have heard it was their first GB in the function as a mod and I think they made a pretty good job. Let's see what will be next winter!? I can imagine to join their next GB about the Hellenic Air force, too.

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Hello chaps,

Here are the winners for our remaining prizes:

* Kinetic 1/48 F-5A Freedom Fighter - ALF for his awesome CF-104

* Hobby Boss 1/72 A-7P Corsair II - SARGuy for his massive build rate!

* Zotz 1/48 48022 RNAF 313 Sqn %0 Year Anniversary Decals - Els for his lovely Trio of Tornados

* Uschi van der Rosten Base Prints (your choice of print & scale) - Thadeus, Sabre Fan & Arnobiz

And the winner for best model (as judged by TobiK our sponsors and myself)

* Airfix 1/48 Westland Lynx AH-7 + associated Big Ed set - Sebastijan for his gorgeous Swiss Hornet.

Can you all please PM me you postal details and we'll get the prozes out to you poste haste!

Again many thanks for your fine entries. Really enjoyed co-modding this GB with TobiK and see you all again for the Hellenic GB!

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