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  1. If you want to fly the bones, VF-84 began doing testing and integration for air to ground ordnance in 1992 until they were disestablished in Oct '95. I don't believe they dropped live rounds during their last cruise in '93 in support of Operations Provide Promise and Deny Flight over the Balkans and Southern Watch over Iraq, just TARPS. https://www.history.navy.mil/content/dam/nhhc/research/histories/naval-aviation/Naval Aviation News/1990/pdf/so95.pdf https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VF/Fighter-Squadron-84.htm Their mates in CVW-8, VF-41, carried and dropp
  2. I confirmed in pilot manuals: P-36 carried flare gun in cockpit, first aid under radio hatch. P-40D/E models carried first aid in back under the radio hatch. P-40F, L, M, N show first aid in cockpit. I haven't been able to confirm which one for B/C models. Regardless, for canvas cover on that compartment I'd go with either dark khaki brown or dark OD green.
  3. Map/log book case is on the opposite side of the cockpit. Look at the restored P-40B at the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola. https://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/nnam/virtualtour/ It shows a small compartment with a spring-loaded sheet metal cover. Some construction blocks may have had a canvas cover instead. My best guess is it holds a flare pistol or maybe control locks. I'll see if I can find anything in my P-40 pilot manual. I'd paint canvas O.D. #3 (khaki) or O.D. #7 (army green).
  4. Here's another post on the subject. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/179443-f-14-canopy-question/
  5. Nobody would ever fake an F-14 post to stir up emotions! https://tacairnet.com/2017/03/31/navy-to-explore-resurrecting-the-f-14-tomcat-to-replace-the-f-35/
  6. So what's going to be in the box? We know from the announcement that it will have a sprue of "dirty" wings (dropped flaps and slats). Will it also include Sprue A, the previously released "clean" wings? The announcement also mentions making a launch diorama so I would think they will also need to add a new tool nose gear kneeling in the launch position. I think it's safe to say the kit will include the following sprues from the F-14A: B (x1) Nose, upper fuselage, gun vents (2 grill) C (x1) Lower fuselage D (x1) Intakes, vertical stabilizers (L
  7. I found the Revell 1/32 F-4E decal sheet. I got it for the St Louis ANG markings so you can have the NJ ANG markings. PM me your address.
  8. I have exterior pics, cowling art and tail numbers from 07-08.
  9. I've done a lot of artwork for CVW-8, Desert Storm/'90's era. PM me if I can help!
  10. Yeah, I love that site too. Use it all the time. These sites are great for photos but no useful info on bureau numbers: https://www.floridamemory.com/find?keywords=f-14+final+countdown https://www.ar15.com/forums/general/-/5-1176097/?page=1 Here's what I've compiled from across the internet so far: 160382, AJ206, was used for filming at NAS Key West in June 1979 160391, AJ210, used at NAS Key West (Fun Fact: 160391 spent most of its life with VF-84 and was also filmed in "Executive Decision" in Oct 1995 as AJ202)
  11. So did anyone ever get BuNo's for the Final Countdown jets? I saw that 160382 was one. It's currently on display in Seattle with Modex AJ202. Anyone know any of the others?
  12. Anyone have a spare Bombcat sprue from a Dragon/DML 1/144 F-14D? http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Kits/Aircraft/dragon_144_f14d_vf213/f14d_007.jpg
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