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  1. Exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Are there any good sources for a 1/72 F-14 original beavertail with the dielectric panels removed? I know Hasegawa made a limited edition VF-1 kit with it but dies anyone make an aftermarket part? Thanks
  3. LF: 1/72 Hasegawa F-4C/D IRST pod, Air Force pylons. Fujimi or ESCI might work too. Thanks.
  4. Looking for any WWII era photos of P-40N, serial number 44-7369. It was assigned to Peterson Field, Colorado Springs. Thanks. Doug
  5. I've got a lot of good photos of Malmstrom AFB birds from '99-'02 if they're of any use to you.
  6. So was I! Best of luck to him!
  7. 20 years ago, I was very familiar with the ones in Montana. What's your son's AFSC?
  8. The UH-1N crews flying support for my teams had a mix of both helmets in 1999-2002.
  9. What is the font used for early F-14A bureau numbers?
  10. Thanks for the links. I tried the Corregidor forum and posted some questions there. I have copies of both They Fought With What They Had and Doomed at the Start. Both great books but They Fought With What They Had has no photos and about 95% of the aircraft photos in Doomed at the Start are P-35's. Great books with a lot of information but no reference photos of P-40's I have Philippine Defender by David Obert but it doesn't have any useful P-40 photos either. I have an issue of a magazine called Challenge Airwar Special titled Hawks Against the Rising Sun. It has lengthy article on the defense of the Philippines and a great photo of Brownwell and Wagner but no P-40' in the Philippines. The closest I have come is a book on WWII POW's called From Wake Island to Berlin. It contains the story of my friend, Ralph Lape. Ralph was a young corporal and aircraft mechanic assigned to 5th Air Base Group on Mindanao. He assisted Sgt Dewitt "Pappy" Nettles on Brownwell's P-40E. There is a snapshot in the book of Ralph and Pappy Nettles working on that P-40 but it is in a camouflaged parking spot and if the plane has any markings, they are obscured. I can make out a national insignia on the fuselage with the red center painted over, but nothing else. I know it's a long shot, but I figured I'd ask here. You never know...
  11. Does anyone have a good source of photos of US aircraft in the Philippines in late 1941/early 1942? Looking for P-40's in particular, especially aircraft for Lts Boyd Wagner and John Brownwell.
  12. Anyone have a spare 1/32 WWII US fighter pilot?
  13. Blue camouflage paint could be haze paint from a photo recon unit but I think that's a bit of a stretch. It's possible but I think the solution is probably simpler. The difference in color could merely be a difference in the age between applications of the paint sections. Older painted area would fade faster, have different reflectivity than a newly applied area. Paint formulas shift in color as they fade, too. If I remember correctly, US olive drab tended to shift to a purple/brown color when exposed to UV light at high altitude. Could also be the same paint color from different batches or different manufacturers. Or could be one section painted in US olive drab and other in RAF dark green. With all the debate over blue or green or blue and green, it might be interesting to try some color filters on those photos to see if the different painted areas show marked color shifts.
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