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Revell Monogram GB planned builds.

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The next kit I would like to build is the Monogram F-5E Tiger II, this will be a nostalgic build that is 1 of 3 planned kits that will reproduce the kits my dad built for my brothers and myself while he was away doing training for the USAF.



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Monogram for me in the 70's and 80's were the car kits my cousins built.

The only car I got was a 1/32 Porsche 904 GTS that could be built as a static car or a slotcar, lost and gone for long time

Should have been fun to try it on my Märklin Sprint track that I have here somewhere packed down...


I was more into 1/72 planes and managed to get hold of a P-51B and a P-6E Hawk.

Both built and finished but only the Mustang has survived.


I raided my stash and found these


60's and 70's boxes

43632681592_8d80286df9_b.jpg by SAU, auf Flickr


80's release of the F-105G Wild Weasel

43632681532_eb295f1b75_b.jpg by SAU, auf Flickr


90's Revell for the movie Flight of the intruder

43632681492_9d7469c85d_b.jpg by SAU, auf Flickr


90's Revell release of the 60's Curtiss P-36 and a ProModeller Revellogram Me 262

43679399961_b4654dacc9_b.jpg by SAU, auf Flickr



I'm leaning towards a Skyraider or a Curtiss P-6E Hawk w/o a box



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I'm looking at a second entry, the Tomcat is moving along good. I

want Revell's 1/72 F-105D, which is Monograms' 1/48 kit downsized

to 72nd scale. It's hard to find, if not I'll settle for Monograms' 1/72



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Fun boxart facts


The F-105G is molded in Olive drab,  F-105F molded in silver, well defined


The F-14A and F-5E are both molded in color, and the color is.... grey 🤨  wow....

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 Well, since the backlog of builds on the bench are moving right along and the Marauder build is going smoother than expected, I'll sign on to tackle another one. A classic from my childhood and one of my all time faves:



  And I'll pop this one up with some extras...



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I forgot to add what I was building here.



I love Starfighters. My youngest son said I should build one in a Naboo starfighter livery. I think that would be cool.


If I can get this done quickly, I may try to do an OS2U Kingfisher.



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 Funny you should say that... This one has been poking at the back of my brain for some time now and I could use an OOB quicky just to get something finished:


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Just about to finish a model that has taken me almost 3 months to finish...........Hard, difficult build. Need me a nice Simple Revell to get my speed back up......Think I have just the kit . Hopefully I can start it by next weekend.

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Since I am at a stand still on the Ed Force One while waiting for decals I thought I would break out another kit that I think I can build quickly enough to get it done before the end of the month.  I am going to throw a motorcycle into the mix.  It will be one of the Revell custom chopper kits.



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